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I made this cake for a co-worker that retired.  He always bragged that he was the only one left in his roping group that still had his thumb left.
By geehouse
Apr 10, 2006
This cake was ordered by a person who really loved the movie BrokeBack Mountain.  This is the closest I could come to it.
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By pastrypantry
Apr 10, 2006
4 9
By marjieq
Apr 13, 2006
I made this for my mother-in-law, she is hugely into line dancing.
It is made out of rich fruit cake and iced with fondant icing.
7 6
By lauracox79
Apr 20, 2006
These cookies were ordered for someone going out of Texas to help promote Texas.  Does that make sense?
6 16
By Mac
Apr 26, 2006
This is the fort I made for my son's 4th birthday last year - lots of fun! All in fondant!
I had a cowboy indian party for my twins and my daughter fortunately insisted on a simple tipi - this fort was a lot of work!
8 25
By bmote1
Apr 28, 2006
here's the sleeping cowboy
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By bmote1
Apr 28, 2006
here's the poor guy in jail ...
4 11
By bmote1
Apr 28, 2006
I made this cake for a cousin, they have been together since very young but decided to get married. She asked for something very simple in ivory color, I made french vanilla with amond icing and butter pecan with pecan icing.  The Cowboy hat is the groom's cake, my first hat cake. Covered in fondant
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By Reyna
May 2, 2006
I made this hat to go with a wedding cake (in round wedding cakes) for a cousin. It is my first Hat cake and honestly I thought it would be a disaster.  I let the outside hardden for about 1 week on top of a real hat (it wasn't straight jaja) and made the whole center the day before. It is a challenge!!! Try it
16 55
By Reyna
May 2, 2006
Cake was to celebrate 3 family birthdays in the same month.  Each birthday boy got his favorite theme.  Buttercream with fondant covered car, helmet, and rubiks cube.
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May 5, 2006
This was our second attempt at a cowboy hat cake.  It was sitting on a cake shaped like the state of Oklahoma. The sash is fondant.  I think the key for making this cake is to be sure that your brim is good and dry. We dried this one for about a week.
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By justveggin
May 14, 2006
The little boys' mom came in and said that he liked cowboys and sheep.  I tried for days to figure out what I was going to do.  I really like the end result
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By askarrick
May 25, 2006
This was my first fondant cake (used MMF) - I had a lot more trouble with it than I expected!  It was very sticky and sretchy and took many, many attempts to get the fondant on the cake.  Hopefully next time will be easier.  This cake is red velvet with cream cheese icing.
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By texagg00
Jun 1, 2006
Square cowboy bandana.  MMF and hand drew in buttercream the design by copying my son's bandana.  cupcakes with chocolate cowboy hats and boots made from a chocolate mold.
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By srmaxwell
Jun 11, 2006
square 10' cake covered in mmf and buttercream bandana design.  dried gumpaste brim and three 6' rounds stacked for the cake and then covered with mmf
10 26
By srmaxwell
Jun 11, 2006
This is my attempt at a classy cowboy cake.  It's cream cheese buttercream icing with a royal icing run-in silhouette and white mint chocolate cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and bead border.  It was my first time working with chocolate.  It was also my first rehearsal dinner cake.  The icing cracked when I set it on my turntable to decorate it--never had that happen before--so I took it off and had to decorate it on a TV tray, instead.  The bride absolutely loved it, so I'm happy!
2 22
By fronklowes
Jun 13, 2006
This was my first pay order cake.  It was a double layer yellow/fudge marble with a chocolate cake hill.  All BC icing except the horse and cowboy.  I sculpeted them out of polymer clay.  The cake ended up being huge, but the client was extremely happy!
1 5
By MelissaLynn
Jun 14, 2006
Done for a shower where the theme was "Saving my Horse, by Riding my Cowboy".  I got the idea for the horse from someone here on the gallery.  Sorry I don't remember who has posted, but THANK YOU!  All is buttercream with the exception of the horse, daisies, blanket, hat and boots, they are all MMF.
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By jenncowin
Jun 16, 2006
And here is a closeup of the horse from my Cowboy Shower cake.
2 19
By jenncowin
Jun 16, 2006
Chocolate layer cake covered in fondant.  Thanks to TheCakeMaker for the wonderful advice!  For my dad, the cowboy. :)
13 220
By meghanb
Jun 17, 2006
Three tier, lightly marbled cake.  Purple roses, all buttercream
1 6
By sugarspice
Jun 18, 2006
First attempt at a boot.  My cake would not cooperate so it isn't smooth. I was afraid to touch it much after I loaded the icing on it.
By geehouse
Jun 22, 2006
This is a chocolate cake decorated in buttercream icing.  It was done for my husband's parents who both work in the horse industry.  They live out of town so we didn't see them on Mother's Day or Father's Day, so I thought I'd do a combined cake.
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By texagg00
Jun 24, 2006
The cake is yellow with Buttercream Icing.  The star badge was for the baby's first Birthday to "tear into".
2 4
By Steady2Hands
Jul 3, 2006
Cake I made for my son's cowboy themed first birthday.
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By kittysmom
Jul 3, 2006
Chocolate fondant with whte fondant roses and braiding
5 18
By cakearoni
Jul 6, 2006
This was a cake that had to implement several different things.  I think it looks a little too busy, but it's what the customer wanted.  All buttercream.
1 17
By jenncowin
Jul 8, 2006
I made this for a local ladies golf tournement.  The cookies are butter with royal icing.
2 3
By acookieobsession
Jul 10, 2006
Here is a 9x13 yellow cake with strawberry filling. Everything here is made with buttercream and plastic football. Thanks for looking....
5 40
By spoiledtoodef
Jul 15, 2006
This was a cake that was a combo of some other cakes I had seen.  Brianna, my step-daughter, loves horses and wanted a "cool" cake.  The bandana was fun to do!  I also dressed up the cake board with frayed denim on the edges.
2 48
By J-lo
Jul 15, 2006
I was given a Wild West Rodeo party bowl as my inspiration for this cake.  I'm excited to say this is EXACTLY how the bowl looked.
3 10
By cmmom
Mar 21, 2006
This is the second of my 2 fair cakes.  I'm pretty pleased with the end result of this one.  I ended up taking the top 2 tiers off and redoing the bottom one because I didn't like the original color.  Merged several ideas from other cakes I've seen and added a few of my own.  Now I just heve to get them to the fair grounds next week and pray for the best.
14 68
By jenncowin
Jul 19, 2006
I really had big hopes for this cake but it has a lot of cracks and I obviously didn't get the hat well dusted off before I took the picture! I am having a heck of a time with my fondant cracking!
4 16
By cakerunner
Jul 22, 2006
this is a half sheet cut to shape with airbrush color and bc decor. i used the awesome cake by canbycakes on here for reference!! thank you so much canby for your help!!
1 24
By tabs8774
Jul 22, 2006
Thanks so much to cakemaker for sending me instructions!  I had fun making it and hope to make an other one soon.  I had lots of mistakes to learn from.  This is the first time I have ever carved a cake and amazingly I enjoyed it a great deal.  Now if I could just get that fondant figured out!
13 10
By peterlori1
Jul 22, 2006
I have to admit this may be ranked with my favorites.  It was totally fun to make.  The bandanna on top is a frosting sheet and the hat was sculpted with MMF.  I am not that good at sculpting but sure enjoyed giving it a try.
7 22
By AlamoSweets
Jul 22, 2006
Yellow cake with buttercream filling. Decorated with frozen buttercream transfer. Frosted with buttercream.
5 3
By kittysparkle
Jul 23, 2006
I made this for my son's 8th birthday. It was my first attempt with Fondant.  I also used Kandy Clay from Wilton.
2 7
By mistismemories
Jul 25, 2006
This is how the cake looked after I remembered to add the decorations.
4 8
By VickiC
Jul 26, 2006


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