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All buttercream with fondant baby and blanket. 10" round-strawberry cheesecake filling.  8" round- lemon cheese filling.
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By mccakes
Apr 6, 2007
This cake was made for a friends baby shower.  Inspiration from Wilton book.  Everything is hand molded w fondant.
9 58
By msams
Apr 13, 2007
This cake was for my grandaughter Savannah.  I got the design from my of you on this site.  The cake is iced in buttercream and the decorations are made from MMF.  The rainbow was made out of choclate.  I need a great deal of practice with chocolate!!!  The yellow part of the bow broke before I could even stand it up.  Oh well, my grandaughter loved the cake.
By l7square
Apr 16, 2007
All BC icing and decorations execpt for Jay Jay, he was printed on card stock and attached to a tooth pick because I couldn't find him in any stores near me. 10 inch square cake and 6 inch (i think) round.
1 3
By Joolz
Apr 17, 2007
Cream Cheese BC decorations on top of carrot cake.
2 4
By Joolz
Apr 17, 2007
My husband works for the FAA so, of course he needed an AIRPLANE cake for his bosses birthday, which I had never tried to do before . All my inspiration came from this website, so THANKS!!!  He chose the one with the Free-hand writing. Bc icing for everthing
By kimkim546
Apr 20, 2007
A shower with no real theme, so I got to play a bit. Thank you everyone for all your cakes. I did a little of this and a little of that from several cakes that I saw in the gallery. Thanks for looking!
4 24
By GrannieJ
Apr 27, 2007
Red headed little girl baby shower cake.
8 41
By ByTheSlice
Apr 28, 2007
2nd time doing Chocolate transfers. And NONE of them broke (un-like the first time when I broke 3 of 5). Little flowers made of Fondant and Piped on as well.
2 3
By Sugarbean
Apr 28, 2007
This cake came about after seeing several great cakes on CC. It was so fun to do! It was two 11x15, one white, one chocolate with BC and MMF stars and baby. I used Luster Dust for the first time on the clouds and I love it!
4 10
By BlairsMom
Apr 30, 2007
This cake was a last minute order and I had a hard time with the design which I am not happy with, and with the fondant drying. I only had two days and when I went to assemble the airplane some of the pieces were not dry enough. I spent so much time trying to get the plane to stay together that it was to late to do much with the rest of the cake.Oh well. Hopefully I will learn tell people no when there isn't enough time but I doubt it. I always tell people I can do it and then figure out how later.
8 12
By mariak
Oct 24, 2006
This cake ws made for a double baby shower at my work.  I got a really good response from it!
7 43
By ByTheSlice
May 5, 2007
2 tier cake, bottom is lemon with cream and rasberry filling, top is chocolate with oreo cream filling covered with chocolate ganache.  Decorated with fondant clothes line and baby shoes, light frosting clouds
2 7
By joelni
May 5, 2007
I made this for my niece's baby shower. Thanks to CustomCakesbySharon--one of her cakes was a huge inspiration. 
Bottom tier is 10-inch yellow cake with lemon cream cheese and strawberry jam fillings. Iced in strawberry IMBC and covered in FondX fondant. Top tier is coconut cake with coconut cream filling, iced in coconut IMBC. Stars and moon are gumpaste painted with white sparkle dust. Clouds are royal icing. Baby and blanket are fondant.
28 476
By HollyPJ
May 5, 2007
This was for a friend's surprise 40th birthday.  Her husband dreams of 
flying those banners over the beach and her laying on the beach waving at him.  BC on cakes, fondant accents and inspired by this site.  Thanks for the great inspiration.
4 12
By katers
May 6, 2007
Used an airbrush for the clouds effects.  The cross was made of sugar and purchased at a local bakery.
3 4
By sunlover00
May 6, 2007
A better shot of the moon baby shower cake.
3 3
By laneysmom
May 7, 2007
This cake was for my FILs 60th last summer.  He loves planes and our gift to him was a biplane ride.  My husband pointed out after I finished the cake that the plane was not a biplane;-)  The ckae is iced in buttercream with fondant airplane.  It is hard to see but it says "Homer is 60" on the side of the cake to look like skywriting.
2 2
By azterp
May 9, 2007
Yellow cake with mocha chocolate mousse filling and BC. I made this cake for mother's day. I have clouds as a border and royal icing flowers.
3 18
By pearldust
May 13, 2007
3 tiered 12", 9", 6".  Butter almond with buttercream icing, devils food with raspberry cream filling, strawbeery with whipped chocolate ganache filling all covered in fondant.  Decorations are made from fondant with gumtex added
3 4
By angeldream1179
May 14, 2007
White cake with lemon buttercream filling, iced with regular buttercream, and fondant stars/moon, buttercream cloud border
2 4
By suzmazza
May 15, 2007
This is a 12x18 orange cake with orange buttercream icing.  It was decorated to match the baby's nursery and looks like the crib quilt.
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By rsaun
May 17, 2007
2nd Birthday Cake for my Daughter, a fun Pooh & Friends cake! 8" & 10" with Vanilla Cheesecake Mouse Filling, Rich's Bettercream with Rolled Fondant Decorations. Pooh & Friends figurines bought on ebay!
4 21
By nisha_ru
May 19, 2007
For a friend who loves bald eagles.  All in butterceram except the "3-D' part of the wing, which was gumpaste.  Mixed in a litte piping gel for the clouds and writing. Painted sky with luster dust on the buttercream.
10 22
By albumangel
May 19, 2007
Made for a co-worker's husband returning from an overseas deployment.  She loved it!
1 3
By tiffo
May 21, 2007
Grass and main background is in buttercream. Flowers were royal icing. Clouds are marshmallows that I cut in half. Just a spur of the moment cake for Easter!
By sassyredhead
May 25, 2007
This is a close-up of the baby from the shower cake I posted last week. It's modeled from fondant with royal icing accents. I'm pretty pleased with the way it turn out, though his hand looks a little too mitten-like.
17 61
By HollyPJ
May 30, 2007
This was done for a friends baby shower,  Its not exactly what I pictured but it didnt turn out horrible either so  its ok.  Baby is plastic, stars are fondant the rest is bc.
7 32
By lm74
May 31, 2007
Got this from a Wilton yearbook. I was really disappointed w/ how it came out. The theme wasn't as obvious as  I had hoped it would be and I had to explain what it was :(  Plus my baby looked more like a potato head w/ swamp thing hands.  I am posting it so others who see it in the yearbook can look at mine to see how to go about it differently.
By my2sunshines
May 31, 2007
Vanilla cake with buttercream icing. Airbrushed with the blue. I didnt smoth this cake so it would have some inperfections for the sky. I realized whe I was editing the photo that I spelled forecast wrong on the cake so yes I did fix it. I just didnt take a picture of it fixed.
2 3
By psurrette
Jun 2, 2007
This is my second attempt at fondant. First attempt to use pillars.
bottom is 10" choc. cake w/ choc. BC, top is 8" yellow w/ BC. Clouds
are BC and stars & Baby are White Choc. candy.
4 11
By dakjack
Jun 4, 2007
This cake is bc with fondant moon and stars and the baby is plastic,  thanks for looking!!!!
9 25
By lm74
Jun 4, 2007
magic carpet ride mmf buttercream..banana nut cake
1 4
By nanicakes
Jun 9, 2007
Just finished this cake for my cousins daughter;-) She is turning two!  I hope she likes it!
3 2
By kden3980
Jun 14, 2007
the most popular cake i do.....this baby in the clouds is definitely a fav of my customers....8" yellow cake, covered in BC & MMF.....BC clouds and MMF baby......made as a gift for brand new, first time parents
9 39
By CustomCakesBySharon
Jun 18, 2007
White Chocolate cake wrapped in chocolate fondant; fondant also used for moon, stars, and 'BABY', covered in royal icing.  Puffy Buttercream clouds for the ultimate taste kicker!
1 3
By JennySeal
Jun 21, 2007
Another View of 'Dreaming of Baby' cake
1 2
By JennySeal
Jun 21, 2007
What a fun cake to do! I love doing cakes for baby showers! Marble 1/2 sheet with bc icing and fondant accents.
2 10
By GrannieJ
Jun 22, 2007
chocolate cake,bc icing and filling with fondant baby and stars. 2nd try and fondant figure. Writing getting straighter ,cheated by marking lines with ruler. I hated the way this cake came out. Ready to give up making cakes but the customer loved it. Go figure. I was pleased that at least the baby looked like a baby!!
8 4
By dolfin
Jun 24, 2007
2-layer 8" round with 2-layer 6" round made to match provided plate.  It was an "executive" decision to put an 8 on top to resemble a cloud...the client LOVED it!  The horses were also provided by the client...a little out of scale for my decorating, but you get the idea.  :)
2 14
By saj_stuff
Jun 24, 2007


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