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2 Tiered heart-shaped wedding cake - my first.  Made for a friend's mother's second wedding.  White cake with almond flavoring and raspberry filling.  White whipped/marshmallow frosting.  Fresh flowers in coral.  I'm not happy with the cake overall, but she loved it so that's all that matters.
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By jaxcakelady
Jan 8, 2006
This is a fish themed cake.  Using fondant shells, edible coral and a plank sign as accents.
By TexasSugar
Jan 23, 2006
White cake with guava buttercream filling, buttercream icing. Chocolate shells, royal icing coral, gumpaste dolphins. Wish the photo was clearer!!
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By dydemus
May 16, 2006
This cake design is very popular. This was the first  flower cake topper that I made myself. I wish the middle tier was a little thicker but it came out okay. I think I am my worst critic........:)
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Jun 1, 2006
This is the third cake I've made outside of my Wilton courses.  I made this for a 10-year-old girl who was having an "Under the Sea" themed birthday.  Cake iced in buttercream.  I was much more relaxed with this cake.  And, the process is finally starting to speed up just a little... I guess I'm just starting to have my own routine.
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By StephanieB
Jun 10, 2006
This is my first tiered/wedding cake I've done. It was a gift to my brother and sister in law. I had no idea the time (and oven space) to bake an 18", 14" 10" and 6' into layered cakes. Yet, they were very appreciative, so that makes it all worth it. The picture I went from was iced with fondant, yet my brother wanted buttercream. I smoothed the edges to make it look rounded. A viva paper towel was a great help. The ribbon was easy to put on. The silver pearls were made of fondant and luster dust.
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By pstrechf2b
Jun 20, 2006
My friend Cindee got married on the beach in Florida so I made this cake for her for a surprise party at work!  It is a chocolate cake with creamcheese reeses peanut butter cup filling and butter cream icing.  The coral and shells are white chocolate and the crabs are royal icing.
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By txdragonfly
Jul 2, 2006
butter cream frosting, candy melts molded shells, coral piped by hand with candy melts and a number 3 tip onto parchment.
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By cakesbykitty
Jul 7, 2006
14", 10", 7" and 5" white chocolate cake w/ wht. choc. mousse.  Iced in buttercream with chocolate seashells and coral, painted w/ luster dust.
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By cakesbyallison
Jul 8, 2006
French vanilla cake w/chocolate cream filling.  Iced in buttercream with MMF waves painted w/luster dusts.  Candy sea shells painted w/luster dusts.  Royal icing coral painted w/luster dusts.  Edible image Nemo and friends.
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By newtocakes
Jul 14, 2006
6x3, 8x3 and 10x3 covered with light blue fondant. The shells were made with gumpaste but can be made with fondant. I used several different luster dusts to color the shells. Pearls were made with fondant and dusted with pearl dust. Coral I made years ago with a heated sugar mixture and royal icing. I think it is called rock sugar. I used raw sugar for my sand. I used the new Wilton Cakes and More Cake Stand.
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By TexasSugar
Jul 24, 2006
This is my sea shell mini cake. It was 4x1, 3x1, and 2x1 covered in light blue fondant. The shells were made with gumpaste but can be made with fondant. I used several different luster dusts to color the shells. Pearls were made with fondant and dusted with pearl dust. Coral I made years ago with a heated sugar mixture and royal icing. I think it is called rock sugar. I used raw sugar for my sand.
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By TexasSugar
Jul 24, 2006
Stacked round wedding cake,all buttercream with fondant seashells,handpainted with luster dust in 4 different shades,royal icing coral
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By tonyas_jewels
Jul 27, 2006
This is my first wedding cake.  Sea shells are made of marbled white/dark chocolate using a variety of candy molds.  Coral is also chocolate.  To make the coral, I placed waxed paper over a template and piped the melted chocolate over the template. 14/10/6 inch rounds.  Buttercream frosting.  Groom preferred vanilla and bride preferred chocolate (of course), so each tier is half chocolate cake and half vanilla cake with a sinful chocolate fudge filling.
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By CakesByEileen
Aug 1, 2006
This is my first wedding cake!  Sea shells and coral are made from white chocolate marbled with other colors.  Buttercream frosting.  14/10/6 inch rounds.  Cake is half chocolate and half vanilla with chocolate fudge filling.
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By CakesByEileen
Aug 1, 2006
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By sugarfancy
Aug 5, 2006
Iced in buttercream with royal icing coral, edible image plaques, chocolate sea shells, fondant sea, and graham cracker sand.  Sponge Boob's house is cake covered in fondant with fondant accents.  Thanks for looking!
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By newtocakes
Aug 11, 2006
This cake was made for my Sister-in-Law's wedding 5th of Aug.  MMF with two layers chocolate/chocolate fill and two layers pound/strawberry fill.  It was my first attempt at a topsy-turvy cake so I didn't go too crazy.  The couple thought it looked like waves and loved it.  I had LOTS of compliments at the wedding too.  It was a little embarassing.  I had lots of fun doing it, but I think I took on a bit too much for my first wedding cake...I was SO stressed out.   Thanks for looking!  Hope you like it!
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By chyana66
Aug 16, 2006
For a scuba fan's birthday.  Adapted from Wilton 2007 YB, as req'd by the client.  Marble cake with BC and fondant accents.
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By FunCakesVT
Sep 2, 2006
I just did this cake as a gift to my husband for our 2nd anniversary.  The top tier is white chocolate with white chocolate buttercream.  The bottom layer is lemon with raspberry preserves filling and buttercream frosting.  It's covered in fondant with fondant pearls, royal icing coral (from pattern on CC) and white/milk chocolate  shells (first time making them).  Was inspired by several shell/ocean cakes on CC.
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By MavericksMommy
Sep 16, 2006
Another Sponge Bob cake!  Edible image characters, royal icing coral, chocolate sea shells.  Triple chocolate cake with vanilla cream filling. Thanks for looking!
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By newtocakes
Oct 2, 2006
Gumpaste decorations hand painted. Baby in the shell on top.

BC covered cakes, fondant covered topper.
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Oct 8, 2006
The mermaids tail was done from fondant. All coral reef was done with fondant as well. The water was airbrushed with green and blue.
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By FancyLayne23
Nov 5, 2006
My first time using MMF and Luster dust. This cake was SOOO GOOOOD! Chocolate Fudge cake and the filling was bavarian cream mixed with chocolate cake crumbles. mmmmmmmm. anyway. My friend jessicas 20th birthday cake. I severly messed up twice while decorating with luster dust, but i think i covered it up good
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By Daniellemhv
Nov 7, 2006
Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian piped in buttercream along with under the sea design.
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By KimAZ
Nov 17, 2006
The movie is back again so this seems to be a popular theme for birthdays again.  Sealife: crab, lobster, octopus,fish, seahorse, coral and plants. Chocolate candy seashells.
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By KimAZ
Dec 1, 2006
Customer wanted a Nemo cake, smooth icing, choco with raspberry filling.  With some shells.  Shells are made of candy clay and white chocolate coating, highlighted with luster dust and colored candy coating.  One piece of coral is candy clay, the rest are airbrushed royal icing.  Toys purchased by the customer
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By karateka
Dec 15, 2006
9 layer choc coffee cake, covered with choc ganache and decorated with fondant corals, as we call it the coral anniversary in Germany, or linen, but that is difficult to incorporate into a cake. The 2 starfish should symbolise the couple, chocolate shells around the bottom ring, dusted with luster dust. The 35 is also made to look like corals. Cake is filled with a light vanilla buttercream, cookies and flavoured with Tia Maria, Cointreau and espresso
By Ursula40
Dec 15, 2006
Just finished FL ICES Mini Classes wit BKeith Ryder and this was the final project. We did this piece using Isomalt. We cast support pieces in Play-doh, blew the fish, made "bubble sugar" for coral cast seashells in silicone molds, and pulled seaweed and other decos.  What fun! It won't make it home to Cleveland, so it's off to be given away.
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By BlakesCakes
Jan 21, 2007
I made this for the capital confectioners cake competition here in Austin. The mermaid and all other decorations were made with gum paste and royal icing. Won 2nd place in the beginners novelty tiered cake category.
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By sugarfancy
Feb 20, 2007
This is a three teir Finding Nemo Cake all made with buttercream except the starfish, they are made from MMF.  I had a blast with this cake, made for a three year old.  He loved it!  The nemo toys were bought on Ebay.
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By toneg24
Feb 8, 2007
Yellow Chocolate Chip Cake, 12" bottom with 10" middle and an oval on top, sculpted slightly to appear more flowing and not so round.  BC icing with the blue not mixed totally to look more marbled like water.  The sea grass is fondant and the pink coral RI.  The two large white coral's on top with Nemo are White Chocolate (thx ShirleyW) along with chocolate shells, and the rest is all gumpaste.  I modeled Mr. Ray (the stingray) the rest are Disney Figures.  Nemo's Anemone is a fruit rollup! Enjoy!!
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By stlalohagal
Feb 9, 2007
Coral Reef cake iced with BC. Gumpaste and Royal icing coral.
Feb 12, 2007
A 50th birthday cake for a woman whose husband is taking her to Hawaii for the occasion.  MMF shells, royal icing coral (built up on grape stems).  Sand is a mixture of graham cracker crumbs and raw sugar.
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By kelleym
Feb 17, 2007
Simple round cake decorated with fresh flowers and buttercream icing
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Feb 21, 2007
i made this cake for my bestfriend who loves the beach for his 16 birthday. he loved the cake so much and acually never ate it,he kept it in his fridge for a month until his mom made him throw it out! The cake has seashells, slippers, a crab, a starfish, a set of footprints. the sand is a mixture of sugar and brown sugar. To make the waves i frosted the blue then came in with white frosting on a toothpick to blend it in. For the coral reef i just piped  along the bottom of the ocean with 3 different tips.
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By tiffy_228
Mar 8, 2007
A 9" dummy cake for a Chamber of Commerce event.  Fishes on top  are styrafoam balls covered in fondant.  Seaweed is royal icing, shells are fondant.  Sand is made from a combination of brown sugar, raw sugar, and white sugar.  Coral is grape stems built up with royal icing.
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By kelleym
Mar 15, 2007
For a wedding by the ocean. Buttercream frosting, gum paste and chocolate seshells.
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By wcreative
Mar 16, 2007
For a 4 yr old's birthday many thanks my friends, Aine2 for her superb modeling tutorial found on her website...and her personal help, Katharry for her horse instructions and motivation, ShirleyW for her gelatin wing help, Franjmc for her bow tutorial and Liis for her fairy tutorial.
Cake is choc with choc SMBC fillling, vanilla SMBC fondant..models fondant/gumtex....bow gumpaste
Thanks for looking
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By JaneK
Mar 17, 2007
For a fisherman's retirement.  Cakes baked in jelly mold for basic shape, covered in fondant and luster-dusted.  Sugar shells, starfish, lobster and royal-icing corals.  Scales made with back of icing tip, fins are thinly rolled & scored fondant.
All on a bed of "seaweed" (lettuce).
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By navyseawitch
Jul 24, 2005


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