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Fondant two and band on hat. Hat, badge and belt buckle are candy clay with dragees.
By jamiekwebb
Aug 12, 2008
The marzipan I used was dry and cracked alot!  I had a hard time smoothing it out, as you can see. (so sad about that ;o(  The cowboy hat is fondant which I painted.
By SweetTcakes
Dec 4, 2007
By Brittneycc1982
Mar 6, 2013
The other side of the cake.  The figures are chocolate.
By Aubrey2007
Feb 16, 2008
Once again, I would like to thank Boween for allowing me to use her cake, Western Bridal Cake, as inspiration!  Thanks, Boween!!

Cake covered in MMF and the cowboy and bull are made of MMF with tylose powder.  Everything is edible (with the exception of the ring in the bulls nose!)
By CakesUnleashed
Dec 8, 2006
My 1st attempt at a 3d cowboy boot.  Everything is edible except for the sole and the heel. Covered in fondant.
1 30
By poshcakedesigns
Mar 31, 2008
These are no fail cookies with royal icing.
By di55
Jul 17, 2006
By thepinkpiper
Aug 4, 2013
Dallas cowboy cake/cupcakes
By CB Treats
Dec 18, 2012
practice cake for a birthday party. White cake iced in BC. Bandanna is fondant decorated 
with BC icing. Hat is candy clay and two is fondant.
By jamiekwebb
Aug 19, 2008
Here is my baby redone. It still has a few flaws but I think that I wil eventually firgure it out. 
Fondant baby , candy clay hat with a fondant band.
By jamiekwebb
Aug 23, 2008
Modeling chocolate for Bull and Rider is 50/50  Hand molded cowboy and Bull
By Cakesue
Jun 12, 2011
just another view of cowboy to show his curley hair - attached one curl at a time
By cakesbybert
May 10, 2007
Hay bale, jeans with belt buckle, and flaming cowboy boots.
By ksuwildcats
Feb 26, 2013
All pieces are made from fondant and gum paste.  Rocking horse is made to scale from actual woodworking plans for life size rocking horse.
By cakesbybert
May 10, 2007
Fondant decorated with BC
By jamiekwebb
Aug 19, 2008
Dallas cowboys
By pattygirl254
Jan 25, 2014


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