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This is my Finale Cake for the Wilton Course II class. The butterflies are colorflow. The flowers are royal icing. The basketweave and icing is buttercream. I thought it was pretty.. 

This cake developed cracks in the frosting and a huge earthquake-like crack down the center by the time I got home. See that picture in the Cake Disasters forum in thread called "Earthquake Cake...".
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By AngelWendy
Apr 13, 2005
I'm pretty happy with how this cake turned out except for the scroll-y things on the bottom layer.  Oh well, too late now!  I'm so glad to be finished with the classes and am anxious to bake more cakes!
17 79
By klsunny
Jun 14, 2005
I was pretty happy with how this turned out. Alot better than I thought it would :)
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By kgil1124
Jun 16, 2005
I made this cake for my dad's retirement. With my husbands help I made an 18 hole golf course, each hole has a major acheivement in my dads life. It was a hit at the party and noone wanted to cut it.
5 3
By cocakedecorator
Apr 13, 2005
Yeah!!!  I finally did a tiered cake :)  Choc. cake covered in MMF with MMF rosebuds.
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By kgil1124
Jul 16, 2005
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By Misska21
Jul 26, 2005
This was my final cake for the Wilton Course III.  It was my first attempt at a stacked cake.  It turned out nice although I do see lots of things to work on.
6 9
By christyA
Aug 3, 2005
First attempt at a fondant bow.
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By mvucic
Aug 14, 2005
I was decently pleased with this.  It looks like my roses got attacked by aphids though
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By GinaJuarez
Jul 10, 2005
Everything is done according to the Course 2 final cake.  The basketweave is tricky, but got it done.  Had to finish at home but had a great time!  Can't wait until Course 3.
By onebigdogmama
Aug 30, 2005
Here's the front of the cake.
By onebigdogmama
Aug 30, 2005
Iced in buttercream with buttercream piping and royal flowers.
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By Misska21
Aug 31, 2005
This cake is the product of my first Wilton decorating course.  I decorated this cake on the final night of Course 1.
By culinarilyobsessed
Sep 27, 2005
My final project for Course II, also my mother's birthday cake. Chocolate chip cake with chocolate buttercream, royal flowers. I'm pretty pleased with the result. I was really dreading the basketweave and didn't expect it to come out as well as it did.
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By alimonkey
Sep 29, 2005
I swear this time it is my course II cake
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By melxcloud
Sep 30, 2005
Just a top view of Variation on the Course II Finale cake. Basket weave was so much fun to do. Took a little time, but I got it... And the FLOWERS! ARGH! I was pulling my hair out with the Royal Icing.. but I finally calmed down, and Look.. they came out good. Cake is just classic yellow, buttercream beasket weave.
4 3
By AndiSue
Oct 3, 2005
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By tawnyachilders
Oct 11, 2005
Course 2 Garden cake, color flow butterflies and fence, royal flowers (including a carnation, which wasn't taught in class!)  My Daughter chose the colors, hence the blue basketweave, but I am very pleased with how it all came out.  The vines on the fence were the instructors idea -- i think it looks awesome.
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By finally928
Oct 14, 2005
Course I final cake -- daughter chose the colors (again).  Finally mastered the roses, though had trouble with the ribbon. There is a "patch fix" on the top where i had to take it all off and refrost it.  Why my buttercream was a different shade of white is beyond me!  And I wish I could make better sweet peas!!  :)
By finally928
Oct 14, 2005
Here's the rainbow cake I made for Course I, I had fun
By Barbara76
Oct 18, 2005
This is my finale cake from Wilton Course III.  It is the regular 10" and 6" tiered cake with fondant roses, but I decorated the sides with white chocolate idea I got from Cake_Princess.  Thanks CP!
12 3
By rbbarker
Oct 24, 2005
This cake turned out cuter than I thought it would.
By Barbara76
Oct 24, 2005
This is my attempt at a fondant bow for my Course 3 cake.  I didn't like the idea of the little fondant balls in the book, so made the leaves instead.  I didn't have enough time for the bow to dry properly, so its drooping a little bit, but I think i have the general idea ... :)
By finally928
Oct 25, 2005
Final cake for my Wilton Course 3.  Top layer: French Vanilla cake w/ lemon fill, bottom: chocolate cake w/ cherry fill & butter cake w/ lemon fill.  I made mistakes on this cake -- I'm not 100% satisfied with it.  But the MMF came out terrific on the layers.  I neeed to work on my fondant flowers, but for a first try, I guess they are okay.
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By finally928
Nov 4, 2005
This was my course 1 final, I am looking forward to the 2nd course.
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By Barbara76
Nov 7, 2005
Basket weave with Royal icing flowers
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By barbie78
Nov 9, 2005
This is my 4th cake ever. I wanted to play with striping the bag since my instructor brought it up in my class last week. ( Wilton course 1)

I am just learning to pipe borders and actually we haven't even had that class yet, but I figured I would try it so ignore the different colors on the bottom shells. I kept turning the bag and didn't realize that would have an effect until I was finished. LOL!

I normally ( well, ok once before) make Wilton Buttercream but I wanted to try to use their tub icing.
By Caribou
Nov 14, 2005
Since I have just started the Wilton 1 class, I haven't learned how to make flowers yet so I just used some leftovers from my daughter's bday party hat project. We made hats and the girls got to decorate, but I digress. I'm new to this so go easy on me. Will say this was one of the better cakes I've eaten and family commented about that too. Extracts and puddings work wonders! I hope I can recreate something similar when I learn to make flowers.
7 3
By Caribou
Nov 14, 2005
I wanted to pitch this cake over the rainbow by the time I finished. My icing came out great for the colors, very smooth, but then I made another batch using the "CLass" recipe and it was bumpy and full of clumps. I ended up not noticing that until it was ON the cake. Hopefully next week's cake is better. Hoping for HAPPY CLOWNS!
By Caribou
Nov 18, 2005
I'm very proud of this one. It's the first cake that I didn't feel the need to apologize for it's imperfections. I'm getting it and I'm so happy! Yay me!
3 1
By Caribou
Nov 23, 2005
This is my a Course I cake from one of my Wilton classes.  It's a yellow cake with BC icing.  Thanks for looking.
Nov 28, 2005
Had fun in the class.  Enjoyed making all the flowers.
2 2
By jpbinva
Dec 3, 2005
This is my course three final cake.  I was sooooo proud of it!  I used a diamond impression mat and edible pearls that I dusted in super pearl dust.  My roses are fondant and each one took me no less than thirty minutes because I'm new at making them too.
7 4
By Flour_Power
Dec 10, 2005
This is my first cake from the class.  I couldn't get my icing to crust so it looks a bit homely.  But it was filled with love!
By daranaco
Dec 12, 2005
I decided to be unique when it came to making this cake.  I wanted to come up with unique colors.  The yellow icing on the side is the natural color of the CB Neoclassic Buttercream recipe.
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By daranaco
Dec 12, 2005
For the final cake of Course I, I really wanted to but my own spin on the rose cake.  I decided to make it lavender because it's my MIL's favorite color.  She's going through Chemo and it gave me the chance to send positive thoughts her way the whole time I worked on the cake.  In the end, the roses are a bit too dark - they don't photograph very well!
11 6
By daranaco
Dec 12, 2005
This is a cake circle that I use to entice my Course 1 students to take Course 2.  It's all done in royal icing.
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By Daddycakes70
Dec 20, 2005
Well...this was an experience for me. I was running really short on time and well right after I got the top cake smooth I went to transfer it and well dropped it! I was not a happy camper at this point so I pretty much just fixed it best I could and iced the second one really fast and headed out the door to class. We did the lace to cover my mistakes. All in all I am happy with it after my fiasco.
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By jenurator
Dec 30, 2005
It was fun! I just have to learn to move more quickly with fondant!
6 1
By KNicole
Jan 2, 2006
This is the final cake for Wilton Course II.  I thought it turned out pretty good!
By Dally_doggy
Jan 24, 2006


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