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Made all the clouds to be different baby stuff shapes.  I airbrushed the clouds with pink, which gave them a pearlized look.   It was for a baby girl, was so cute
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By blueeyedmomma
Jun 25, 2007
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By RoseArcadia
Jul 6, 2007
This is a three layer cake... bottom to top: Chocolate, red velvet, strawberry. Iced with pink icing, then surrounded the sides with marshmellow icing to look like billowy clouds. White chocolate stars on top.
By amstandley
Jun 26, 2007
This was a basic sheet cake.  Iced, then airbrushed.  I added small things that could be kept as reminders of the day.  This turned out to be beautiful.
By blueeyedmomma
Jun 27, 2007
Carebear theme first birthday cake.  Cake iced in buttercream with
bc clouds.  Carebears toys which customer provided.  Name done with fondant and painted with luster dust.  Cake also covered with shimmer dust
Space left at top for a #1 candle customer was going to place on..
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By jenbenjr
Jun 30, 2007
This is still my all time favorite cake! The cake itself is a blue & white checkerboard cake. The Care Bear castle is all edible. It's made with small cakes, strawberry rolls & ice cream cones. All covered in BC. The only things that aren't edible are the Care Bear Candles and the rainbow which I used from a playset. This was for my niece's 3rd birthday and she loved it!!! I love it too!!!!
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By ajeffery2001
Jun 30, 2007
Buttercream frosting with fondant accents.  Pearl dust added to blanket, shimmer dust to stars and moon.  This was my second time working with fondant.  I've always admired the sleeping baby cakes that I've seen on this site -- I'm glad I had the chance and the guts to do my own!
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By bethallan
Jul 6, 2007
I have to say this is one of my favorites I've done so far, for many reasons. First off, my husband helped with a lot of this. He helped color the fondant and cut out shapes. He made the buttons and the wood posts. Second, of all I love the colors of this cake. They are just so vibrant (which is due to my husband's wonderful kneading abilities). Last of all, it was fun to make!
This is my better butterscotch cake with Satin Ice Fondant for all the decorations. I hope you enjoy!
By jewelykaye
Jul 9, 2007
50th Birthday cake, all buttercream. Recipient flies planes. Inspired by a cake here on CC.
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By sweettoothcakes
Jul 13, 2007
This was made for a baby shower. The bottom cake is white, the top cake is white. The frosting is buttercream dream (loved it!) and the baby is fondant. The signs are royal/color flow.
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By Wendycakes1
Jul 13, 2007
Got the idea from sharon, four layers WASC w/ buttercream and raspberry preserves filling. Covered in fondant, fondant baby. All piping in royal icing
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By jessicacourtney1
Jul 16, 2007
My first fondant cake!  Thanks to HollyPJ and CustomCakesbySharon...their cakes, similar to this one, inspired me to try to make a fondant baby.   This cake is iced in BC and covered in MMF.  Stars, baby and blanket are fondant.  Clouds are BC.  This was fun to try!
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By mom2DL
Jul 17, 2007
Just a practice cake I made in readiness for teaching my first Wilton course.
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By chocolateandpeanutbutter
Jul 20, 2007
Chock cake and spongecake with sugarpaste figures and supplied candles
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By Bayamoy
Jul 21, 2007
For my own daughter (finally!) Inspired by Debbie Brown's Pegasus. Chocolate and white sponge, with sugarpaste, edible glitter and colourflow rainbow.
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By Bayamoy
Jul 21, 2007
Cake covered in Wiltons decorator icing colored sky blue. Still learning how to get it smooth. Clouds are made from the decorating icing. Stars and moons made from wilton fondant with borders made from Wiltons cookie icing.
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By msamson9
Jul 25, 2007
This was choosen by the momma to be who loved the inspiration cake by dakjack. Top white w/ lemon bottom choc. w/ strawberry. BC icing with chocolate accents
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By Mcgrace
Jul 28, 2007
This is the July employee birthday cake for my work.  We are in Oklahoma and have had a ton of rain, so I decided to make some sunshine of my own.
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By ByTheSlice
Jul 29, 2007
I did this cake for a baby shower.  Everything is done in fondant 
except for the moon which I had to do out of cardboard and scrapbook
paper, because of time.
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By calebmom2003
Aug 1, 2007
This is an 12 X 16 WASC with BC icing and MMF accents.
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By darkchocolate
Aug 3, 2007
This was a 10" lemon cake w/ a layer of lemon curd and lemon cream for the filling, and a 8" chocolate w/ chocolate mousse filling.  Whipped topping and royal icing transfers for the ponies and rainbow.  Thank you for looking!  Oh, and thank you krstik for the inspiration for this cake!
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By sweetlybaked
Aug 3, 2007
Yep, you read it correctly!  This guy I know got married on August 6, the anniversary of Hiroshima.  I followed Doug's directions for support (Thanks, Doug!)  Airbrushed with red, yellow, black, and copper and super gold luster dusts.
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By karateka
Aug 3, 2007
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By Hansel_Gretel
Aug 4, 2007
I have wanted to do this cake ever since adding Kitrn's version to my favorites a couple months ago, and finally got my chance - just "girled" it up a bit! Chocolate chip cake w/ bc and fondant accents. Sculpture is fondant. The color is a bit off, the icing is more of a light violet than blue.
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By Lueet
Aug 15, 2007
THis was a recent cake that was order for a baptism
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By dolcebaci
Aug 17, 2007
This is my very 1st topsy turvey cake that I did for my BIL who is a helicopter pilot. I am really proud of how it came out, I like the tilt but also this is the smoothest I have ever been able to get BC before. Now I just need to work on crisping my edges. It is a simple yellow cake iced and filled with blue BC. The black and white clouds are color flow and there was supposed to be a helicopter on the top but it did not dry in time. Thank goodness it was for a family member and not for a client. Thanks for looking!
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By spongemomsweatpants
Aug 19, 2007
Chocolate mud cake with caramel butter cream filled and iced.
MMF covered and the plaque, clouds and stars are MMF too.
Dusted with CC dusts. Writing and faces drawn with americolor food pens.
base was home made to look like clouds, silver base is a rose design because little girl loved roses.
The bears are plastic keep sakes.
18 25
By 2sdae
Aug 21, 2007
Inspired by a few other cake artists here at CC. Thank you for sharing! Buttercream cake with fondant accents except for toy baby.
By nikisbakin
Aug 23, 2007
My twin sister's baby theme for her son was stars and moons.  When I came up with this idea from a classic oldies song "Heaven must of sent me an angel".  My sister and husband loved it.  This is my first cake I ever made in 5/2002.
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By Twin2
Aug 24, 2007
First stacked cake for my daughter's first birthday. Turned out pretty good, but it took forever to bake and put everything together... Must get more pans and larger oven! Top and bottom layers are carrot, middle is double chocolate. Cake is decorator cream cheese icing found on this site and MMF decorations ( also a first for these!) Thanks so much for looking!
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By annie8806
Aug 25, 2007
This is for my best friends baby shower. It's butter cream with royal accents. The cradle is royal icing. Thanks to Emmascakes for the inspiration for the curls on the sides. This cake was a lot of fun to make. Thanks for looking!
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By Tellis12
Aug 26, 2007
This is an idea that came from auntiemcakes. I believe hers is better! The bottom is a 10', 2 layer german chocolate with cream cheese frosting filling. The top is an 8", 2 layer lemon cake with strawberry filling. Everything is buttercream and I airbrushed (color misted) the colors on. I WISH I had an airbrush...the colors would come out a LOT nicer. I did the sun and moon from color flow. My sun rays kept breaking so I didn't want to draw a face on her in case she broke some more. Thanks for looking!
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By step0nmi
Aug 26, 2007
9" iced in buttercream with fondant rainbow and clouds. Tigger decorations are styrofoam. This was a special request for Tigger, purple and rainbow.
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By CakeDesigns
Aug 28, 2007
This cake is for my daughters 13th birthday,  she loves horses and ask for a cake 
with a horse theme and this is what I came up with.  I am very happy with the results!!!!!!
 Thanks for looking!!!!
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By lm74
Sep 1, 2007
By MaggieKakes
Sep 1, 2007
This cake was done for my niece for her 9th birthday.  She loves horses and unicorns and everything fairytale.  
This is a 1/2 sheet cake done in all bc.
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By TiffTurtle
Sep 3, 2007
we did this as my 3 year old wanted care bears for her cup cakes after seeing another cake I did a few weeks ago. But we used bears in clouds to make it her own. She "helped" ice her cup cakes with white chocolate butter cream dream icing. The cup cakes were white chocolate decadence cake. Cake sparkles on top to give a little sparkle.
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By 2sdae
Sep 5, 2007
This is my first attempt at cookies.  NFSC with Alice's cookie icing. I made these cookies for a friend who had her baby a month early. Her dad passed away one week before the baby was born.
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By 4starcakes
Sep 6, 2007
For my niece's baby shower.  Iced in BC, fondant accents.  So much fun!  Similar to one I did before from the Wilton fondant book..... much easier the second time!  Clouds and more stars this time- inspired by many cakes seen on CC.  thanx!
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By kimmy37
Sep 9, 2007
This is the logo of the teashop where the dummy cakes will be displayed. It's covered in Toba's fondant. The clouds are made with royal icing.
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By messyeater
Sep 9, 2007


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