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Clouds and Barn were done in gumpaste.  Cow spots were hand painted.
By MarisParis
Aug 26, 2014
6" & 10" white almond cake with almond buttercream filling. Iced in fondant with fondant decorations. All of the farm animals, number 1s, and barn were hand made out of gum paste. Everything is edible. This cake also has a matching smash cake, iced in buttercream. TFL!
By SugarSweetCakes
Nov 17, 2012
Baby Boy Cake (Inspired in Carter's Boy decoration)
By Siloh
Dec 8, 2012
Cake and 130 cupcakes were made for my son's Grade 6 graduation. The theme was 'Oh, The Places You'll Go!"
The bottom tier is alternating layers of chocolate fudge cake infused with orange and white chocolate mud with dark chocolate ganache. Top tier is coconut caramel cake with white chocolate ganache.
Cupcakes are a mixture of white chocolate and dark chocolate mud.
By Miffy
Dec 19, 2012
Airbrushed and painted haunted house
12 29
By jackiegran
Jan 9, 2013
Red angry bird cake
By Bellinear
Jan 27, 2013
Needed a cake to serve 19 for a 3 year old in love with Thomas The Train.  Loved how it turned out!! Thanks to the ideas from a couple cakes here on CC!  LOVED the way my apple trees came out (in the secondary pic)  Wishing I could write better on cakes though.  Thanks for looking! :-)
2 12
By Kpowell
Jan 28, 2013
By mo845
Jan 28, 2013
So my cake was looking pretty good untill demented Dora came into the dang picture ughh ...makes for a good laugh ..maybe.. lol
By tara1970
Mar 23, 2013
"Naked" rainbow cakes have become one of my most popular cakes. Rather than covering the whole cake with icing to hide the surprise of the colours I make a feature of the rainbow shades by using matching icing. This cake was made with butter cake and Swiss meringue buttercream.  The rainbow and Pinkie Pie were made from fondant.
By jossy1975
May 21, 2013
By electricocean
Jun 22, 2013
8" Caramel cake with buttercream icing
Clouds, airplane, and pilot are all fondant. 

I made this for my son's 13th birthday.
By michellejohnson
Jul 3, 2013
5th birthday cake for a rainbow themed party.  Vanilla cake with buttercream/ jam filling.  Fondant decorations :)  Colored cake batter inside as well.
By doodles2
Jul 8, 2013
Angry Birds Beach. I had the Idea to Combine Lesley from Royal Bakery's Beach cake with Angry Birds...based on a T-shirt inspiration of Angry Birds at the Beach that my Client had provided. Lesley has written a blog tutorial for Craftsy on making the wave design.My Wave are more Free form then Lesley's Gorgeous cake...I need some practiced. But I had fun making the figures. 3 yr old Ascher was so Excited to see his cake!
3 16
By amyoungbl00d5
Jul 10, 2013
* Super Mario Cake
By SarahFlores0507
Aug 18, 2013
By LitlDCakesAndCupcakes
Sep 24, 2013
Transportation theme 1st birthday cake. This cake was quite big, the three tiers were 6", 8", and 10" ad at least 4" tall
1 1
By Milchis
Sep 25, 2013
A topsy turvy cake about a Pixar "Planes" movie!
2 16
By Veronique6339
Sep 27, 2013
Cake design was supplied by customer.
1 21
By Miffy
Oct 13, 2013
Rainbow Cake
By SmartieBoxCakeStudio
Oct 22, 2013
Rainbow Cake
8 50
By SmartieBoxCakeStudio
Oct 22, 2013
My sister Araceli's baby shower cake :) Chocolate cake baked with mashed bananas, filled with Hershey's cookies 'n' cream icing. Fondant accents, chocolate/ candy melt baby. This was inspired by the baby shower cake "Cakes by Dianne Sweets from the Heart!" made.
By paula19
Dec 19, 2013
By BambsOrdi
Jan 3, 2014
My second time to make a Hello Kitty Themed 1st Birthday Cake made of chocolate sponge- balloons are made of edible gumpaste as well
2 13
By dfirma
Mar 7, 2014
Rainbow themed 6" birthday cake for the daughter of a friend. French vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling, covered and decorated with fondant. Rainbow and its attached clouds are gumpaste.
By doofusmongerbeep
Mar 23, 2014
Buttercream Petal Cake in rainbow colors.  Rainbow and clouds are gumpaste.  TFL!
10 40
By MarisParis
Jul 17, 2014
Little train cake with puffy clouds.
4 33
By palatiello
Jul 26, 2014
Thanks to everyone on Cake Central for the inspiration on My Little Pony cake.  Especially thanks to  Ellie1985 for your help!
2 1
By Jamie_L
Aug 3, 2014
The little fairy of rain
2 11
By SilviaMancini
Aug 7, 2014
fondant airplanes, banners, stripes and clouds.  Buttercream frosting.
By shelli38
Oct 21, 2012
This is a cake for my 5 year old boy. He wanted a castle on clouds (like Asgard the castle of Thor) and he somehow wanted me to put the Avengers on it. So I did! The rainbow slide is used by Thor to go back to his castle.
1 1
By Galatia
Nov 10, 2012
Made this cake for my son and nephew's joint party, who are Mario mad.  All is edible (expect wrapper on coins).
By havingago
Nov 16, 2012
4 28
By Manka28
Aug 30, 2013
Care Bear cake for a 14th Birthday.  This was made for a party of 40 people.  Couldnt find care bear figurines anywhere.  My daughter made the pink one out of MMF and I found the purple one in the kids' toy box.  Thank you lizzielynne here on CC for your idea and inspiration.  It was a hit!
By Kpowell
Nov 12, 2012
By LitlDCakesAndCupcakes
Sep 24, 2013
Rainbow dash little pony
2 6
By Galatia
Nov 22, 2013
By Miffy
Dec 19, 2012
I made a train-themed cake for my boss' uncle's bday. I hand painted it blue then went over it with fondant/modeling chocolate cut outs. I think it came out nice for a first try.
By t2dakwont
Nov 28, 2013
This design is based off some fleece material I purchased to make a baby blanket for my son a few years ago. I loved the little monkey so much I decided to make it in sugar!
By ShannonDavie
Sep 27, 2013
This very personalized birthday cake was made for a very special friend who loves clouds, the Tree of Life design, and the bright colors of sunsets and sunrises. Not my neatest work, but she was very touched. Triple Fudge cake with Raspberry Filling and MMF with Royal icing, fondant/gumpaste, and buttercream decorations. TFL!!
By marineris
Feb 3, 2013


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