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Made from one of the Wilton Singles pan of a chick.  Carrot cake with BC frosting.  I hate stars by the way.. hehe
By blindambition
May 1, 2006
sugar cookies with lemon ri
5 5
By Erlyns_Treats
Mar 31, 2007 getting there.    The outlines of the bunny turned out sloppy because the icing was too thick/dry, but figured it out by the time I got to the chicks.  I see that I need to put more icing inside the outlines so it pillows up a bit.  Also need to improve my eyeball drawing - yikes!
5 3
By MomLittr
Mar 19, 2006
5 14
By kjb
Mar 11, 2006
This little chicken is made from 3 'cakes' from the Wilton mini balloon pan with a mini cupcake for the head.  She is sitting on a chocolate 6" nest.  All buttercream except for her face and her little chick and egg beside her.
10 14
By tripletmom
Aug 17, 2005
Super easy and fun project to do with kids. I piped the royal icing chicks, my daughter decorated the tops with jelly beans.
4 1
By dydemus
Apr 12, 2006
8 20
By LolaT
Apr 12, 2006
White 12X18 with 2 FBCTs....I made this for our Easter lunch at work
By CustomCakesBySharon
Apr 13, 2006
No Fail Sugar Cookies with royal icing.
3 2
By culinarilyobsessed
Mar 30, 2006
No fail sugar cookies, mmf background with royal icing details
2 18
By pinkflamingo
Apr 16, 2006
Easter Chick
5 11
By taniabanana
Apr 11, 2006
Just wanted to do a practice cake.  This cake was huge, 2 layers of chocolate cake, 2 layers of white cake, cookies and cream filling and whipped cream buttercream icing.  It was 6 inches tall!!!  Decorated with asstd Easter candy.  It was fun to make, that whipped cream buttercream is a dream to work with and tastes great.
6 26
By cindy6250
Mar 15, 2006
I made these to take to Easter at my grandmother's.  Come dessert time, she wouldn't let the kids eat them.  She said they looked too pretty and she didn't want to see them "destroyed."  She made the poor kids wait until it was time to go and then she passed them out.  (Although a few kids snuck into them, hehe.)  I used antonia74's icing recipe.  To some of the colors, I added Lorann Oils orange extract.
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By ps3884
Apr 17, 2006
This Easter cake was made with buttercream icing for the icing and the grass. The bunnies and chicks were made with fondant and food coloring for the facial features and the water was made with piping gel tinted blue. The eggs are actually jelly beans.
By jacqui69
Apr 17, 2006
I made these for my boyfriends grandparents. They were both very pleased. This was the first time his whole family saw what I can do. I still don't know royal icing that well, I keep making the icing too thin. But I'll keep trying. Thanks for looking.
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By manatee19
Apr 20, 2006
cupcakes for my sons 3rd grade class for their easter party. I colored the batter pastel colors to match the cupcake papers.
2 3
By cakesbgood
Apr 20, 2006
This is the cake for a Chick Fil A party. Butter cake with oreo filling. Fondant.
5 1
By mgowan
Apr 21, 2006
3 4
By shellkay
Apr 24, 2006
Bunny is 3D bear, modified....egg is 3D egg cut in half... chick is cake scraps and bunny feet are cut mini balls.   Had trouble doing the ears right.  Anyway base is not is styrofoam and cake boards, wrapped and ribboned, and iced on top.   Then dowels hold the cakes down to the board underneath.  White spots are the sparkle dust I sprinkled on it at the end.
9 25
By Kitagrl
Apr 14, 2006
I made the bunny cupcakes using large marshmallows cut in 1/4, sprinkled with pink sugar, blue M&M's for eyes, pink jellybean for nose and Chiclets for teeth. The cheeks were piped icing, flattened by finger and sprinkled with dessicated cocoanut. The chicks were right off the site, M&M's and jelly beans. The Wilton cupcake tower made it a lovely Easter centerpiece!
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By LilWashu
May 2, 2006
From the Wilton website.  Cake was baked in the Wilton egg pan and iced in buttercream.  Made with butter cookie wings and feet, and his legs are frosted plastic dowel rods.  I think I made his pupils too big.  D'oh!
7 31
By doofusmongerbeep
May 5, 2006
Kahlua Chocolate cake with Whipped Buttercream icing.  Idea from Wilton book (older).  Just a practice cake....
1 3
By LaylasMommy
May 23, 2006
That was a joke for a couple of friends which name is "chicks" in french (so, it is "poussins") that's why there are chicks print in the sand !
Sand and sea are buttercream, fishes, turtle and shell are white chocolate, mats and bottle of Champaign are Marzipan.
8 9
By mingsai
Jul 3, 2006
another view
By angelbabym
Apr 17, 2006
Cupcakes I made for my three little girl's as an extra surprise left next to their goodies form the Easter bunny.  They are peep chicks with buttercream decorations.
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By icingonthecupcake
Apr 17, 2006
Chick Wilton Pan all in buttercream
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By app_37190
Sep 2, 2006
just finished these little guys for a 1st birthday cake i will be making for a dear friends little boy at the start of feb... they live on a little farm and have chooks and cows... the cow will sit on the top tier with a number one and momma chook and chicks will sit on the middle section along with Oliver's name... the cake will be a stacked 2 tier..
2 7
By sweet_as_tisse
Jan 13, 2007
I purchased the Suzy Zoo Pet cake pan off ebay.  The day after I got it in the mail I got a request for a baby chick from the Wonder Pets.  How great is that to be able to use a pan so fast??  I altered it and came up with this.  It's all BC except for the fondant helmet and the paper sign (I ran out of time to get a royal icing one made.
3 3
By hsdwidow
Jan 19, 2007
my gift to a dear friend for her little boys first birthday,  they live on a little farm with cows and chooks... colors are pale blue, terracotta and choc brown, cakes iced in buttercream with fondant decorations...
10 18
By sweet_as_tisse
Jan 31, 2007
Chick in egg cookie.
4 3
By Cookie-Queen
Feb 22, 2007
After reading on Cake Central about FBCT I just had to try it.  I got the picture from computer clip art.
By have_your_cake
Feb 24, 2007
I found some of my 1970's cutters and thought I'd experiment (hadn't used these since I was a kid). These are 5" cookies - NFSC with RI.
8 3
By Sunflowerbagel
Feb 27, 2007
getting in some Easter practice...NF with royal.
3 6
By yankeegal
Mar 4, 2007
2 3
By brekka
Mar 5, 2007
I love cut-out cookies; these were my first for a baby shower.  Thank you to everyone who posted pictures of their cookies; I took a lot of inspiration from them.
4 17
By brekka
Mar 5, 2007
I had an idea in my head for an Easter cake and to be sure it would work, I made a practice cake.  I wish I could save it for Easter!  But they are currently eating it at work.  It was not difficult to make.  Round ball pan for body, smaller round for head, shaped fondant over the outside of mixing bowls for cracked egg, melted chocolate applied with a squeeze bottle on plastic wrap for the sticks, the feet, beak and eyes are fondant.  The wings are cookies covered in icing.
21 95
By dstippy
Mar 23, 2007
NFSC covered w/ RBC and Royal detail.  Ribbon on the basket is real.
4 13
By TheCookieCuttery
Mar 21, 2007
Little chicks for the easter basket.
7 31
By BarbaraK
Mar 24, 2007
VERY FIRST TIME DECORATING COOKIES,,, used NFSC recipe,, toba garrets glaze icing.  Might be fun to do with a little more practice, but these first ones were messy.  Daughter and I had fun doing them.
7 2
By debilou68
Mar 29, 2007
I did these today..It was soooooooo much fun...they are cream chesse sugar cookies with buttercream frosting.
By cookie22
Apr 1, 2007


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