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Oval Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting under rolled satin fondant with airbruhed mountains and gumpaste cacti.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Apr 13, 2005
I free-handed this boot from a 9x13.  I used star tip for entire boot with BC for lighter brown and gray and (I admit) store-bought chocolate frosting for darker brown.  I put silver bullet candies on the spur for the star.
4 2
By chara
Jun 20, 2005
Second Cowboy Hat for 6 year old nephew's birthday. Made of faudant and satin ice with butter cake and butter cream frosting.
13 9
By Molly2
Jul 26, 2005
Layered 9" round cake covered in Marshmallow Fondant
12 88
By mommykicksbutt
Aug 4, 2005
I made this cake for my sons 4th b-day. Fondant covered cakes.  Handmade chocolate candy decorations.  Large cowboy boots are candles. Top cake is choc cake w/cream filling and french vanilla bc.  Second cake is a dummy cake.  Third cake is almond butter cake w/almond hazelnut bc.
15 99
By newtocakes
Aug 5, 2005
Cowboy hat made with strands of barbwire.
15 44
By froggyjustjumpin
Aug 29, 2005
This is 11X 15 vanilla cake with BC frosting.  The cowboy hat is sculpted from 2 4" (tuna cans) pans and covered with rolled fondant.  The bandana is also rolled fondant and pattern detail with food color markers.
9 3
By Mac
Oct 2, 2005
Dark Chocolate Fudge with chocolate filling.  MMF rope and FBCT of cowboys.
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By gma1956
Oct 8, 2005
This cake was designed to look "just like" the cowboy hat my neighbor's Dad wears.  He almost picked it up to put on...before realizing that it wasn't real.  Boy, oh boy, was he surprised.  I even captured the worn-out, beaten look.  Although I must admit, this one smelled a whole lot better!  LOL!!!
13 33
By CakesUnleashed
Oct 30, 2005
This was the cake for my son's 5h birthday.  He specifically asked for a cowboy cake with cactus on it so this is what I came up with.  He really liked it!
9 34
By montanakate
Nov 1, 2005
This cake is for a little girl that is having her party at a riding stable.  11 X 15 sheet cake on bottom with a horse cake on top frosted in BC.  Red fondant cowboy hat--per birthday girl.  Sides are decorated with a fence pattern and bordered with "grass"
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By Mac
Nov 4, 2005
This is the cake that I had asked for so many suggestions on. Thanks for all of your ideas, The lady ended up bringing me the pieces used on the cake and a blue ribbon that she wanted duplicated to go on it somehow. Since it was the girls 18th b-day then I put the 18 in place of the 1. Hope it doesn't make it look like she came in 18th place. I decided to use the plastic fence that she brought, the pitchfork,and the feeding pail, oh, can't forget the poop pile.Haybales are shredded wheat, horses are cookies
4 5
By mistygaildunn
Nov 4, 2005
I got this idea from a few of the cakes in the sports gallery.  It was for a friends 63rd birthday.  I used the sportsball pan and carved it.  The guard is MMF I made ahead of time and let dry on the sports ball pan.
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Nov 18, 2005
2 2
By heatherj
Nov 18, 2005
1 5
By heatherj
Nov 18, 2005
I free-hand cut this cowboy boot out of a 9X13 pan and then placed it on a half a sheet cake.  It is painted with pearl luster dust.  The boot designs were made using Wilton fondant tools, painted with nu silver and have small silver balls as accents.  The cowboy hats around the side are white chocolate made from a candy mold, painted with pearl luster dust.
2 4
By q2ggirl
Nov 20, 2005
This was for a couples baby shower. The baby's room will be decorated in a western theme. The customer wanted me to match the colors of the napkins...I will have to say...those were the hardest colors I have ever tried to match!!!!
10 18
By traci
Nov 26, 2005
ok...  trying to duplicate the cowboyhat cake here..Can't seem to get the top right,  had to make a seam in the top where it meets the sides and the brim is rough but I'm getting there!!!
10 2
Dec 2, 2005
1 5
By izzybee
Dec 8, 2005
3 2
By izzybee
Dec 8, 2005
This was ordered by a wife whose husband is a cowboy fanatic. According to her he said it was his best gift.
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By melony1976
Jan 7, 2006
Buttercream icing with candy horseshoe and boot painted with lusterdust.
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By q2ggirl
Jan 13, 2006
I used chocolate that I molded for the stars. I had to make it football themed but still girly.
1 7
By chefdot
Jan 14, 2006
My attempt to copy the awsome cakes in the gallery.  My hats off (pun intended) to the cakemaker.  I fear I fell short, but had fun in the process.  Choc. cake with MMF covering and MMF/gumpaste brim.  Handkerchief also MMF painted with Americolor gel.
24 16
Jan 16, 2006
My first wedding cake, September '05 the weekend of Hurricane Rita.  As if I wasn't nervous enough they moved the wedding up a day!!!  Was not excited about using ORANGE on a wedding cake but I have gotten so many compliments even though I see the flaws.  It really changed the way I look at colors to be used.  I also did the brides shower cake also (beach theme).
8 7
By jewels625
Jan 17, 2006
I did't get a picture with the goal posts in it becauce it wouldn't have fit in the box but my customer loved it and promised some pictures later.
21 45
By kittysparkle
Jan 23, 2006
12 38
By jenscrativecakes
Jan 31, 2006
no fail sugar cookies with royal icing.  1st try-- turned out fun to do
2 7
By MaraCarter
Feb 5, 2006
This was done for the birthday boy - the rest of the kids got the hat cookies. They are sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.
2 3
By dydemus
Feb 13, 2006
Made this one for my son's 3rd birthday.  Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.  Chocolate molds for the horseshoes, horse, boots and hat.  Chocolate shavings for dirt.
6 18
By mrwarnke
Feb 25, 2006
Chocolate cake cut and assembled into a fort, covered in ganache, surrounded by chocolate finger biscuits, turrets filled with candy and coconut grass
4 3
By MikeRowesHunny
Feb 26, 2006
This cake was for a couple that have a pony ride service; they rent ponies for parties, etc.  The trim is actually purple (matched the napkins perfectly and I'd not seen the napkin).  Bride picked out the top!
By egarman
Mar 2, 2006
This was for a Man's Cowboy birthday
2 4
By geehouse
Mar 17, 2006
I made this for a baby shower who had a cowboy theme.  How fun!
1 2
By geehouse
Mar 21, 2006
I was given a Wild West Rodeo party bowl as my inspiration for this cake.  I'm excited to say this is EXACTLY how the bowl looked.
3 10
By cmmom
Mar 21, 2006
This is the second cowboy hat I have done for the same client.  I changed this one alittle by sponging on Witon brown mixed with everclear on with a wadded up paper towel.  I also added MMF barbed wire and rope.
10 10
Mar 28, 2006
I made this cake for a friend’s husband, he raises roosters and loves to be around them, I wanted to try to make tile with fondant and this was the perfect cake to practice on.  I got the idea off a cake I found here in the gallery.
2 1
By Reyna
Mar 30, 2006
Fosted in BC-all other in MMF except Bluebonnet.  I couldn't get that to work-any ideas?  Lots of fun to do!
7 14
By jewels625
Mar 30, 2006
Here are a couple of cowboy boot cookies made for my dad's birthday - this pair I put his initials on!
2 9
By MomLittr
Apr 7, 2006
This was one of two cakes I entered at my local fair (first competition ever).  I entered this in the novelty cake division and it took 1st place!  I didn't get a picture before wrapping it to take to the fair.
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By thecakemaker
Apr 13, 2005


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