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Well... I had a lot of fun making the fondant bear, clothing, buttons and wooden posts.  But, unfortunately, I rushed through icing the cakes with buttercream.  And, I was very disappointed in the quality of my icing job.  That is my most difficult challenge - smoothly icing a cake before applying the decorations.  Thanks to everyone who has posted clothelines cakes on this site.  Your pictures were very helpful.  And, thank you to flourgrl, for the inspiration to do the baby bear on top of the cake!  :)
3 17
By StephanieB
Aug 18, 2006
Decorated to match party invitation.
2 8
By traci
Aug 19, 2006
3 7
By marcimang
Aug 22, 2006
My take on the clothesline cake!   I think this design will go down as a classic.  LOL  10" White cake with Buttercream filling and icing.  Fondant/Gumpaste Bows and "clothes".  It was a rush job, and the bow is a meager offering, but the mom-to-be loved it.  You can fool some of the people some of the time..............
2 13
By Phoov
Aug 25, 2006
All credit due to AmyLou!
3 9
By kcepenney
Aug 26, 2006
yellow 10" cake, buttercream, fondant accents.  Thanks for all the help and ideas!  for twin boys
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By jdelectables
Aug 28, 2006
For a baby shower for two girls.  They didn't know if they are having a boy or girl and so I did all colors. :)
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By Susan94
Sep 2, 2006
Yes, thanks again to Amylou and all the other ccers who've made this cake!  I made it for my dear friend who just had baby #2 and she LOVED it.
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By ladybug03
Sep 8, 2006
Two tone colors of pink and purple buttercream on this baby girls' clothesline cake. Fondant baby clothes, buttons,bows and butterflies.
19 335
By KimAZ
Sep 8, 2006
I love how this turned out!  I matched the top design to the plates my customer was using and then added the diapers hanging on the line all around the sides.  I hope to make this one again!
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By red-fmp
Sep 12, 2006
Top view of cake.  All my decorations are with buttercream icing
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By red-fmp
Sep 12, 2006
I did this for a co-worker's baby shower.  White almond sour cream cake with buttercream.  Fondant booties (first time trying this) and accents.  Thanks for looking!
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By hspree
Sep 19, 2006
6" & 8" rounds. Clothes, buttons, butterflies and sandals are made with fondant. First time making sandals. Freehand cut pattern for them.
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By KimAZ
Sep 29, 2006
Cute as a button, was the theme for the baby shower.  12" and 8" white cake iced in buttercream.  Fondant buttons and clotheline, and "Jack" done in gumpaste.
3 66
By cakesbyallison
Oct 14, 2006
A 6 & 8" round with bow.  All buttercream decorations.
4 10
By divaofcakes
Oct 22, 2006
8 inch chocolate mud cake. Clothes and other details made from modelling paste. Letters are cut from FMM Alphabet Tappits. Thanks for looking.
11 48
By beany
Oct 29, 2006
These cakes are covered in buttercream.  The animals and clothes on the clothesline are made from MMF.  This was only my second major order (outside of my family) so I am still learning.  There were a lot of mistakes that I made in the process.  Hopefully each one will get better.
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By TToomer
Nov 4, 2006
Basic 10" round cake, with vanilla buttercream.  Clothes and buttons are fondant.  Cake was yellow, with strawberry jam filling.  This is the first cake I tried using a VIVA paper towel for smoothing.  I love that trick!
By wells123
Nov 14, 2006
Tried to match the invitation.  Used Fondant to make bibs, shirt, jumper and diapers.  Used craft wooden clothes pins to attache.  Each clothes attached with BC frosting.  Cake covered in BC.  Thanks for all the great ideas here!!
2 3
By aztomcat
Nov 20, 2006
Baby shower cake with daisy's and a clothesline. Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing and filling. I made all of the "outfits" and other decorations out of mmf.
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By 2yummy
Dec 3, 2006
Vanilla cake iced in buttercream. Fondant clothes and baby booties. Thanks to cali4dawn for her booties tutorial! They were so easy. They weren't dry yet so I had to leave the tissue paper in them. The customer asked me to copy a cake she found a picture of. Please let me know if it was originally your design and I'll give proper credit. :)

Edited to add: I welcome any constructive criticism. Really!
3 19
By jsmith
Dec 9, 2006
12x18 sheet cake 1/2 Chocolate 1/2 vanilla buttercream icing
3 3
By Sweetpeeps
Dec 9, 2006
this is a cake that I made for my friend's baby shower.  The baby, blanket, basket handles and clothes are all fondant.  The rest is buttercreme.  The cakes are 6" and 10" hexagon and the basket is 2 mini loafs on top of each other.
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By auntiemcakes
Dec 11, 2006
third view of bumper cake with welcome plaque
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By srmaxwell
Dec 18, 2006
Mocha buttercream with fondant clothing detailed with royal icing.  Basket made of woven gumpaste and painted with coloring gel, clothing made of fondant.
3 21
By izzybee
Jan 12, 2007
Cake made from an invitation, in soft sage. Laundry basket on top is made of royal, as well as flowers and clothespins.
3 11
By Ginger08
Jan 13, 2007
The back of my recent baby shower. It's a boy, so they wanted manly colors. I piped the clothesline and clothes, which was a little trickier than I expected.
3 2
By goodcakefairy
Jan 21, 2007
This cake was inspired by tammiemarie.  I made this for my sister's shower.  This was my first "airbrush" cake.
1 8
By katrich00
Jun 24, 2006
Just another Oh Boy cake made for my cousin. The father-to-be was a Nebraska fan, and the Mommy-to-be was an Oklahoma I tried to represent them both!
4 14
By mkerton
Jan 27, 2007
This cake was from the wilton yearbook 2006. I made it for a baby shower of a friend who didn't know what she was having.  I added two booties on top out of molded chocolate. One pink and one blue!  The cake is covered in fondant and all items are cutout of fondant as well.
3 4
By JennLitton
Feb 5, 2007
Baby Shower cake for a friend from church. Mostly fondant and buttercream. very simple to make. Idea came from anoth CCer. Thanks to whom ever it was...I love this design and so did everyone at the party!
By Spoondog
Feb 5, 2007
White Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Pudding filling, BC icing with fondant baby clothes and Bassinet.  Done for my son's school teacher who is expecting her first baby,.. a girl.  I hope she likes it as it is a surprise.  He asked if we could make a cake for her,..  imagine that!  Well it was fun, wish I could have spent more time on the clothes adding more details like buttons, ruffles, etc.  Ran out of time though.  Idea came from lots of great cakes here on CC.  Thanks all!!  Enjoy!
10 21
By stlalohagal
Feb 14, 2007
Fell in love with the clothesline cakes on CC and had a chance to do one for a baby shower.  Lemon cake with lemon creme filling and vanilla buttercream.  Clothes were done from fondant.
1 8
By MeredithLA
Feb 19, 2007
This was so fun!  I have been waiting to do one of these!  Inspired by many cakes on this site.  Cake is iced in BC with Fondant accents.  Very Fun!!!
1 2
By shannan6607
Feb 24, 2007
Another clothesline cake for my daughter's PE teacher.  11x15 all buttercream yellow inside
6 7
By jennifer293
Mar 1, 2007
My first twins shower!  A 9" and 6", clothesline theme on the bottom to match shower plates and napkins, and fondant squares on top with impressions from Fiskars texture plates.  All decorations are MMF, cake and border are buttercream.
8 32
By kelleym
Mar 2, 2007
I did this cake for my cousin , who, after a long time was finally expecting twins.  When I asked what she would like all she suggested was something with a moon.  Clothes and moon and babies are all gumpaste on buttercream.  I had to travel three hours with this cake, it was very nerve racking.
2 13
By rashell34
Mar 5, 2007
White 12x12 cake w/bc icing.  Printed out pictures and cut them out and glued them to a "clothes line".
By shipleyc
Mar 7, 2007
This is a WASC cake with buttercream was extremely humid--the first time I've ever decorated with high humidity--YIKES!!!  I ended up trying ot make it look like the sky with the swirled look but my icing kept pulling off and those buttons are a whole 'nother story!  Oh well, live and learn!
1 1
By lbutrum
Mar 17, 2007
B/C with MMF decorations.
By spitfirefifi
Mar 19, 2007


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