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Used the Happy Meal toy for this cake.  Already sold another one to a mom who needs more servings.  I'm going to place the cone on a larger base and make 'parking spaces' for the other happy meal toy cars from the movie!
15 28
By Lambshack
Nov 13, 2006
Like in the Wilton Ready to Decorate (or something like that) idea book.  All buttercream with ice cream cone towers and kisses for flags.
4 2
By Speeknot
Nov 13, 2006
This cake is similar to another one I did earlier this week.  It was done to match the "Winter Greetings" Lenox china pattern.  My mother, Catherine McClung, is the artist who designed the china.  The cardinals are chocolate transfers, the pinecones are royal (penny sue's method) real ribbon because I don't have the knack for fondant ones yet.
27 145
By springlakecake
Dec 8, 2006
1/2chocolate with Bavarian cream filling ane !/2 white with red raspberry filling.  Butter cream frosting.  Poinsettias and pine cones are royal icing.
1 8
By grams
Dec 14, 2006
This is the top view of the cake posted previously.  I painted the poinsettias and scrolls on side with pearl luster dust.  It is the same design I put on on the top of a sheet cake but I used red poinsettias on that one.
3 10
By grams
Dec 15, 2006
My first 3D cake and first experience with buttercream.  Whipped cream is much easier to frost.  Chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling.  Turrets made with ice cream cone coated with white chocolate tinted pink.
1 4
By yvesyong
Dec 17, 2006
White cake with lemon filling.  Buttercream frosting.  Royal poinsettias and pine cones.
I made this for the staff at my granddaughter's school.  Their school colors are green and white.
4 14
By grams
Dec 17, 2006
All BC. The pine cones and candles are piped on straws for a 3D effect. The design came from Roland Winbeckler's book "Buttercream Flowers".
3 3
By KittisKakes
Dec 27, 2006
I did these for my son's pre-k class.  I don't think the teacher was very happy, they were pretty messy to eat.
4 6
By mistydm
Jan 6, 2007
I just made these for a friend's daughter cause we happened to be coming for dinner on on her birthday.  The ice cream cone cupcakes always remind me of when I was a mom always made them!  I love the fun princess colors and sprinkles...just looks like a party!
By my3girlies
Jan 21, 2007
Shoot, I wish I had thought to take a decent photo of these, they wre so cool.  I did a Proverbs 31 woman bridal shower for my best friend.  (main idea was that she is treasured far above rubies..priceless and pure) so i wanted jewels on the cupcakes somehow.  The soloution was to make tiny wedding rings out of gold beads and crystals and tie them each to a piece of saran wrapped cardstock which had a verse printed on it.  This was strawberry cake and icing.
By my3girlies
Jan 21, 2007
Yellow cake with BC frosting, sprinkles and a cherry. Used the Wilton shaped cake pan.
1 1
By wagnerml
Jan 27, 2007
These were just some simple cupcakes that I made for a quick order.  Just baked cupcakes in ice cream cones, then piped buttercream on to look like ice cream, topped with sprinkles!
3 7
By ribbitfroggie
Feb 1, 2007
I had so much fun making these cookies.  They are for a "candyland" themed school dance tonight. They are NFSC with royal icing.  I will post more.
64 610
By mitsel8
Feb 2, 2007
this was the cake I entered in the for the Love of Chocolate competition in Chicago on Saturday.  I didnt place but I was still proud of my cake!  Red fondant and chocolate fondant with chocolate sticks and chocolate fondant pinecones. royal for snow.
8 6
By seven
Feb 12, 2007
This stacked castle cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  All decorations on sides are made using buttercream.  Ice cream cones iced in buttercream and coated with colored sugar are held up using separator pillars.
By gourmetcakes
Aug 4, 2006
NFSC w/royal icing

for a 2nd birthday ice cream party 

2 5
By MahalKita
Mar 2, 2007
NFSC w/ Antonia 74 icing
By CIndymm4
Mar 6, 2007
I made these cakes for our oldest 2nd birthday. I was able to bring the small 8X8 square cake to his d-care & large one was for his party at home. Both decorated w/ B/C Free Handed the design. Make the orange cones w/ Mini-trial size ice cream cones affixed w/Chocolate to a graham cracker & covered in Orange Icing w/ whitening to make more opaque ( I made the cones 2 days ahead to let dry & Next time I made these cones covered in Chocolate & I have for witches hat & Christmas trees.) Cake 2004
2 3
By gateaux
Mar 17, 2007
I made this for my little boy's third birthday.  He is Cars obsessed!  Thanks so much to Lambshack for posting her Cozy Cone, which inspired me!  It's yellow and chocolate cake, buttercream frosting, MMF accents, and plastic cars.  He loved it!
3 2
By ksimp6577
Mar 28, 2007
Buttercream with sugarpaste pinecones and RI snowflakes
10 35
By KoryAK
Apr 10, 2007
I made these for my niece for her birthday. My SIL wanted something easy for the kids to handle, she suggested cupcakes. So I made cup cakes with a twist!
5 3
By LisasCakesNM
Apr 16, 2007
NF with RBC and royal...the ants idea is from Eleni's, and some picnic stickers I had.
17 53
By yankeegal
Apr 18, 2007
I made this cake for my cousins 10th birthday. Its chocolate cake with whipped chocolate ganache filling and chocolate butter cream frosting.
3 4
By nickshalfpint
Apr 18, 2007
Todd found a new job as a dispatcher for linemen who fix outages. Thought this was a good idea. Poles and sign are not edible.
4 10
Apr 20, 2007
Rainbow Chip birthday cake with sugarpaste mini cakes and ice cream cones
By maria4869
Apr 23, 2007
cupcakes made for our sons class
15 18
By twinsline7
May 4, 2007
Hi, this was my first attempt at these. I used white cake for the filling of them, and was so worried that they would burst over that I didnt put enough in so they are a little lower than I wanted. Good practice for an upcoming picnic we have. Buttercream frosting, chocolate sprinkles and cherry sour on top.
4 5
By lchristi27
May 13, 2007
A local bank wanted these for client gifts. I made the cutter and used a dishwasher basket to make the impression on the cone. 800 Cookies is not what I want to do on Mother's day but I enjoyed going to the bank the next day!!
2 2
By Jenn123
May 15, 2007
I made this for my friends daughter. It was my first cake.
1 1
By MB3512
May 20, 2007
3 4
By zahurinina
May 21, 2007
wilton tip 1m, sour cherry and choc sprinkles on buttercream
5 24
By melysa
May 22, 2007
This was the cake I had so much trouble with.  It's my take on Dailey's cake
By keonicakes
May 22, 2007
I wanted to try my Wal-Mart buttercream.  I also wanted to try making cupcake cones.  They are Devil's Food cake, enhanced Wal-Mart buttercream (added Hazelnut liquid creamer and extra powdered sugar) with chocolate sprinkles.  They were fun to make, my kids loved them.
By hillmn
May 27, 2007
Sugar cookies with royal icing accents and assorted sprinkles
5 21
By suzmazza
May 29, 2007
Made just for fun this past Thanksgiving! It's a pumpkin bundt cake. I tinted a good amount of white chocolate
candy coating orange and then melted it until it would run down the sides. The center stem is an upside
down ice cream cone that I iced with chocolate icing from a can. The green leaves are gumdrops that I 
flattened and cut out in the right shape.
1 8
By Staceface81
May 30, 2007
Birthday cake for my brother-in-law who owns a gelato shop. "Boun Compleanno" is Italian for Happy Birthday and the "G" is the logo from their hats.  Cut down full size waffle cones to make mini ones and filled with buttercream icing to represent gelato.
This cake was inspired by a cake done by cupcakequeen.
4 4
By wickedreamer
May 30, 2007
I made this for my nephews who had a Snow Cone machine at
their Birthday Party.  I could not find any instructions on how to make
cupcake cakes.  I could not figure out how to keep the cupcakes in the
shape of the snow cone while I put the icing on.  So I taped the outside
2 2
Jun 3, 2007
These turned out so much better than the first time around. They were a huge hit at my daughters picnic this weekend. The box idea for transporting these worked perfectly.  The girls LOVED the twist cone, and it's a cherry sour on the top.
9 13
By lchristi27
Jun 3, 2007
Completely inspired by JennT .
Made for my son's kindergarten class for the end of the year field day.
Bannana cupcakes with mini chocolate chips and lightly bannana flavored buttercream dream.
2 13
By crgsnbrown
Jun 5, 2007


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