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I made this for my Dad.  I realize it is kinda feminine, but I had some things I wanted to practice.  This is my first attempt at using marshmallow fondant, as well cornelli lace & the decorative presses.  It's not by any means perfect, but I think it's ok.  I made a few mistakes, too, but I think I'll hide them in the back(LOL).  I tried a different flavor for the icing as well & won't do that again...I used butter flavoring instead of the valencia/creme bouquet that I usually use & really don't like it.
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By marknrox
Apr 13, 2005
Just a cake for my child's teacher. First time making cornelli lace.
By KimAZ
May 5, 2005
This was a cake that I made to test the cake and frosting recipe. It was yummy! I thought it looked a little boring just sitting there iced so I decided to practice my cornelli lace on the top. The icing was extrememly soft to work with.
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By m0use
Apr 12, 2005
This is an other view of my cake. I made this cake for a couple who just move in a new house. The cake is a white chocolate cake with a jam and rasberry buttercream filling. The outside and the flowers are made of chocolate plastic. The cornelli lace is made of the same buttercream  than the inside.
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By annembarbosa
May 15, 2005
6-in 2-layer torted round sample wedding cake with cornelli lace
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By KrazyKross
Sep 2, 2005
I did this for a friend's wedding. Chocolate fudge cake w/ strawberry buttercream filling and Dreamy Cream Buttercream. (thanx PolishMommy) It was my second bow and first time cornelli lace. Everyone loved it!
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By eryka1842
Sep 6, 2005
This is a simple cake. I was trying out cornelli lace and stacked construction again. It is a dr'd white cake with regular BC icing and filling.
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By tanyascakes
May 13, 2005
I made this cake today, its chocolate and vanilla marbeled sponge cake with milk chocolate ganache filling. Fondant covered and icing green cornelli lace as decoration.
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By xinue
Sep 28, 2005
Looks kinda blue but it is really purple.  Single layer 8" and 6" with cornelli lace and wild roses.
By sweetbaker
Oct 14, 2005
2 layer devils food chocolate cake, raspberry filling, buttercream frosting, cornelli lace, fine tip.  Made with love for my momma...(cause she'll probably read this..).
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By Dale
Oct 14, 2005
This was my first try at this technique and it's okay but will have to do some more research before I try again... It was for a friend as a surprise I think I'm safe...
By kristingeorge
Oct 30, 2005
I forgot to mention that the medalion is pure chocolate poured into a circle mold... Pretty cool I think...
By kristingeorge
Oct 30, 2005
This cake is a rich moist chocolate cake, filled with chocolate ganache. Decorated in pale yellow buttercream. This is my first attempt at "Cornelli Lacework". I think it looks ok.
Chalice, bread, grapes, host, wheat and plaque are all gumpaste.
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By boonenati
Nov 12, 2005
I am a member of the CDAV(Cake Decorator's Association of Victoria in Australia). Today was their end of year break up party where we all took christmas cakes that will be donated to the community to help people less fortunate. I made a miniature 3" cake covered in red fondant and piped with cornelli lace in royal icing. A bit rough, but it was a quick job. JOY done in gumpaste and painted with gold dust.
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By boonenati
Nov 18, 2005
Butter Pecan cake with butter flavored buttercream icing, dark plum roses and cornelli lace. My first  tiered cake.
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By rhomb
Sep 11, 2005
vanilla cake with rasberry filling. cornelli lace, gumpaste flowers.
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By psurrette
Jan 11, 2006
This was my first time doing cornelli lace so it's not very good, but it was fun.
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By chefdot
Jan 14, 2006
My first wedding cake, September '05 the weekend of Hurricane Rita.  As if I wasn't nervous enough they moved the wedding up a day!!!  Was not excited about using ORANGE on a wedding cake but I have gotten so many compliments even though I see the flaws.  It really changed the way I look at colors to be used.  I also did the brides shower cake also (beach theme).
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By jewels625
Jan 17, 2006
This was my first ever wedding cake!  I was so nervous!!!! The bride was really pleased.  I was happy with the cake, but not where it was placed.  I didn't stick around to see the table decorations.
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By tmassey5
Jan 22, 2006
This is another wedding cake.  The florist had left the topper for me!  It was too big, but I had to work with it.  I had to trim off the green styrofoam to make it not sit up so high.  This is a popular design for me in wedding cakes.  Very simple look.
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By tmassey5
Jan 22, 2006
This is my first time doing cornelli lace. I think it turned out pretty good. The roses are made with royal icing and dusted wtih super pearl dust.
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By Kimlk
Jan 27, 2006
Scrolls, scallops, cornelli lace, buttercream roses.
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By KimAZ
Jan 28, 2006
Instead of freezing the top tier for their anniversary, my husband's cousin chose to have a fresh one made.  This cake is based on their wedding cake with the same white cornelli on pale pink flat icing.  The cake is a white cake with cream cheese and strawberry fillings.
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Feb 5, 2006
Chocolate Cake Double Layer with Buttercream filling and on the outside.  Basketweave with Cornelli Lace on top.  Buttercream roses and royal icing drop flowers.
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By tsuitor
Feb 5, 2006
Round and heart shaped cake with cornelli lace design and homemade cake balls.
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By KimAZ
Feb 10, 2006
This is one of two cakes I made as a replacement cake topper for my DB's first anniversary.  They lost the original during Hurricane Katrina.  It's not a match for the original, but it was chocolate cake under the white buttercream which is my SIL's favorite.
9 14
By cindy6250
Feb 12, 2006
This is the second of 2 cakes I made to replace my DB's wedding cake topper.  Unfortunately, they didn't get to take this one home.  My stepmother's cat got into the cake box while we were gone and ate a big hunk out of it.
1 2
By cindy6250
Feb 12, 2006
Yellow cake with buttercream icing filled with strawberry jam.  My first attempt at cornelli lace.  I used a bigger tip than normal, but I think it still turned out nice.
7 1
By sweetcreation
Feb 14, 2006
This was my first "paid for" wedding cake. It's all buttercream, with cornelli lace and roses
14 26
By KittisKakes
Feb 16, 2006
Cake for our friends' son's  second anniversary.  Carrot cake with Grand Marnier IM"buttercream" withh pineapple and homemade orange curd added to the filling.  Coveared with fondant and royal icing cornelli lace and fondant pearls and hearts.  Flowers and jribbons are gumpaste.
20 12
By itsacake
Feb 16, 2006
4 layer chocolate heart-shaped cake with purple icing and covered in cornelli lace.
4 38
By kerririchards
Feb 18, 2006
By marina34
Feb 20, 2006
This is my third wedding cake.  I really liked the design idea that the bride decided on.  The Cornelli Lace wasn't hard at all to do and now is one of my favorite techniques!  I arranged the flowers as well.  I'm not sure of my greater love, flowers or cake!  Thanks for looking!
15 14
By MellyD
Feb 23, 2006
I wanted to make a cake for my bf's parents since they have been letting me use their oven since mine hasn't been working and this way I got to practice my cornelli lace. I am not happy with the way it turned out... but it's better than the last time... it just kills my hand. I can do it great on paper then when it comes to doing on a cake, forget it!
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By chefdot
Feb 26, 2006
Practice cake applying cornelli lace and buttercream roses.  Chocolate Cake with pecan filling, buttercream frosting and MMF.
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By Karenelli
Feb 27, 2006
Buttercream frosting with cornelli lace and fondant roses.
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By brenna
Mar 1, 2006
This is a cake my 17 yr old son made for his girlfriend...I think he did a great job!
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By iceberg
Mar 2, 2006
This is for my boyfriends Aunt & Uncle.  She wanted a 2 layer chocolate cake w/ cream cheese icing and a silver bow on top.  I wanted more for her so I added the 2nd tier. The cream cheese was a little to soft so I had battle of the bulge (for the 1st time ever).  So, for the 1st time I tried cornelli lace.  I need lots of practice on that but it worked for now.
By Sue23
Mar 4, 2006
This was my cake from the Elegant fondant course I just took.  My Royal Icing was too thick so the cornelli lace isn't very good but it was KILLING my hand so this was the best I could do!!! Please feel free to critique & offer suggestions for improvements.
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By swoboda
Mar 11, 2006
Lots of lilies, baby's breath and other gp flowers.  Center separations are styro cake dummies covered in aluminum foil.  Tiers are 14, 12, 14, 8 & 5.
4 3
By kakeladi
Mar 12, 2006


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