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iced in buttercream.  accents fondant.  basketweave in royal icing.
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By sweetpea8
Mar 24, 2007
I originally had a grand Topsy-Turvy cake planned for my new grandson's baby shower cake, but after working on it for 2 days it crashed TWICE so I had to scrap that cake and make this sheet cake.  I was up until past 2 a.m. getting this done.   I was inspired by many clothesline cakes here on CC, thanks to all!
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By ChrisJ
Mar 28, 2007
Thanks to momsandraven & mamafrogcakes for the inspiration.  I made it for a coworker that adopted a baby boy.  She is a sports fan so I used her college number on the jersies.  This is my first time using mmf and it was fun.
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By pinky1
Mar 31, 2007
I did this last year.  A first for me, both the clothes and the booties (from the JEM Dress A Teddy cutter set and Bootie set)
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By MissyTex
Apr 6, 2007
Clothesline cake for a baby shower.  Thanks for looking.
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By curbsidecakes
Apr 6, 2007
Modelled off of a napkin the mom brought me.  Buttercream with RI clothing.  Topper is bamboo skewers, wire and RI letters (that is the baby's name)
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By KoryAK
Apr 11, 2007
Here's my take on the ever-popular clothesline baby shower cake.  It's for my sister-in-law, who is expecting twin boys!!!  The cake is one layer of devil's food and one layer of yellow with raspberry filling in the middle.  My faux fondant BC using the Viva method didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, but it was my first shot at it, so that's ok.  The clothes on the line are made of MMF.  Can't wait for those nephews to be born!
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By anniebuster
Apr 13, 2007
Both layers are chocolate with ganache filling.  Iced in buttercream with fondant accents.  Idea from a picture of Boween's cake.
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By sandie
Apr 14, 2007
thanks to inspiration from another site I enjoyed doing this cake!
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By mkerton
Apr 16, 2007
Thanks to all of the CCer's cakes that insipired my version.  The colors and some elements were taken from the shower invitation.  11x15 chocolate & vanilla layers filled with chocolate buttercream.  All accents are fondant; booties are gumpaste.  This was my first time using this much fondant and I really enjoyed it (working up my courage and skills to cover a cake with it!)
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By SweetDolly
Apr 29, 2007
I got the idea for this baby shower cake from a Wilton year book.
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By eatsleepdreamcake
Apr 30, 2007
Photo 1 of 2. This is my first tiered and shower cake :). It is a 14" WASC covered in MMF. The bear is BC and the blocks are fondant with BC.
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By amecakes
May 6, 2007
Photo 2 of 2. This is the side view. The entire back of the cake was a patchwork quilt made of fondant. This helped to cover mistakes I made covering such a large cake for the first time :).
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By amecakes
May 6, 2007
This baby shower cake is covered in very pale pink fondant and all clothing and accessory pieces on the cake are made from fondant.
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By aminton
May 15, 2007
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By SweetChick
May 19, 2007
WASC Cake covered with MMF and MMF decorations. Wilton Baby Cake Topper. This is my take of Wilton's Baby Clothesline Cake.
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By LittleBigMomma
May 28, 2007
All detail work in this 2 tier cake is fondant except for the satin ribbons on top.  The clothes were cut using people cookie cutters.
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By melakurtz
May 31, 2007
This is a white cake with white chocolate pudding filling and decorated in all bc. 
Thanks for all the inspiration!!!
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By acadian
Jun 4, 2007
All buttercream except clothes which are, believe it or not, AirHeads!
By BekaFSU5
Jun 10, 2007
Made this cake for a boy baby shower.  AGain, having buttercream issues.  If it weren't for the dang buttercream, I would have really liked this cake.  See my post in the forums on that.  Why oh why is my buttercream so messed up?!  All buttercream with fondant accents, skewers for clothesline on top.
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By MandyE
Jun 13, 2007
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By TToomer
Jul 1, 2007
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By mustlovecake
Jul 11, 2007
thank you to my friend Alice for lending me the onesie cookie cutter.  This was fun to make!
By chefcindy
Jul 14, 2007
Hello...This was made for a baby shower...With the theme Clothesline. I first saw cakes this this
on the site...thank you ...and the Witon 2006 book. All fondant ..and a 6 and 8 inch cakes.
(also, picture is weird,,,it looks like it is slanted..didn't in person..hate cameras and computers now!!
Thanks for looking!! NIcole
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By nicoles-a-tryin
Jul 16, 2007
This was for my friend's baby shower.  Her theme was the Backyardigans, but I didn't want to use the characters on the cake, so I chose a clothesline, clouds and the sun.  She loved it.  As you can see I had some melting problems with the fondant I used.  Bottom layer was chocolate with chocolate fudge frosting filling, second layer white cake with vanilla frosting filling and the sun was rainbow chip cake.  Fondant used for baby clothes and sun.  Sun rays were chocolate, buttercream everywhere else.
By blindambition
Jul 16, 2007
Here is my version of the baby clothesline cake.  11x15 yellow cake all buttercream
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By rhiannon1979
Jul 17, 2007
All buttercream except the clothes, which were airheads.  This was my first attempt of a stacked cake and my fifth cake ever.  Can't wait to take my Wilton class next spring!!
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By BekaFSU5
Jul 22, 2007
Based on the many beautiful clothes line shower  cakes here on Cake Central.
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By belindajax
Jul 28, 2007
Cake covered in MMF and decorations are MMF and buttercream frosting.  Cake was for double baby shower at work.  My co-workers are due 3 weeks apart and are both having boys.  Thanks to the other CC members in this forum for their inspirations with the clothesline cakes, "Oh Boy"  and "heaven above" sayings.  It was a hit!   I am uploading several pics to show side detail as well.
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By carimama
Jul 29, 2007
This cake was inspired by mamafrogcakes.  It is a Vanilla Kaluaha with Kaluaha BC Icing.  Her version is much prettier... only difference is I added a baby in the clothes basket to match the cupcakes that were ordered to go with the cake.
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By pinkbox
Jul 29, 2007
8" & 6" Rich White Cake, buttercream icing, decorated in fondant.  Made for my cousin's baby shower.  Inspired by all of the clothesline cakes on Cake Central.
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By yh9080
Aug 5, 2007
I borrowed this idea from someone here on CC, but I saved the pic to my computer instead of my favorites list, and now I can't find out who to give the credit to! But THANKS!!! love it. bottom is 14" top is 9". the blocks on top are made of cake too. It's a vanilla cake with lemon cream filling. Thanks for looking!
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By cherub5
Aug 5, 2007
Clothesline baby shower cake. Iced in buttercream with fondant accents
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By lisap
Aug 9, 2007
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By curbsidecakes
Aug 10, 2007
This is a chocolate and yellow cake covered in fondant with fondant/gumpaste accents.  I made all the pieces except: the Baby, clothes line and the clothes pins.  The ribbon reads  "bundle of Joy" on the top one and "It's a boy" on the bottom one.    The pieces are all made of  1/2 fondant 1/2 gumpaste.
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By Cake_Mooma
Aug 10, 2007
These cakes are covered in buttercream.  The animals and clothes on the clothesline are made from MMF.  This was only my second major order (outside of my family) so I am still learning.  There were a lot of mistakes that I made in the process.  Hopefully each one will get better.
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By TToomer
Nov 4, 2006
WASC cake with raspberry filling.  Almond buttercream icing with fondant swags, bow and clotheline.  Silver luster dust on clothesline for the pink/white/silver themed baby shower.  Thanks for looking!!!
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By buckygirl
Aug 12, 2007
This is one of my very first projects. The mother-to-be wanted a cookie cake so I cheated and bought this one undecorated. It's all buttercream, and I tried to copy the shower invitations.
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By ahenricks80
Aug 24, 2007
People seem to love these things....  This time for a boy whose parents are huge North Carolina fans.
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By curbsidecakes
Aug 31, 2007
This cake is mainly inspired from Wilton's 2006 yearbook, but I did not like the topper on that cake, so I made booties instead for the topper. Only realised when I got to the party that I had forgotten to put the little clothes pegs on. The cake is covered in fondant, all decorations are fondant cut touts with RI details.
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By BakingGirl
Sep 7, 2007


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