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For my cousin turning 50.  Chocolate cake with chocolate filling.
By deijha
Aug 1, 2006
This was my first attempt at making a cowboy hat cake.  The oval cakes were covered in fondant with a fondant sausage on the top of the cake (under the top layer of fondant) to create the top design of the hat.  The fondant/gumpaste outer rim of the cake was made a few days prior to allow for drying.  The brown rope border is also fondant.  Thanks to everyone here for all of your help with this cake.
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By Dennisclan
Aug 2, 2006
buttercream. hand molded chocolate fondant cowboy hat and boot.
3 5
By redsoxgirl
Aug 2, 2006
8 10
By Steady2Hands
Aug 3, 2006
Yellow cake with Buttercream Icing
3 15
By Steady2Hands
Aug 3, 2006
Yellow cake with Buttercream Icing.
5 14
By Steady2Hands
Aug 3, 2006
Three tier wedding cake.  Bottom is white cake with lemon filling, middle is white cake with raspberry filling, and top is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling.  Iced in white buttercream with tip 5 ball border, tip 2 dots around sides, and handmade gumpaste leaves around bottom.  This is my very first wedding cake!!!
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By Mommy
Aug 4, 2006
This is a downscale from another cake that I did.  All buttercream with white chocolate horse shoes and fondant sherriffs badge.  Thanks for looking.
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By jenncowin
Aug 6, 2006
This was for my son's third birthday. He is horse, rodeo, cowboy crazy. The invitations had the cowboy on the bucking horse and the catus. My husband drew the catus and bucking horse on xray film and cut it out. I then traced it onto the cake and filled it in with stars. A family effort.
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By slwdickey
Aug 7, 2006
Western Boot designed in buttercream icing colored brown for both boot and sole of shoe. White icing for decal and stitching.
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By kenrob
Aug 10, 2006
Just did a practice cake before I do my niece's birthday cake.  Just a chocolate cake with buttercream icing.
I would like to thank tripletmom for helping me out with this cake!  Doesn't compare but doesn't look too bad.
Thanks for looking!
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By gibson
Aug 12, 2006
Thanks to Peachez for the idea, and instructions.My husbands boss is a true cowboy, so this cake was for his b-day. It is 4, 8' round cakes, trimmed flat and stacked.The cake was carrot with the crusting cream cheese icing.The saddle is fondant colored brown with wiltons color, and extract, then dabbed off with a paper towel. Also fondant braided rope on the bottom, and bandana material.Placed saddle on a pitcher s till dry and the spout is what made the handle part of the saddle.
3 2
By brightbrats
Aug 13, 2006
14 48
By nutellasandwiches
Aug 17, 2006
This was a going away cake for someone in our office.  Her two favorite things are the Dallas Cowboys and Mickey Mouse, so this is what I came up with.  It was fun to do!  It's all MMF.  The helmet is 2 six inch rounds with half a sports ball pan on top, and I carved the bottom to shape like a helmet, and Mickey is half a sports ball pan with ears made out of foam core and covered in MMF.  The mask on the football is fondant-it's not very realistic but I was sooooo limited on time.  It was a big hit!
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By Pyxxydust
Aug 19, 2006
cut out of a 12 x 18
1 12
By shrn1975
Aug 22, 2006
Cowboy boots, hats, and bandanas
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By lilsomethinsweet
Aug 22, 2006
Butter cake with both white choc. truffle and rasp. filling.  BC icing.  All other decorations are fondant.  Bandana is detailed with white royal icing and black food markers.  Belt buckle was made in a silicone mold I made.  There are round fondant decorations around the back of the belt as well.  Wish I would have placed the 2nd horseshoe where it would have photographed better.  Idea to do belt came from a wedding cake in ACD email (ICES show cake).  Name is spelled with "rope".
1 13
By msauer
Aug 29, 2006
My friend and I made this cowboy themed cake
5 11
By samarie
Sep 1, 2006
This is the cake I made for my nephew's football auction.  I was thrilled at the way it came out.  I found out the next day that it sold at auction for $225!!!  The star and cowboys logos are FBCT's.  At the site, the goal posts and players were added.
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By Bettycrockermommy
Sep 2, 2006
all decorator icing
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By bakermomof2
Sep 2, 2006
The  bottom  is a round 10 cake iced in bc and airbrushed blue. On top of that is 1/2 sports ball. The hat is gumpaste and also the buckle. The handkerchief is mmf with bc accents. The belt is MMF.
8 30
By shenninger
Sep 4, 2006
Boot Cake for a western themed 1st birthday.
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By tbzman
Sep 11, 2006
Bc frosting clouds & grass w/ fondant horseshoe, rope, & paisleys
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By lizzy5212010
Sep 11, 2006
Bc frosting clouds & grass w/ fondant boot, rope, & paisleys
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By lizzy5212010
Sep 11, 2006
This matches one of the number templates I uploaded. Though it was pretty unique!
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By czyadgrl
Sep 12, 2006
I saw some hats on this site and used them for inspiration.  I need to change a few things but am generally pleased with it.
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By Joannah
Sep 21, 2006
This was for two brothers celebrating their birthdays together.  One is a Cowboy fan and the other is an Eagle fan.  They had a huge birthday bash at a Disco Club.  The helmets are FBCTs.
4 31
By stephanie214
Oct 1, 2006
For a farewell party.  Sculpted boot kicking the state of Tennessee.
By KimAZ
Oct 6, 2006
Chocolate Cake, Buttercream icing and MMF..
I cant believe I actually made MMF.. It was my worst nightmare a few months ago.. Wished I could have made my buttercream smoother, but it will do!
7 15
By briansbaker
Oct 8, 2006
I got the idea for the baseball from My brothers birthday is this friday (October, Friday the 13th!) and he played sports his whole life. The football and baseball are made out of rice crispy treats (if you ever watch ace of cakes, they use them alot) Then covered in fondant. The red stitching on the cake was OH MY GOD!!! it took sooooo long and was sooooo ahhhhhhh! then i rubbed a little brown coloring on it to made it look worn. I have yet to autograph it.
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By Daniellemhv
Oct 11, 2006
1/4 sheet foot ball feild helmet in center. uprights made of chocolate i made the mold my self.
1 3
By mamatank
Oct 13, 2006
Someone wanted cowboy theme and I copied cmmom's cake from here (thanks cmmom). She gave me a copy of the plates with bandana edge and cowboy and so I thought it would be great to get the detail of the bandana that I had laying around the house too. :-)  Thanks for looking!
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By Susan94
Oct 13, 2006
This was going to be my entry into the county fair but I realized it wasn't supported properly to stay standing for a week.  It was a chocolate cake with chocolate fondant.  Although I did not get to enter it into the fair, everyone that ate it and saw it loved it!  I know I can do alot better than this one...
5 3
Oct 15, 2006
I did this for a lady who like line dancing and she had a flower garden.
Every thing I made and is edible the stakes in the garden on the right are candles.
By Chaynce
Oct 15, 2006
BC with white cake layer and chocolate cake layer. Topper is made from fondant. This cake was for my baby brother's 5th birthday. He wanted a calf roper and this is what I came up with. My bandana pattern still needs alot of work. I got the idea from several talented decorators on this site....THANKS!
17 49
By Cheneya
Oct 17, 2006
Wild West jail with outlaws escaping.
12 41
By Laceylyn
Oct 19, 2006
3 8
By Laceylyn
Oct 19, 2006
3 6
By Laceylyn
Oct 19, 2006
Assortment for Rodeo gift baskets
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By Lambshack
Oct 20, 2006
My dad dresses like a cowboy so I made this for his birthday.  Picture is colorflow.
2 1
By Audraj
Oct 22, 2006


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