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round graduation cake covered in mmf with black diamonds made from the square cutter and black circles.
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By srmaxwell
Dec 18, 2006
This is my first paid cake... very happy how it came out especially since I had a hard time with the edges since cake is square... but I enjoyed it!  This is a yellow cake filled with chocolate buttercream covered with fondant... used rose, brown and ivory to color (wilton)... I posted another picture for a different view.
By DesignsbyVanessa
Dec 20, 2006
Trendy circles cake,
By countryslave
Dec 28, 2006
This is what she asked for. Chocolate buttercream with fondant accents  and a cute pink Graduation cap
6 66
By mypastrychef
Dec 30, 2006
This was going to have a lot more detail on it but after being rushed to do all the decorating and working on the cake, this is all she got - that would be my mean little SIL.  The cirles and flowers are gumpaste handpainted with lusterdust.
3 7
By fytar
Jan 8, 2007
this is my try at the lovely design antonia74 created, but mine doesn't quite measure up. It's all done in Fondant with a royal icing border. It was fun practice but time consuming.
2 4
By jedmo01s
Jan 11, 2007
sorry the only pic i have of it is from the side. the topper is a "16 & 17" made out of candy clay. this cake was for my bithday party, i share the same birthday as my friend so we did a joint one. buttercream icing with candy clay accents.
By dandelion
Jan 12, 2007
This was my first wedding cake.  Thankfully the bride picked something not too difficult.  We both were happy with the way it turned out.
3 9
By nmmorse
Jan 14, 2007
I did this one at the same time as the orange one. I like how this one came out better. All buttercream with fondant pieces. Thanks for looking.
5 22
By shelleylynn
Jan 22, 2007
I love Americolor Electric colors!  covered in BC.  Everything else is fondant.  The name is Stacee and behind it is the # 15, not too clear.
1 6
By bulldog
Jan 25, 2007
This is the first fondant covered cake I made, for Course III.  It was white almond sour cream cake, with raspberry mousse filling.
By LoriGross
Jan 25, 2007
Fondant covered with fondant accents.  3 tier top and bottom was rainbow butter and middle tier was tia maria chocolate mud cake.  Kids love the colours of the cake - they just flipped out when they saw the inside was rainbow - didnt expect that at all
4 7
By mrssambo
Jan 26, 2007
Hi these are the b-day cookies for a lady turning 44. MMF are used on the cookies along with edible disco glitter
By Richiescakes
Jan 29, 2007
A chocolate and Vanilla alternating layered cake w/ buttercream icing and fondant decorations :D  I used florist wire for the decor at the top.  Lots of fun!!!
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By CaliAngel
Jan 30, 2007
Baby shower cake based off the bedding behind the cake.  Didn't get to see the bedding until the shower, was just given a picture.  French vanilla cake with Wilton RMF and fondant circles.  I made sure I used a straw to insert the wire in to since it wasn't food grade, per many discussions on this site!
1 3
By sweetrat
Jan 31, 2007
By jen10vs
Jan 31, 2007
Blue and brown fondant.
17 66
By Nixacakelady
Feb 2, 2007
My daughter's birthday cake was another fun fondant adventure.  It was a great hit at the party and matched red, black and white theme perfectly.
2 3
By saptally
Feb 4, 2007
By midialjoje
Feb 4, 2007
10" super enhanced chocolate tier is filled w/ peanut butter & chocolate filling; 8" WASC tier is filled w/ cookies & cream; 6" strawberry tier is filled w/ strawberry preserves.  All tiers are covered w/ Vanilla/Creme Bouquet BC.  Baby is a FBCT.  Circles, "Beads", & Blanket are MMF.  The cake was made to look like the shower decorations.
4 13
By sugarlaced
Feb 10, 2007
First time to use wire and loved it
2 9
By gaylarenee
Feb 17, 2007
This was for a 13 yo girl.  She wanted something that looked 70's.  Inspiration came from christyB.
1 8
By srodge1
Feb 19, 2007
Finally got a side view on the computer. MMF with royal icing flowers, rice paper butterfly, luster dust all over. Thanks for lookiing!!
1 2
By shelleylynn
Feb 21, 2007
4 9
By JenniferRemington
Feb 23, 2007
This is a baby shower cake to semi-echo the theme of Mod Mom. The lady whom this baby shower was for was not very "girly" and wanted something modern. Plus her baby's room was decorated with circles (which I didn't know when I designed the All decorations and the borders are MMF. I loved doing such a colorful cake! :)
2 6
By jewelykaye
Feb 27, 2007
Birthday cake for a friend's sister.  Could not think of something good for a 40th so tried this.  I liked it more before I put the border on.
3 9
By momlovestocook
Mar 3, 2007
Just did a little version of the wedding cake I did last March. So cute! It was a little bigger than I had intended, but whatever!
5 14
By antonia74
Mar 4, 2007
This was my first stacked cake. I had some fondant left over in blue from my Wilton course 3 package cake and decided to make this cake. The gren designs are all freehand and I don't draw very well...but it was fun.
2 3
By manielynn
Mar 9, 2007
Chocolate buttercream, MMF accents
By cinderella73
Mar 10, 2007
Present cake for 16th bday.   Should be in cake disasters!!!   Cake fell apart on me!
Iced in bc and fondant bow (first try) and fondant circles.
1 1
By mareg
Mar 11, 2007
This cake was done for my boys' joint family birthday party.  Their birthdays are just 4 days apart.  Chocolate cake with buttercream icing and fondant accents.
2 2
By MandyE
Mar 12, 2007
Me and two friends made this cake for my sister-in-law's baby shower. One layer was white cake and one was chocolate, both with raspberry filling. Ready-made fondant to cover and frosting for decorations, except the little pink bears and white booties (store bought). Everyone at the party wanted to know where she bought the cake and were surprised to know that I made it! Of course, I told them I couldn't have done it without the assistance from my friends!
6 8
By Snowbird
Mar 15, 2007
2-tier, 9" and 6". Covered in Buttercream with fondant accents. Cake board made from 12" x 12" styrofoam covered in scrapbook paper and cellophane; bordered with ribbon. Cake is for surprise party, specialty candles will be added to cake on-site. 
Thanks for looking!
2 4
By cindww
Mar 17, 2007
This was a cake I made for my daughter's fifteenth birthday.  We wanted to play around with colors and shapes, so we came up with this pattern on the cake.  I think I will do it a little differently next time, but overall, my daughter was pretty pleased.
1 3
By skeet1zp
Mar 17, 2007
This is my first cake that I decorated with fondant.  I think it turned out pretty good!  I'll have to try another method to make the pearls shinier because I just used luster dust this time around.
2 16
By wernie
Mar 17, 2007
Cake is WASC covered in Fondant. Circles are Navy Blue and Kelley Green. I purchased the floral wire but should have brought a thicker one since the one I brought didn't hold the fondant circles up. This was for a man's birthday party.
1 2
By STX44703
Mar 21, 2007
Me and two friends made this cake for my sister-in-law's baby shower. One cake layer was chocolate and the other was white with raspberry filling in both. We used ready-made fondant to cover and decorate, frosting for the trimming. (The booties and little pink teddy bears were store bought.) We were all delighted with how it turned out and many of the guests at the party thought it was made at a bakery!
2 29
By Snowbird
Mar 23, 2007
8" 10" 14" covered in blue mmf with brown and blue mmf circles and dots .mmf blue and turqois daisies.  every thing edible but ribbon , bow and a few of the things on wire bouquet.
3 45
By darylrc
Mar 26, 2007
3-tier (one each of chocolat, WASC, & strawberry) cake covered with buttercream icing.  Baby is FBCT.  Circles, beads and blanket are MMF.  Blanket is painted with Rose Pink luster dust.  Baby's name is buttercream.
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By sugarlaced
Mar 26, 2007
This cake was for my son's wedding.  I have a long way to go but he loved it.    I made the top out of polymer clay - it is a likeness of the two of them.
8 6
By gloria
Aug 3, 2005


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