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All fondant covered.  The cake is 14 inches tall and 18 inches long or so.  We did this for a 16th birthday where the theme colors were black and white check and the girl wears theses sneakers.
Thanks for looking!
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By FatAndHappy
Jul 31, 2008
This was for my office mangager for her baby shower.
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By Mattie1
Aug 17, 2008
Frozen Buttercream Transfer - I love doing these!
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By cowspot_me
Aug 7, 2006
My first ever decorated cake^^  Made it for my mom's 43rd birthday because she loves converse.  It's a horrible picture, but I'll get a better one up soon.  chocolate with chocolate and vanilla bc frosting, and mmf to create the sides and lid.  I had to make the box brown because I didn't have any black food coloring, so I just made it chocolate^^  No complaining here.  Please keep in mind this was my first time working with Fondant, the only tools I had were a knife, toothpicks and a spoon, and I'm only 16
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By jbink24
Jul 26, 2006
I had SO many problems with this cake!  It seemedd like everything I touched developed a problem...  used the template for the converse sneakers,.  I made an edible image to match the nursery theme for the onesie and cookies.  Chocolate baby bottle and satin ribbon.  TFL!
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By foxymomma521
Aug 17, 2008
I made this for my daughter's 14th birthday. She wanted it painted the same as her new boots, so it is all hand painted fondant! The logo is painted onto rice paper, and then mounted on a circle of white fondant. I am really quite pleased with it!!!
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By muz
Sep 28, 2006
I have a written desciption, and a few other helpfull pictures, in my gallery of  how  I made them. Everything you need to make them is avalible there in my photogallery at Cakecentral, you dont have to send me messages or emails! :D
Have fun and good luck!
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By stellastarchild
Nov 24, 2007
Here is the view from the back of the boot!!
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By muz
Sep 28, 2006
Fondant turkey w/ "duck" converse shoes and kool hat. Thanks to cake club for inspiration. Spice w/ cream cheese filling.
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By AZrunner
Nov 19, 2006
My favorite pair of Converses with the fondant "replica". 
But...I used orange ribbon in the fondant one to remember how AWESOME they were with orange laces...Done from the templates posted here on CC.
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By CakesByAmbjer
Jan 5, 2008
Part of the set of cupcake toppers for my best friend. 
We used shoes as best friends necklaces--we each wore one of eachothers, so one pink, one black!
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By CakesByAmbjer
Jan 15, 2008
All frosting decoration.  a half sheet cake.  It was a big hit with my sister.  she loves band and her converse shoes.
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By mackenzie_ann16
Feb 6, 2007
You can find everything you need to make the converses in my gallery:  There´s a template, a "how to" and a few useful pictures. Have fun!
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By stellastarchild
Nov 17, 2007
I had way too much fun making this one.  Client's favorite shoes are pink converse.
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By cakesbymer
Feb 7, 2008
for a girl's 13th birthday who LOVES her pink Chuck T's
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By shantel575
Mar 22, 2008
Here is a closeup of the sneakers.  When I do it again, I will paint over the sewing lines (that will make it more lifelike - I just ran out of time!), and I will work faster to hopefully avoid the cracks in the gumpaste...!
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By maggiev777
Mar 29, 2008
I used Stellastarchilds wonderful picture and template to make these.  These are for a baby shower cake for Saturday.  The colors are chocolate brown and light sage.  The mom and day both played high school and college basketball.  The shoes and balls are my surprise.
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By JodieF
Apr 1, 2008
10" round with bc and mmf, thanks to stellastarchild for her awesome templates for the converse...thank you also to JodieF for all of her guys rock!!!!

shoes are gumpaste...all the sports stuff is just mmf that I painted the details on, and you can't really tell from the photo but all the fondant stuff (balls, letters,etc.) have stitching on them.  the idea was for it to be reminiscent of a quilted baby blanket (I don't know..I am weird) but that was the idea.
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By KHalstead
Apr 5, 2008
Little pink fondant Converses with a penny for scale. Actually smaller than I thought!
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By CakesByAmbjer
Jan 5, 2008
Twelve and 9 inch WASC cake, filled with cookies and cream, iced in Buttercream Dream.  The colors and patterns match the baby's bedding.  Both mom and dad to be are very tall and played basketball in high school and college, so I made the little tennis shoes and basketballs.  I decided to try a sleeping bear, so he was napping on another ball.  I used chocolate Pettinice and LOVED it!  All other fondant decorations are MMF.  I am very, very proud of this cake!
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By JodieF
Apr 7, 2008
This was for a suprise baby shower for a coworker. Had so much fun doing this one! Thanks a bunch to stellastarchild for her tutorial. Chocolate cake with chocolate filling with buttercream and foant accents. Thanks for looking!
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By JennerRed01
Apr 16, 2008
Close up baby converse.
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By JennerRed01
Apr 16, 2008
Thanks to the person who posted the template etc on cc for these converse / takkies - they were a big big help - Im sorry i cant remember the name - but thank you so much!
Gum paste baby takkies - i have made a few pairs in different colours and they are a great hit!
Thanks for looking
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By janine1972
Apr 16, 2008
I had fun with this cake, the idea for the cakecame from KristasCakes and the idea for the converse came from Maggiev777.  I used the instructions from Stellastarchild to make the shoe but I ended up doing it without the shoe mold.  I couldn't get the pieces to match up correctly when I started glueing.  Because I didn't use the shoe mold the toe of the shoe isn't right, but I was still happy with the outcome.  This was also my first bow.  Thank you to everyone for their ideas
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By Lee9
May 27, 2008
This customer actually tried to order a cake from Duff Goldman and I can't remember either they were booked up (I think they were) or they didn't want to pay that amount...I believe the first reason was that they were booked up though.   The girl wanted a shoe exactly like her keychain, with her dog on top...designed everything how she wanted it.  They were thrilled!  I think I could have charged more for this, its a huge cake and took many hours to detail.   Sometimes its hard gauge decorating time.
24 80
By Kitagrl
May 31, 2008
This was a cake I made for my brother's 19th birthday last summer.  It is my first real specialty cake and took HOURS to make.  I am very proud of how it turned out, although I wish I had covered the cardboard at the bottom.
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By snevelle
Feb 2, 2008
My take on Susanscakebabies rump cake.  I love all of the cakes on this site and have been waiting to try one of these!  Gumpaste converse shoes, all mmf and buttercream decorations.  This was also my first wood floor and first pair of gumpaste shoes.  TFL
4 32
By steffla
Jun 1, 2008
Had lots of fun making theese booties for the first time.
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By kagezonen
Jun 17, 2008
7 10
By kagezonen
Jun 17, 2008
Yellow cake with fondant icing
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By celiashea
Jun 17, 2008
Chocolate, strawberry and white cake with b/c icing and fondant accents and shoes.  Thanks to stellastarchild for posting her template of the baby Converse shoes.  I had so much fun making them!  They were originally going on top of a 6†round, but the customer called at the last minute and asked for a larger tiered cake.  They look too small for the top of this cake, but I was really please how they turned out.  Thanks for looking!
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By srodge1
Jun 20, 2008
Just another view.
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By srodge1
Jun 20, 2008
This is a green converse shoe that i made for my friends birthday. I carved it to look like a shoe and them the rest is done in buttercreme.
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By candyman007
Jul 9, 2008
Little red fondant converse sneakers made for baby shower cake.  The
mother-to-be is a runner.  Thanks so much to stellastarchild for the
template and directions.  Your generosity has made me feel like a 
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By McMama
Jul 10, 2008
This cake was done to match the invitations.  Done in buttercream with fondant accents.  Thank you to stellastarchild for the template for the baby converse shoes.  The shoes are made out of gumpaste.
17 171
By jaklotz1
Jul 13, 2008
This was a cake I made for my niece's rockstar party
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By Logan10
Jul 22, 2008
This is my first pair of converse sneakers. Thanks to stellarchild for the template, instructions and inspiration.
4 16
By Mattie1
Jul 24, 2008
I attended a NJ Cake Club workshop last weekend and learned the techniques needed to make baby booties and baby sneakers.  Here are the results of that for the baby sneakers.  Thanks for looking at my little Converse All-Stars.
21 60
By Sugar_Plum_Fairy
Jul 28, 2008
Made fondant shoes per Anna (stellarstarchild) directions!  Seems everyone is posting so many Converse shoes lately and I didn't want left out! ;)  Cake is 3 layers of 2" cake with tons of caramel filling and chocolate buttercream.  Repeated star design from shoe onto cake in light blue.  Love the blue and brown color combo that's popular. TFL!!
4 33
By msauer
Jul 31, 2008
Thank you to all who posted these shoes! I had so much fun making them. The new "Mom-to-be" really liked them. Thanks for looking!
5 6
By shelleylynn
Aug 29, 2008


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