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This was my first tiered cake and my first fondant cake.  My little girl wanted a "Hot-Dog" cake so, I did my very best.  I really had a great time and learned a lot.  This was Momof4luvscakes design, and I thank her for her help.
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By bayouclarinet
Nov 19, 2006
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse version of Minnie.  8"WASC, fondant dots, ears and bow.  Similiar to karmicflower's cake.
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By gwu90
Jan 31, 2008
A very different version of my first clubhouse cake, this one, I did just a very small fondant clubhouse and added the Mickey candle.  This was for my son's birthday, so I let my kids help decorate (thus the squished in stars on the cake), and I ran out of time to add the decorative touches to the clubhouse, but he loved it!
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By mmichelew
Apr 10, 2007
~I am posting this under figures album & not the cake album because we didn't make the cake.  My brotherNlaw did.  We just made the the cake topper.~
Got this idea from mmichelew, THANK YOU so much we were lost on what to do till we saw your cake.  Clubhouse is Styrofoams covered in MMF & then airbrushed.  
Mia was in awe (as was everyone else)!
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By MahalKita
May 20, 2007
Pride & joy!!  That's what I felt when I finished this monster.  Very little cake - just the base 10" square and 1/2 sports ball.  Head, ears, hand, and foot are all rice krispie treats covered in fondant.  This was my first time working w/ RKTs - lots of lessons learned here.
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By mmichelew
Feb 19, 2007
This one was for my nephew's 3rd birthday.  He is a fan of MM Clubhouse, but I had never seen the show.  I looked on CC for inspiration - BIG thanks to Momof4luvscakes!!  Chocolate/Yellow marble cake with chocolate frosting.  Fondant decorations and the top is a styrofoam ball cut in half with fondant ears - covered in candy melts.  It didn't turn out as I had wanted, but that's the way it goes some days....Thanks for looking!!
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By BeckySue
Nov 5, 2006
~The Cookie Mom does a cake!~
Let me just say that I have a new found respect for you cake decorators.  I have made cakes before but have always just slapped store frosting on it & there ya go.  This is my FIRST cake from scratch & first time decorating one.  I think I will stick to cookies & leave the cakes to my Best Friend.  Mia loved it & I am pretty proud of it but I have a long way to go to catch up to ya'll.  :o)
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By MahalKita
Jun 1, 2007
I made this for my friend's son's third bday. Iced in buttercream with fondant accents and a sugar cookie iced topper.
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By christielee
Jun 21, 2007
This is the back of my Mickey Mouse clubhouse cake. I figured every kid needed his own birthday toodles!!
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By christielee
Jun 21, 2007
I made this for a friend's son.  She just said that he like MM Clubhouse so this is what I got.  I was pretty frustrated with it, I had wished for a better result.  BC with fondant topper and accents.  Thanks for looking!
I uploaded this when I was late and forget to give credit to mmichelew for the cake topper idea.  It was ALL her!!!
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By sarahkate80
Aug 2, 2007
This was my nephew's other cake that I made for him.  You can see that he had already gotten into it some :)  It was BC with fondant accents and handmade fondant topper.  Thanks again to mmichelew for the topper idea!  By the way, I felt pretty clever when I put the ears on my wire, spiral ball decoration!!
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By sarahkate80
Aug 6, 2007
My dad is a superintendent for Kemmons Wilson.  Not only do they build Holiday Inn, but also retirement type communities.  They were having a ribbon cutting for their newest community and asked me to make a 3-D replica of the clubhouse.  I did not think I could do it, but I told them I would try.  I spent over 35 hours on this cake!  The night before it was due I was in my kitchen thinking there is no way this is possible!  It finally started coming together and I was pretty happy with the way it turned out
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By bellsnbows
Aug 6, 2007
Mickey mouse clubhouse cake with smash cake for first birthday. Iced in buttercream.  Fondant and gumpaste accents.  Mouse ears made out of gumpaste.  Inspired by other cakes seen here on CC
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By lisap
Aug 9, 2007
Here's my 3rd mickey mouse clubhouse cake.
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By mmichelew
May 21, 2007
Mickey is for the crowd and his hat is the smash cake.
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By lwatt19
Aug 16, 2007
Here's my attempt at a mickey mouse clubhouse cake.  mmichelew was sooo nice to give me advice on how to do it.  Thank you , thank you, thank you. I'm glad I had the chance to give it a try....I'm also glad I'm finished with it.. ;)  "Ground" and clubhouse base are cake, everything else is rice krispie treats.
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By mommy2owen
Sep 29, 2007
This was a real labor of love!  Thanks so much to mmichelew for your help, and to all the other MM clubhouse cakes out there for inspiration!
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By allissweets
Sep 30, 2007
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By allissweets
Sep 30, 2007
I made this for my son's 1st birthday party tomorrow night.  The Clubhouse itself is styrofoam covered in satin ice.  I wasn't brave enough to try cake or RKT.  The foam proved to be enough of a challege as it was.  But the sheet cake is White Chocolate Raspberry, butter cream and Italian Cream cake.  Our son insisted on standing in between me and the counter staring up at me as I decorated so my designed changed a bit but I am still pleased.
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Nov 13, 2007
My second Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake.  Clubhouse base and ground are cake. Everything else is rice krispy treats.
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By mommy2owen
Nov 16, 2007
An alternate title for this cake could be "The Things We Do For Love" - a cake for my 4 year old son, Christopher.  This is a 14" one layer square covered in buttercream with a half-ball pan for the red part of the clubhouse covered in fondant.  The black parts are styrafoam balls covered in fondant.  Hand, shoe, and slide are part-fondant, part-gumpaste.  Thank you especially to allissweets and mmichelew for inspiration from your cakes.
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By kelleym
Nov 18, 2007
I made this for my niece's 3rd Birthday.  She had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party.  I didn't want to make the actual clubhouse so after looking at a lot of pictures this is what I came up with.  My niece thought that Minnie Mouse was wearing a necklace.  Ü
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By aemommy
Nov 27, 2007
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By kcw551
Dec 8, 2007
This is an all bc with fondant accents. 12" single square yellow and cookies and cream chocolate cake with half of the sports pan for the hat.  I have seen many versions here at CC of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cakes they inspired me on this one.  Thanks!!!  ( I only had two days notice so its very simple )  Since it was for a girl I decided to do the Minnie Hat,  the blank space next to the hat was left for the candle, very happy how the bow turned out.  TFL = )
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By CakeswLove
Dec 15, 2007
6" & 8" square cakes decorated with buttercream icing.  The client had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse topper to set on the top.  I enjoyed doing research on that show and coming up with this design.  Everything on it represents the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show.
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By Steady2Hands
Dec 16, 2007
This was for my daughters 2nd birthday, she absolutely loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse, her favorite being Mickey.  TFL :)
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By karmicflower
Dec 18, 2007
Thanks to  some helpful tips from "allissweets", I was able to make this cake for my son's 4th bday party.
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By kristen_worth
Dec 29, 2007
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By gatorbear
Dec 30, 2007
Made for my son's 2nd birthday.  He loves the show so that was my inspiration.  I was pleased to find some of you had attempted a similar cake before me with success.  Thanks for your inspiration as well.  The cake is yellow with buttercream & fondant.  I had planned a crispy rice head but am glad I went with styrofoam instead.  I'm just sorry the blue fondant slide broke on the way to the party.
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By saptally
Jan 1, 2008
10 in choc. w/ oreo, 8 in white w/ BC fondant and RCT accents.
By Mcgrace
Aug 12, 2007
8" chocolate fudge cake with mocha cream filling; iced in BC with fondant decorations for a coworker's granddaughter's birthday. Had a ton of fun making this cake as a huge Mickey fan myself! Thanks for looking!
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By lara3teach
Jan 4, 2008
All buttercream with fondant ears.
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By jenncowin
Jan 13, 2008
My take on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. All buttercream with fondant ears.
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By jenncowin
Jan 13, 2008
There is also a corresponding Minnie cake in my pictures.......they were for a party for twins
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By Melodee1980
Jan 13, 2008
There is also a corresponding Mickey cake in my photos............they were for a b-day party for twins
5 42
By Melodee1980
Jan 13, 2008
This was for my friend's son's 1st Birthday.  All Fondant Accents, buttercream border. Mickey Mouse Fondant
edible image plaque.  My 1st edible image plaque, I didn't like the results, Kinda ruff around the edges.
I will practice, practice, practice!!  If I could redo it I would have made Mickey smaller and added some trees
to match the party decorations.
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By DeliciousCreations
Jan 20, 2008
My 2 year old just loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel
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By lidlfish
Dec 31, 1969
Hi all- this was for my son's 3rd birthday.  All the decorations are buttercream except the figurines which are from the Disney store.  The ears are cardboard covered in icing.  It worked really well.  Thank you to all the other MMCH cakes posted to this sight!!  What a place for inspiration!
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By djoyce
Jan 26, 2008
MIckey mouse Clubhouse cake for my son's sencond birthday - totally inspired by allissweets cake - thanks so much - my son LOVED it!!
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By cleeg1
Jan 27, 2008
Mickey's face was made by using a 9" round and 2 - 6" rounds.  I cut a little off of the edges of the 6"s to give a close fit to the face.  I also carved a little off around the bottom of face to give it some shape.  All done in buttercream.
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By gourmetcakes
Feb 1, 2008


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