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Decided to post this here, also, because it was made specifically for a Chinese theme party. Dragon is buttercream frosting with white chocolate lavendar colored spikes.  He's made from an 8" round, a 9" long oval, and 2 cupcakes.
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By AngelWendy
Apr 13, 2005
I made this for my other SIL. We're having the party at a chinese restaurant.
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By Lisa
Apr 13, 2005
This was a last minute creation for a friend's little girl's Chinese New Year birthday party...first cake design I've ever come up with on my own!
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By edcjenv
Jun 20, 2005
I baked this while I was away for the weekend at Lake Tahoe (altitude 6500 feet).  I'm not used to the high altitude cooking corrections.  This was a disastrous crumbling mess, but my husband encouraged me to try to put it together with frosting.  I had no idea it would work so well!  Frosting really does cover a multitude of sins...

Thanks to "ngerland" and to Martha Stewart for inspiration.
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By Newbie
Jul 18, 2005
Made this for my husband to take to work for their chinese new years celebration. Everything but the flowers is BC, the dog is a FBCT, the flowers are gumpaste.
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By JamesSweetie
Jan 26, 2006
A late order for a cake with strong colors and happy birthday inscription in Chinese. Researched the internet to find it out. Very strange shaped cake but customer was super happy and that's what counts. She brought me all the trimmings she wanted on the cake .
By awela
May 14, 2005
Choco cake, BC icing, rice paper image. Writing in Chinese said, Grandma Gina. I didn't have enough room for Happy Birthday. It was for my step moms b-day.  The sushi is twinkies wrapped in fruit roll ups.
Thanks to lisa for hlp on this cake.
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By stylishbite
Mar 21, 2006
By Anonymous
Apr 3, 2006
I suppose I should take it as a compliment that everyone likes my dragon cakes enough to order one...but I wish SO desperately somebody would order something new!  Anyway, this customer wanted a chinese dragon and clouds, and wanted me to use the colors red, black, purple, orange, and white!  I thought it was a very strange color combination, but I did my best.  Chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting, fondant dragon, and buttercream decorations.
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By BarbaraF
Jun 17, 2006
Very proud of this cake.  Made this for my husband's birthday, he loves dragons.  Not the original theme I wanted to go with, but glad I decided on this cake.  Got the instructions from collet's book.  Chocolate mayo cake with cream cheese frosting covered in mmf.  Still need some practice with the mmf, but most of the flaws I was able to cover up, lol.  TFL!
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By isabella
Jun 18, 2006
Wedding cake in white and green accents with Chinese "shuang xi" character used for weddings. This was for our "registry" marriage -- the "big cake" for the "big wedding" this year will also have the Chinese theme but it will be bigger. Had to have the Chinese characters after a decade living in Taiwan! All buttercream with fresh flowers.
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By waltz
Jul 4, 2006
This cake was buttercream icing with royal icing flowers.  I did a chinese theme - the thought was to replicate a chinese painting with a plum blossom tree and the word for "spring" on the right.  I think I put a few too many "plum blossoms" (actually different coloured forget-me-nots) on the tree because it looks a little cluttered.  Next time, I'll space it out a bit more.  The next picture is the side view.
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By Keagster109
Jul 19, 2006
This is the side of the same cake.
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By Keagster109
Jul 19, 2006
cake made in celebration for the Chinese new year. peanut butter cake with strawberry jam filling.

the words are FBCT,  I'm not entirely happy the way it came out.  I should have cropped them closer to the letters.  Also had trouble getting the dog on the cake, I traced the design on waxed paper, and then used a pin to transfer the design to the cake.  Half the icing ended up sticking, and the rest was very unclear.
By Alien_Sunset
Jan 31, 2006
Two tier 10' - 7" wedding cake in Asian design.  Red rolled fondant covered.   Fondant square draped over top, to give the illusion of fabric draping. Super gold luster dust hand painted filagree work. Large Chinese character "Xi" (meaning double the BEST wishes EVER for the couple) made out of royal icing and painted in super gold.  Super gold painted  g-paste braided borders, hand painted gum paste cherry blossom flowers around base and in center.  Sprayed gold new style Wilton pillars.
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By NCcakelady
Aug 2, 2006
This cake is red velvet with a cream cheese frosting. The dragon is an exact copy of the birthday girls tattoo. I took the tattoo print and enlarged it (see in my album) and then cut it out. After the icing had chilled a bit I used black gel icing to fill it in and that was about it. A tedious task but it turned out great I think. And it was the hit of the Chinese themed bday party.
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By christy_ob
Aug 6, 2006
Cupcakes decorated with a fortune cookie and chopsticks. Made with toasted sesame cake and vanilla buttercream. A new cake recipe which I was apprehensive about, but came out pretty good.
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By icingonthecupcake
Aug 15, 2006
A cake made for a co-worker who is a well known chinese food lover. Complete with chopsticks and a  farewell fortune cookie.
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By icingonthecupcake
Aug 15, 2006
used small iced cakes to make dragon, with toothpicks and marshmallows for face and bumps on spine.  Bamboo trim from a fondant mold.  Airbrushed red and painted gold luster dust.
By sugarnut
Aug 30, 2006
For a little girls 4th birthday, with a Mulan theme...didnt want to have copywrite problems with Disney so played it safe with the Dragon theme instead. 2" layers used.
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By Ginger08
Sep 7, 2006
Took the picture before I fixed the color on the cheeks.  The entire top is a FBCT that gave me a heck of a time.  Somehow I miscalculated the size and ended up with the transfer being much larger than the cake.  Had to trim off the edges, so I lost a lot of the picture.  The colors smeared.  It was a mess!  This came from an illustration in one of my daughters' story books.
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By madicakes
Sep 12, 2006
Cake covered in mmf with stenciled characters, writing and flowers painted using food coloring and extract. MMF cherry blossoms all over top and along sides. Little drink umbrellas. Cake was made to celebrate anniversary of adopting my daughter in China:)
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By Thalia
Sep 16, 2006
This cake was due today at 1.00. Started decorating after Humphrey cake was picked up last night. Buttercake filled with caramel and cream, with a coconut syrup. Covered in red crusting buttercream. The people were made using the Wilton mini stand up bear pan and covered in fondant. The girl arrived 2 hours early and i wasnt ready, therefore i had to take a picture of the cake in the box, no time for set ups ; ), i finished the happy anniversary sign while she waited in my living room hehehehe.
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By boonenati
Dec 1, 2006
I am so excited about how this turned out I had to post it!  This is a dragon drawn on a plaque of fondant.  I painted it with ameri-color colors mixed with gold luster dust and almond extract.  The Chinese Characters are happiness and love.  This is my first try at something like this, any feed back would be appreciated. Thanks for looking!
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By lindambc
Dec 28, 2006
Devils food cake torted with cookies & cream filling covered in almond buttercream.  The dragon is hand drawn onto fondant, then painted with food coloring mixed with god luster dust and almond extract.  The chinese characters are happiness and love.
By lindambc
Dec 28, 2006
Birthday cake for 2 year old adopted from China last year. Mother asked for something asian-themed. Design "borrowed" from IHATEFONDANT (Thanks!). Cake is 9" with 4 layers. Buttercream with fondant accents. Kimono painted w/ luster dusts. Letters on top spell out "Happy Birthday" in chinese.
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By cindww
Jan 5, 2007
Top view of 9" cake. Buttercream w/ fondant accents. Kimono handpainted w/ luster. "Happy Birthday" in chinese across top of cake.
Thanks IHATEFONDANT for the idea. :)
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By cindww
Jan 5, 2007
My son's Tae Kwon Do organization was having their anniversary party and I thought I'd do something special
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By Carlachef
Feb 12, 2007
FBCT ccc.  not my best work - fbct is crooked and cracked (see posting in cake disaster).
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By hktaitai
Feb 14, 2007
Small 6" cake . Whole top of cake is chocolate topper out of white chocolate (made red) traced over design on wax paper and filled in with the white chocolate.  Cake covered in mmf with mmf flowers and BC piping. Character on side of cake is supposed to be that of calligraphy is not the best:) Top design was found in book. I don't know what the symbol is.
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By Thalia
Jul 21, 2006
I hope these do say "pig"! It's the Kanji symbol for "pig" anyway, but SO hard to copy in a language I don't speak/write! 

If anyone here can read it....let me know if it's right?
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By antonia74
Feb 15, 2007
I made these to take to a Chinese New Year Party.  They are heart shaped and assorted flavors.  I added a fondant ribbon & daisy.  The ribbons are stamped with chinese characters for Love, Happiness, Longevity & Health.  I used non-toxic gold for the stamping and the center of the daisies.
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By MelZ
Feb 16, 2007
Chocolate cake with buttercream icing.  Unfortunately, because yesterday was soooo hot, the icing started to melt and sag.
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By BarbaraK
Feb 17, 2007
These were for a Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig)/Birthday party.  Since it was for a birthday party as well I made them Cute instead of a Boar.  The kids were much happier with that.  

NFSC & royal icing.
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By MahalKita
Feb 20, 2007
During Chinese New Year, we exchange mandarin oranges when we visit.  Made these orange cupcakes to resemble mandarin oranges.
By yvesyong
Mar 1, 2007
white cake with fruit filling. this was a tall cake! 3 layers of cake. 2 layers of filling--1 canned peaches, 1 canned pears. hello kitty is a chocolate transfer. words are chinese. they say happy birthday. birthday girl's favorite color is pink.
By dandelion
Mar 28, 2007
This cake was made for a little girl that wanted a Chinese Birthday party!
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By Sherry0565
Mar 30, 2007
This cake is was not rendered as I would have liked.  I had extra frosting, so I goofed off and did a crazy pattern on the side just to see what it would look like.  I do not like the blue edging as much as the red.  It depicts three sum-E style goldfish swimming in the water near lotus flowers.  The lotus flower was painted with thinned blackberry jelly, hence the texture (which I wasn't anticipating).  The cake was for my 2 year old daughter's birthday.
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By rittenhouse
Apr 3, 2007
Sugar cookies with fondant. The Chinese symbol for love is stamped on each cookie. These were done for a baby shower for a Chinese orphange.
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By dydemus
Apr 7, 2007
This cupcake tower was for my friend's baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of her baby girl she is adopting from China that she waited over 2 years for. Used buttercream icing in (no-taste) red, yellow on homemade chocolate squares and gold edible glitter, all traditionally lucky colours in Chinese culture. The symbols represent love, eternity and peace.
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By karaokegirl
Apr 12, 2007


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