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This cake is mainly inspired from Wilton's 2006 yearbook, but I did not like the topper on that cake, so I made booties instead for the topper. Only realised when I got to the party that I had forgotten to put the little clothes pegs on. The cake is covered in fondant, all decorations are fondant cut touts with RI details.
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By BakingGirl
Sep 7, 2007
Done for a baby boy shower
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By kcepenney
Sep 7, 2007
I love this cake so much....people want me to do it all the time!
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By kcepenney
Sep 7, 2007
Vanilla cake with buttercream icing and MMF decorations.  My second time modeling with MMF.  All decorations are MMF.  The clothes are freehand.
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By MerryAm
Sep 12, 2007
12x18 sheet cake 1/2 Chocolate 1/2 vanilla buttercream icing
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By Sweetpeeps
Dec 9, 2006
This was my first attempt at a clothesline cake.  I'm not pleased with the results, but the mother-to-be was!  Inspired by CC members
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By MerryAm
Sep 12, 2007
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By frosting111
Sep 14, 2007
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By katherine62500
Sep 15, 2007
simple mmf cake wiht clothesline and mmf booties.  used little clothespins from michael's to attach around on the posts
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By srmaxwell
Sep 16, 2007
MMF covered 10" cake with handmade sculpted baby. Fondant babyclothes on 20 gauge wire. Handmade buttons. Thanks for the great ideas on this site!
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By Claricakes
Sep 22, 2007
Did this cake for a former co-worker's baby shower.  All BC on 11x15 half  WASC and Chocolate Fudge.  Thanks to tammiemarie for the inspiration.
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By christeena
Sep 29, 2007
Not as easy as I thought.  1st, I had a hard time making buttons.  They kept coming out looking like blood cells instead LOL!!!  The cake leans if you notice. I believe itÂ’s the way I iced it.  First time I used my hexagon pans and I expected a hex cake to be easy to ice.  WRONG!!!.  Anyway; lessons learned.  Gumpaste bow. ½ gumpaste, ½ fondant buttons and baby clothes.  Fondant poles and rope.  Choc butter cake, Bavarian cream filing and in ½ crusting BC and ½ IMBC mix icing.  Comments welcome.
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By kelleygirl
Sep 30, 2007
pastel colors clothesline baby shower cake.
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By bpshirley
Oct 7, 2007
Fondant with airbrushed sky effect. Fondant clothing, BC grass and cloud borders.
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By Melvira
Oct 11, 2007
12/9/6 stack.  Original design by Sugarshack (thanks Sharon).  Client saw it on the website and asked me to recreate it with a few changes.  All fondant decorations.
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By sarahnichole975
Oct 13, 2007
fondant clothes, buttons, booties and blanket
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By onceuponacake
Oct 19, 2007
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By cakedesigner59
Oct 26, 2007
10 in, 8 in, and 6 in cakes. Buttercream with fondant accents. Made for a friend of a friend who did not know the sex of the baby.
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By Kelley9
Oct 26, 2007
I co-hosted a baby shower for 2 friends today, one is having a boy and the other b/g twins. I came up with this unisex design... well, maybe a little frilly still, but you've gotta have a pretty cake! I had originally made fondant cutouts to put on the clothesline, but they were too thick and crumbled when I tried to attach the clothespins, so I hand-drew them on cardstock at the last minute. Crusting cream cheese frosting w/fondant accents.
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By Lueet
Oct 27, 2007
WASC cake with strawberry cream filling.  WBH buttercream with fondant accents.  This one was fun to make-the baby booties were easy, and didn't turn out half bad considering that they only dried overnight.
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By ericablondegirl
Nov 11, 2007
I made this for my sister's baby shower(she's having twins!)   She requested fall colors- the theme was Little Punkins.  The cake is butter pecan with caramel toffee pecan filling.  This was my first fully fondant covered cake!  I was terrified and excited to do it for her.   I got many ideas from several diff cakes on this site- thanks ya'll!
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By salty0108
Nov 11, 2007
heres my take on the clothesline cake with insipration from cc'ers of course. its wasc with rasberyy filling covered in buttercream. there fondant accents and candy rocks.
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By Erlyns_Treats
Nov 12, 2007
Buttercream on WASC.  Figures and clothes made with fondant/gumpaste.  Thanks for the inspiration!!!  I copied a bunch of cakes here!
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By SpringFlour
Nov 12, 2007
Bottom tier is WASC with raspberry filling, top tier is decadent chocolate with chocolate ganache.  All decorations are fondant except the umbrella on top, which is gumpaste.  Thanks for all the inspiration I got from clothesline cakes on here, especially by BakingGirl, Khym, couturiere, Sabrina_L_Price, and many more!!
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By maggiev777
Nov 15, 2007
The theme of the shower was "overalls," so I decided to go with the clothesline theme.
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By authress
Dec 13, 2007
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By lparnaby
Dec 18, 2007
coworker's baby shower cake.  Lemon with lemon filling.  Thanks to all CC'er's for the inspirations.   I got a "too freakin' cute" when I brought it in.
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By steffy8
Jan 1, 2008
This was my 1st fondant cake and I really liked how it turned out!
By pastriegirl
Jan 9, 2008
8" and 12" - each tier: one layer yellow, one layer chocolate with Toba's french vanilla filling and Sugarshack BC.  Fondant accents, gumpaste baby.  Made to match invitation.
7 54
By zenu
Jan 12, 2008
Inspired by a cake on CC...thank you! All fondant.
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By ellenhill
Jan 14, 2008
This cake was inspired by many adorable laundry cakes!  The sandals are made using CakeDesign's pattern (available in Spanish Language Forum).  All the accent pieces are made with Toba's fondant or fondant/gumpaste mix.  The blanket is impressed with tiny heart stamps and dusted on the edges to look like satin binding (yeah came out just like I wanted! )  BC Dream (for color-ability) over Triple Chocolate BC.  10" Triple Chocolate Cake.  I circled my favorite outfit!
7 18
By marthajo1
Jan 19, 2008
Vanilla cake (WASC variation) filled with strawberry BC and covered in MMF with MMF accents.  I got this cake idea out of last year's Wilton yearbook.  It was my first attempt at covering cakes in MMF.
1 5
By tomsmom245
Jan 20, 2008
I didn't really care for how this one turned out.  Maybe b/c the blue on top was too dark.  Oh well :)
By startropics
Jan 21, 2008
This cake was made for a friends sisters baby shower and is the first one that I have every sold.  The expecting mother didn't know the sex of the baby so I made it for both a boy and a girl.  The top and sides were iced in blue and pink buttercream.  The onezie, shoes, and clothes along the entire perimeter were made of fondant.  The clothes I outlined in buttercream of the coordinating color, and the shoes were laced with a yellow ribbon.  The clothesline and bows along the side were done in buttercream.
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By SGioimo
Dec 31, 1969
Combined ideas from several here at CC-thanks! Iced in BC with MMF accents and baby. TFL!
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By icedideas
Feb 5, 2008
This is for my brother and sister in law and their new expected arrival! Thank you to everyone who has posted their amazing cakes and their ideas and inspiration.
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By ChristieFinkle
Feb 18, 2008
We had a lot of fun making and designing this cake.  We looked at a lot of pictures here on CC to get inspiration for our clothesline!  We also used the invitation as a guideline to our design!
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By divaricks
Feb 25, 2008
gumpaste booties, blocks, and clothesline
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By chleonard
Mar 11, 2008
This is my version of the clothesline cake.  It is all buttercream.  Thanks to all the other clothesline cakes out there for the inspiration.
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By jaswift
Mar 21, 2008
I made this for a friend's baby shower.  Iced in BC...fondant used for the actual clothes on the line.  Sandals are gumpaste and I used the template by CakeDesigns in the Templates section.  Thank you!!!  I love worked so well.  I painted them with a pearl luster dust.  Flowers are gumpaste and I don't know if they are a "real" flower or what...I just kind of made them LOL  Cakes are 6" & 8".
6 53
By shalderman
Apr 10, 2008


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