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I wanted to play with left over MMF and do something creative.  It didn't come out that great but it was ok.  My neighbor loves starbucks and it happened to be his bday the next day, so I gave it to him.
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By havenleigh
Jan 13, 2006
Tried to get a "baby blue" or even lighter, but LOL, it came out dark anyway. Top layer is chocolate with cookies and cream filling, and the bottom layer is yellow cake with coffee flavored whipped cream. I made the roses and borders out of candy clay.
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By whtrbbt420
Jan 30, 2006
Since I don't drink tea, this is a coffeecup. Again a first
Banana-coconut cake with bc and fondant handle
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By Ursula40
Mar 15, 2006
This was a cake for us to eat.  But, who needs a plain cake, right?'s coffee-flavored cake, made with the standard extended cake mix with instant coffee dissolved in the water....filled with cinnamon-laced whipped buttercream.  Iced in vanilla buttercream.  Covered in ivory MMF.  Gumpaste mug, "aroma" and coffee beans.  It is delicioius!
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By Crimsicle
Mar 27, 2006
cake gave me fits! the first one cracked open like an egg when i went to frost it. mocha cake with kahlua simple syrup (wanted a coffee flavored cake) bc icing-was supposed to be white chocolate frosting, but that was a disaster too. the steam is color flow, which i guess melted on the way to the party! but i gues it was delicious.
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By smashcakes
Apr 17, 2006
I made this cake for my mum for her birthday tomorrow. It's a coffee and chocolate cake stacked, filled and covered in coffee buttercream, crushed roasted hazelnuts on the sides and coffee truffles and ferrero rochers piled on top.
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By Dolly_Bird26
Apr 23, 2006
Made for a friend's birthday who loves coffee.  French vanilla cake with mocha buttercream filling and MMF.  Accented with chocolate covered espresso beans
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By JulieBugg2000
May 23, 2006
An aquaintence provided the picture. While I enjoyed making this cake, I wasn't totally happy with the execution. But as always, each cake is it's own learning experience.
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By regymusic
Jun 11, 2006
another shot of the Starbucks cake
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By Idreamofcakes
Jun 15, 2006
A gift for a co-worker's birthda-he is a Starbucks fanatic. I did a center dowel through the board, plus 3 additional dowels, and the cake still fell over in the box in the car!  Luckily, it fell on the back so I was able to set it back up, but I had to do a bottom border to cover the damage. He still loved it!  3-layer 6" white chocolate cake, whit chocolate buttercream, and white chocolate fondant.  The green part of the logo is fondant, the center part I cut off of a cup - couldn't pipe it decently!
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By mommymarilyn
Jul 10, 2006
Mocha cake with coffee butter filling, chocolate espresso ganache.  My first attempt at sculpting a cake - what fun!
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By quills
Jul 22, 2006
Layer cake recipe I found for a potluck, first time playing with a 1M tip. 2 layers fr. vanilla cake and one layer coffee flavored, all soaked in a coffee simple syrup. Filling is a cream cheese/faux coffee liqueur mixture, and frosting is the same as filling with some cool whip mixed in. I hope it tastes good!
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By Lueet
Jul 29, 2006
Chocolate cake covered with buttercream. The handle is made out of gumpaste and the starbucks logo is a FBCT... (my very first FBCT)
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By nenufares
Aug 1, 2006
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By seven
Aug 30, 2006
I made this cake for the bridal shower of a bride who's wedding colors were latte and cream.  I wasn't really too pleased with the way it came out, but the bride loved it.
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By TToomer
Sep 10, 2006
A dunkin donuts coffee themed cake for a customer who is fanatical about her coffee.
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By mykidsarekillingme
Sep 15, 2006
Choc. Choc. with coffee cream filling.
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By elipsis
Sep 18, 2006
this is my mother's recipe of her favorite cake but my bestfriend has been able to better the honeycomb recipe which is vital to the cake too. people melt when they taste this cake and even women aren't embarrassed to have another serving. i used lots of whipped cream since i'm an amateur. takes great effort to smoothen and decorate.
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By cosmicbear
Sep 20, 2006
I got this idea from this site!  Thanks!  I used chocolate cake and espresso IMBC with mini chocolate chips.  I also added some espresso to the cake to enhance the chocolate flavor.
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By DebraZ
Sep 20, 2006
I made this cake for my SIL, I wanted to surprise her and take it to her work, is a yelloy cake with a mocha filling, I'm not happy at all with the results, it looks like a mushroom and the logo gae me such a hard time, live and learn!!
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By ShabbyChic_Confections
Oct 2, 2006
Made for my moms 48th bday.  All bc, I used the wondermold pan.
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By sarahleecookies
Oct 7, 2006
French vanilla cake with caramel coffee creamer, the filling was vanilla and chocolate.  I added mocha chocolate creamer to the buttercream and then sprinkled the top with shavings of white and dark chocolate with Kahlua.  My husband is a chocoholic and he loved it
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By mmo88
Oct 16, 2006
i made this cake for a friend. she will be 90 and she loves starbucks coffee.
two 8" with strawberries and cream and coverd w/buttercream. The logo is a non-eddible print out.
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Oct 20, 2006
Couldn't help baking another coffee cream cheese cake again since it tasted so yummy, this time for the occassion of some wine tasting with my hubby's friends. Decos are melted chocolate with teasing message.
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By nanzz
Oct 24, 2006
I made this for my dad's birthday. I thought it looked plain so i made a fondant rose and leaves and painted them with food coloring.
By beachcrazy34
Nov 20, 2006
Anyone for a Grande, extra hot, toffenut latte with 2 extra pumps and whipcream on top? LOL. This cake was covered in fondant on the sides, topped with buttercream and the logo was hand painted. yummy!
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By SweetTcakes
Mar 27, 2007
Hello, I was rushing I had another one to do too....So, it is supposed to be a cappachino cup. But I guess I was thinking of a tea cup, and put (fast) leaves and flowers on it...NOW IT LOOKS LIKE A PLANT! NOt happy with it...But it tasted good. Thanks for looking.
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By nicoles-a-tryin
Nov 29, 2006
I used the Wilton Beer Stein pan to make a latte coffee cup for my husband's boss for her birthday.  I sprinkled cinnamon on the "foam" at the top.
By darandon
Dec 1, 2006
More firsts for me again! Bottom is chocolate-covered coffee bean cake with almond-cinnamon SMBC, covered with chocolate Bettercream and chocolate stripes, drips and drizzle. Top is chai cake with the same almond-cinnamon SMBC, covered with fondant and chocolate Bettercream for the coffee. Spoon is fondant with luster dust. I took some inspiration on the mug cake from a few posted here at CC.
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By czyadgrl
Dec 11, 2006
As the bride is from Brasil, she wanted to have brasilian flowers to go on the cake: Anthurium, Coffe flowers and Hibiscus. Cake is covered with fondant, as well as the lianas. All flowers and butterflies are gum paste. Cake top is polymer clay
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By Tuggy
Dec 15, 2006
Got an order for coffee mug cookies (50 @ $1.50)!  I asked the lady if she wanted me to do a sketch for her approval and she said she didn't need it as she had seen my kitty cookies and trusted my work!  OOOOH - the pressure!!
15 43
By christeena
Dec 26, 2006
I made this for our school counselor who was going to a different school.  They wanted a goodbye/ goodluck cake and I thought this was good enough.  My sis and I made an actual cake like this once for someone at her work, and I decided to use it again!
By Alickert
Jan 2, 2007
I know, I know... where's the handle?! Initially I was going to add another layer but I thought it would be too tall and tip over in transit, so I decided to add the cupcake instead and then it was too late to make a handle (wouldn't dry in time). I also should have tapered the bottom so it didn't look like a canister! Live and learn...oh well at least the customer loved it : )
Cup is 3- 6" cakes and cupcake is a 5". Thanks for looking.
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By DiscoLady
Jan 18, 2007
Definitely grown-up cupcakes. Frosting is a mocha cream with flecks of espresso and a splash of brandy. YUM. Cupcakes are Gingerbread Spice and Cappuccino Chip.

Wakey, wakey!!
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By missyv110
Jan 30, 2007
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By stylishbite
Feb 7, 2007
A four layered cake I made for a work meeting. My first cake, and It was a challenge! For some reason the whole thing kinda sunk... oh well, tasted good!
By letamarita
Feb 15, 2007
A friend jokingly calls Starbucks "Uncle Bucks", so his family requested a cake that depicted their inside joke... It's dark chocolate coffee with mocha whipped filling.
By tragicdeathpickles
Feb 25, 2007
11x15 chocolate cake trimmed in shape of a coffee cup. FBCT of Starbucks. BC was the whipped topping, and chocolate syrup driizzled on top.Got the idea from here.
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By brightbrats
Mar 11, 2007
The cup was made out of two round cakes.  The icing kept bulging in between the layers.  The icing was buttercream.  The handle and the steam were made out of chocolate.
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By turtle3264
Mar 13, 2007
This is my 2nd time working with fondant. I made it for the Coffee Shop here in town. Not happy with the handle on this one.
11 41
By Loucinda
Apr 23, 2005


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