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This is a birthday cake I did for My Father-in-law he recently started working with a contractor doing renovations. I got a picture of his nail gun and used that with a construction theme. I found hand tool candles for its presentation.
By ump107
Apr 13, 2005
Micro minis were used to create this cake.
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By katie
May 27, 2005
This is a simple cake. I was trying out cornelli lace and stacked construction again. It is a dr'd white cake with regular BC icing and filling.
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By tanyascakes
May 13, 2005
I baked this cake for a friend's son's 10th birthday. This cake was also my 1st attempt on cut-out cake. Iced in buttercream, logs were chocolate fingers, wheels were chocolate chips cookies and M&M chocolates for the lights.
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By nanzz
Jul 5, 2005
12'' Choc. cake layered with choc fudge filling.  This was alot of fun.  Matchbox cars, oreo dirt, teddy graham workers, choc covered raisin rocks, pretzel stick logs, MMF road cones, and royal icing signs on each side.  My son loves anything having to do with construction.
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Jul 11, 2005
Double layer chocolate fudge cake with chocolate pudding filling.  Decorated in buttercream icing.  Used the Bob the Builder pan to make a house builder looking like our neighbour who turns 60 tomorrow.  The shirt has the Habitat for Humanity symbol (or close enough that he should be able to recognize it) on it since he is very involved in this group.
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By NottawaChelle
Sep 2, 2005
This was my first attempt at a half sheet cake.  Boy, it is a lot harder to do than a little 8 inch round!  The BCT is MUCK from Bob the Builder requested in yellow.  The cake in party confetti with BC fill.  TFL
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By pandora3799
Oct 1, 2005
I used chocolate frosting on a 9x13 cake, construction trucks, crushed OREOS for dirt, Teddy Graham workers decorated with orange royal frosting, and cracker sticks for logs.
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By kirstie
Jun 14, 2005
yellow cake with pudding filling. 
Used grass tip. Graham crackers and oreos crushed for the dirt. 
I will not recomend writing on the crushed crackers and oreos. The stupid icing kept lifing off and wouldn't stick!! But if I messed up it came up easy :) 
I need to practice writing some more!!!
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By momoftwogirls
Oct 22, 2005
Dirt was made of Oreo Cookies/Chocolate Grahamcrackers ground up.
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By Jacks
Oct 27, 2005
Bulldozer with oreo and black licorice treads and a candy shovel and a hard hat smash cake on top.
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By Kitagrl
Nov 12, 2005
This is the first wedding cake I did. It was for my sister. Also the first fondant cake I had ever done.  The fondant was a little thick, as were the layers (because I didn't know I was supposed to trim them).  My sister loved it.  Although it didn't look bad for it being made by a amature, I dont think anyone ate the fondant, it didn't do much for the cake.
By ReAnnon
Nov 27, 2005
All presents are cut from one chocolate sheet cake, torted and filled w/chocolate mouse, covered w/buttercream and rolled buttercream fondant.
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By FunnyCakes
Dec 25, 2005
This was for a little boy's 2nd birthday, half chocolate, half white full sheet cake.  I iced with buttercream, the grass is airbrushed, plastic construction equipment set for the vehicles and rocks.  I used Nilla wafers and chocolate graham crackers for the dirt and in the center is an edible image.  I made the hills out of cupackes, iced them and covered them with the "dirt".
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By bunnypatchbaker
Jan 22, 2006
This a two layer chocolate cake decorated in buttercream with brown sugar for the dirt. I had an awful time with the stripes and I hate the fact that they are not perfectly spaced and even. I had fun doing the top of the cake though. I didn't have to worry about smoothing the icing. Yeah!!!
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By mariak
Mar 6, 2006
This was made for a boy's 3rd birthday. Gave it my all. Could've done better. Thanks to everyone that has posted a cake in this theme. I got alot of ideas! :)
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By spottydog
Mar 12, 2006
the construction guy was made with the mini 3d teddy bear pan
By ddog
Mar 27, 2006
my nephew loves construction vehicles, so I was asked to do a birthday cake with a dumptruck. Dumptruck is two loaf pans, butter cream frosting and covered with fondant. Crushed oreo cookies in the back for dirt.
2 34
By kgunn
Oct 18, 2005
This was a simple cake made using an edible image.  The cake was frosted using Wilton Whipped icing.  This was quick & easy, but still looked very cute!
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By LisaV10001
May 3, 2006
This is for a friend's little boy.  She wanted construction as the theme.  The pieces are chocolate transfers - this is a first for me.  I love the way they aren't so fragile, but creating the color black without making the candy seize was not an easy task for me.  I haven't had much experience in the chocolate department.  I could've gotten my lines a bit more angled and evenly spaced.
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By fytar
May 12, 2006
This is a cake I was paid to make for a guy that repairs broken water mains.  This was for his birthday.  The water line is made from fondant, and then filled with blue bc to look like water coming out of it.  The backhoe was a toy my husband bought from Walmart. The dirt was crumbled oreos. Thanks to VickiC for her inspiration on this one.
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By Bettycrockermommy
May 20, 2006
I had fun with this cake. I used brownie crumbs for dirt and candy rocks. The house is made of graham crackers held with royal icing.
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By Liana
May 28, 2006
This cake was made for a lady that was leaving the company.
The tractor is made of white chocolate and painted with luster dust. Dirt is crushed vanilla wafers. Vallencourt logo was made of chocolate as well.
By FancyLayne23
May 29, 2006
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By Kiddiekakes
Jun 9, 2006
I was NOT happy with how this cake turned out. I originally made the sides with color flow, but didn't allow them enough dry time and they broke. At the last minute I covered cardboard with fondant for new sides. It was so heavy we had to support the sides with toothpicks. The tires were doughnuts, and the dirt is chocolate milk. Even my lines were crooked! I hope to redo this cake someday and have it turned out like I originally planned.
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By luvbakin
Jun 14, 2006
A second view of the tonka truck.
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By luvbakin
Jun 14, 2006
Paid cookies!  I have a friend who is using my cookies as one of her marketing tools and paying me to boot!  Yeah!
9 16
By dodibug
Jun 27, 2006
This was for my son's 3rd birthday.  The theme was construction / big trucks and he wanted a "Big Tire" for his cake.  This is my first "free hand" cake.  All BC except the letters.  I would have changed it up some, but he loved it and that is what counts.  Thanks for looking.
By Shelley7296
Jun 28, 2006
Chocolate cake, buttercream icing, rocks, pik and shovel fondant.
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By Schmoop
Jul 8, 2006
Brownie dirt pile, fondant rocks and plastic trucks make up this construction site.  I use a large horseshoe pan, cut some away from the front where the digger was and placed in another spot to form the hill.
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By SweetResults
Jul 9, 2006
This cake was done to look like the little boys favorite toy.  It is made from a sheet cake layered and sculpted to the shape of the Bobcat.  The arm of the shovel is made from chocolate.
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By craftmasterchris
Jul 15, 2006
This was the first cake I ever did.  It was my son's first birthday and it was a construction theme.  Everything is edible but the hot wheels!
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By steffla
Jul 17, 2006
By BIL wanted tonka and construction decorations, so for the baby shower, I made a construction site complete with tonka trucks for my soon to be nephew.
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By jowhip
Jul 25, 2006
White cake with buttercream and chocolate transfers.
By ckkerber
Jul 27, 2006
Construction cake for a daycare birthday.
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By cowspot_me
Aug 7, 2006
Did this cake for a friend's husband.  Top is vanilla and the bottom is chocolate all iced in B.C. and air brushed blue.  Decorations are made of MMF.
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By reenie
Aug 14, 2006
By Adelia
Apr 18, 2006
Birthday cake for a boy turning 5....he had to have a bobcat! All buttercream.
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By pancake
Aug 15, 2006
construction cake for cousin's b-day.  All BC colors done with color mist
2 5
By Danni
Aug 19, 2006
I made this for my oldest son second birthday.  He loves trucks and we decided to make a construction site for his birthday.  The cake was lovely and my son liked it a lot...
2 3
By zulmaivette
Aug 30, 2006


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