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Done for a co-workers son's 1st communion.  He asked for a chocolate cake with chocolate (buttercream) icing with a smiley face that said "Happy Communion" and that's what he got!
By thecakemaker
Apr 13, 2005
I made this cake for my daughters Christening last weekend.  I cheated an d bought the fancy flowers as I have not learned to make them yet.
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May 16, 2005
This cross is cut out of a 11x14 pan....the little boy knew exactly what he wanted, a yellow cake with blue buttercream frosting in the middle, blue flowers down the end, and a dove along the top, and that's what I gave him!!  These were my first flowers!!
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By ribbitfroggie
May 13, 2005
I got the idea for this cake from a similar one I found when searching the web. This cake is 2-11x15 inch cakes put together and frosted and decorated in buttercream.
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By Michele25
May 21, 2005
This cake was done in buttercream. It was actually for the funeral of a family member, but would make a lovely baptism or communion cake as well. I used Wilton's cross pan and accented the base cake (12x18) with drop strings and drop flowers.
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By thecakemaven
Jun 3, 2005
First Communion Cake using cross pan.
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By beachcakes
Jun 30, 2005
I got this idea from a Wilton yearbook. To make more servings I baked a one layer cake in an 11x15" pan and set the book on top of that layer (frosted between layers)
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By Michele25
May 20, 2005
I used the two mix book pan to create this. The cross is made out of a chocolate mold, then painted gold for the accents.
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By Taylorsmom
Jul 11, 2005
Vanilla cake iced and torted with buttercream with fondant bow.  First bow I ever made and it was fun!  The Baptism was for twin girls.
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By tripletmom
Jul 18, 2005
I made this for my son's First Communion. I got the idea from a Wilton yearbook and made a couple of changes.
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By jdab
Aug 21, 2005
A cake made for a girl last may. Covered with fondant and flowers by sugarpaste. First try of my pearlmold.
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By elin
Oct 4, 2005
The peoples who ordered this cake, called me the day before and asked for help. They had ordered from another lady and she just called them and said she was sick. I took the order and sat down the night before to make this flowers. They was so happy for this one.
By elin
Oct 4, 2005
This I made for a young girl on her puberty seremony. (hindu tradition) I got some ideas from Stephen Benison's book. All made out of pastillage, flowerpaste and fondant. It was a hit for them.
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By elin
Oct 4, 2005
This is the last one I made for a puberty seremony. The mother wanted a hat and flowers. And the colours had to mach the girls saree (dress). Nobody belived at first this flowers was made by me and by sugar.
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By elin
Oct 4, 2005
White Chocolate and Coconut Mud cake. Layered with white chocolate ganache. Covered in ivory fondant and surrounded in white chocolate curls. Gumpaste stars on wires and free on the cake. Angel made out of gumpaste, face and hands were made using a mould, wings using a holly leaf cutter with a brumble leaf veiner. "Congratulations" plaque made out of gumpaste and written on with gold dust and rosewater.
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By boonenati
Oct 30, 2005
Cake for a First Communion
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By mbarajas2327
Jul 3, 2005
I already have this picture in my photos but this one is clearer. You deserve to see a better picture. Thanks for looking!
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By CakeDesigns
Oct 31, 2005
10" & 6" French Vanilla cakes with chocolate raspberry filling, iced in buttercream.  Cross is royal icing and poem is on rice paper, flowers are dried fondant.  Thank you to LaCakeria for the inspiration for this one, the mom loved yours so this is my version of it.
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By tripletmom
Nov 6, 2005
This cake is a rich moist chocolate cake, filled with chocolate ganache. Decorated in pale yellow buttercream. This is my first attempt at "Cornelli Lacework". I think it looks ok.
Chalice, bread, grapes, host, wheat and plaque are all gumpaste.
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By boonenati
Nov 12, 2005
This cake is a chocolate hazelnut cake with a dark chocolate ganache. Covered in fondant, painted in edible silver. Chalice, grapes, host, bread and lettering are in gumpaste.
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By boonenati
Nov 12, 2005
It was a white vanilla cake and  my third attempt with  buttercream frosting.
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By ruty
Dec 5, 2005
I'm creating a portfolio with a whole bunch of my cake pictures and i'm taking this Christmas break to kind of "fill in the blank spots" of the sections in my portfolio with no pictures...I think it's easier for someone to order if they see how u work...
This is my practive communion cake for a girl...thanks for looking
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By cakefairy18
Dec 18, 2005
This was done for a First Communion. The cake design is from a Wilton Yearbook ( can't remember which year ). "stained glass" colors were mixed with piping gel. I know it is "copied" straight out of the Wilton book, but I thought it was a nice cake design for just about any church/ religious event.
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By Twisted_Sifter
Jan 4, 2006
All butter cream flowers.  My first paid job.  Cross cake for a co-worker's child's christening.
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By melli_fera
Jan 9, 2006
Top of the cake...for a rocking horse-themed Christening....
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By adven68
Mar 11, 2006
Rocking horse theme for a large Christening.  There were two additional sheet cakes in the kitchen....
BC covered cakes, pillow covered in fondant...fondant horsey....piping done with royal...all other flying stuff made with fondant and royal...
35 195
By adven68
Mar 11, 2006
slightly different angle. wish i had a front view, the flowers were arranged better from the front. french vanilla with apricot
By smashcakes
Mar 20, 2006
I made this for a Christening, I actually got my decorating ideas from this site.  Although, mine is a lot more simple than the original.
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By Lousaria
Mar 22, 2006
no-fail crosses flavoured with almond
4 26
By antonia74
Mar 27, 2006
I made this special cake for my very special daughter on her first communion cake. It was lemon dauberge and absolutely delicious. I am a beginner and very proud of accomplishing such a wonderful work of art. It was a joy to share it with others.
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By CakeCraze
Apr 5, 2006
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By rydersmom
Apr 14, 2006
Baptism/communion/confirmation cakes made for my son and his fiance.
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By ChrisJ
Mar 14, 2007
Cake for DH's First Communion/Confirmation - he converted on Easter, hence the lilies.  fondant covered tiramisu cake.  Chalice, wheat, grapes, lilies made from gumpaste.  First time making gumpaste flowers.  Bible from fondant, lustre dust letters.
21 88
By beachcakes
Apr 16, 2006
Cross cookies for DH's First Communion/Confirmation.  No fail sugar cookie, Fondant w/ BC accents.
12 70
By beachcakes
Apr 16, 2006
I had to "throw" this cake together.  There are some things I wanted to do different and others I wanted to add but rean out of time.  The kids loved it. The cake is half yellow, half choc w/BC.  The grapes are malted milk balls brushed with purple luster dust. - FYI-Kool aid does make frosting red but it does NOT taste so good unless someone likes the sour taste!
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By jewels625
Apr 18, 2006
No fail sugar cookies(Thanks for sharing the recipe) and Wilton royal icing.  Ideas insprired from here.  Thanks
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By MaraCarter
Apr 21, 2006
buttercream icing, fondant silhouette, plaque & flowers
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By nova
Apr 23, 2006
Made this for my church who was having their communion ceremony today.
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By jlvmorales
Apr 23, 2006
I did this for my a friend's son.  She picked out the design from this website.
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By alicia_froedge
Apr 24, 2006
4 3
By midialjoje
Apr 27, 2006


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