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I'm so excited to share this cake with you all. This cake was a completely just because cake. It also challenged me and was a really good learning experience for me. I certainly know what not to do the next time round :-) I made this cake for a dear friend, who's gorgeous daughter celebrated her 3rd birthday in style with an icecream party. Savanah went ALL out with styling this party and I was thrilled to get the chance to make a cake to match. Willow was over the moon for it and I got the best cuddle in return for the cake. Best thanks ever!! I didn't get a pic of Willow with her cake, but I'm sure there will be some. I promise to post some when they come through. This cake stood just under a meter high. All the scoops of icecream are real cake, however the waffle cone is styrofoam. To the decorators out there, don't look too closely, there are certainly some mistakes with this one, but really, overall I love it and hopefully I'll get to make another one soon :-) Happy birthday Willow Woo Woo xxx
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By littlecakesformyhappy
Sep 23, 2012
Fun for the Summer or Spring. Ice cream that won't melt! And in between the cone and the cupcake I put candy - surprise!
By laura3527
Apr 11, 2013
core the cone with plastic dowel rod
By edibledesigns
Sep 22, 2012
NFSC w/royal icing & Wilton heart mini sprinkles  

By MahalKita
Mar 2, 2007
I kept seeing these cute rendition of cupcakes and finally made some of my own- and OMG.... I think they are my favorite cupcakes to date- the decoration possibilities are endless! I dipped the cones in chocolate/sprinkles and than layered them in with frosting and cake. Thanks for stopping by to take a peek!
By Starybrwneyes82
Sep 17, 2011
Sugarpaste hypericum berries and pine cones.
By mygirlssweet
Dec 3, 2007
Strawberry ice cream cones
By momgns
May 17, 2010
Sugarpaste gold ivy.
By mygirlssweet
Dec 3, 2007
After making rice crispie treat shapes, rolling in fondant, and rolling the towers over a brick imprint mat (and letting air dry), I trimmed down some waffle cones, to size.  I them wrapped these in fondant using buttercream as the "glue", and once dried and ready, I glued them on to the towers with royal icing.
By Adrianas6
Jun 9, 2012
Sugarpaste holly berries and holly leaves.
By mygirlssweet
Dec 3, 2007
Ice cream cones
By momgns
Jun 8, 2010
By Sneezie
Jun 11, 2010


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