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This is a cake I did for a women's ministry meeting.  It's yellow cake with almond essence. Whipped bittersweet chocolate ganache filled the first layer, and almond cream filled the second.  It's covered with buttercream and cherries. The small flowers are royal icing and the roses are buttercream
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By rezzygirl
Sep 13, 2005
My first BCT. Cherry flavored buttercream on a cherry cake.  3 different shades of purple icing.
7 22
By glitterkris
Oct 16, 2005
I did my own wedding cake!  :)  Handmade chocolate covered cherries, the cake was chocolate and iced in chocolate BC (butter based...noooo fattening!) then covered in chocolate ganache...a candy melt in between each shell...oh and our topper?  Iceman & Firestar!  (My dh, the comic freak!  LOL)
7 5
By candy177
Apr 23, 2006
This cake was requested by a guy who said that she likes smiley face and cherries. (I hope she liked it).
By tysmom
May 1, 2006
My mother LOVES ice cream, so I thought this would be a fun cake for her.  Yellow butter cake with BC (crumb coat and whipped cream), fondant (Wilton and dark chocolate Satin Ice), melted Wilton dark chocolate (hot fudge), Butterscotch sauce mixed with melted white chocolate (butterscotch sauce), and candied cherries.  Oval pan for boat, mini balls for scoops.
5 8
By FunCakesVT
Jun 22, 2006
Black Forest with a twist!!
2 1
By Leigh01
Aug 1, 2006
I used the sports ball pan, filled one twice. b/c fondant and gumpaste stem and leaves
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By G-Rho
Aug 25, 2006
White cake with cherry filling, cherry frosting, and a mountain of cherries on top drizzled with white chocolate! Delicious with ice cream! Yum!
By llynnowens
Sep 15, 2006
This was for a lady's retirement from a bank. Royal icing for the cherries. I was really proud of how smooth the top turned out. I've never been able to get one thatsmooth again! lol
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By dollop72
Nov 2, 2006
This was a copied cake out of a magazine I saw.  It is black forest, with a whipped icing, inside layers also have chopped cherries mixed in the filling.  It was very good!
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By meomy
Dec 9, 2006
Inspired by Dale's Christmas Mice... voila my version with royal icing drop flower in green trimmed with red gel to represent a wreath with ribbon;
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By Fascination
Dec 30, 2006
so these in the wilton cupcake magazine and thought they were so cute!!
cherry pie filling and buttercream...they were really good!
17 72
By seven
Jan 16, 2007
I've been wanting to make these little mice -- my granddaughter and I had fun with them.
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By craftermom
Feb 6, 2007
This is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing. It is topped with chocolate covered cherries that have blue colored buttercream icing drizzled over them. It was made for a woman to give to her chocolate loving mother for her birthday.
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By countrygal7782
Feb 13, 2007
Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream with chocolate covered cherries on top.  Chocolate swirls for decoration.
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By denette
Mar 28, 2007
This was for a sweet 16; my guidelines were pink and cherries. It is an 8" and 6" stacked cake iced in buttercream with fondant accents.
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By pinkflamingo
Mar 31, 2007
I had a left over layer of cake so I decided to play.  I decorated this in the Mary Englebreit style in honor of my Moms birthday coming up..(its too expensive to ship one to her).  I like it.  Never done a wedge cake before.  It was fun
12 57
By carrielynnfields
Apr 16, 2007
Deep chocolate cake with grand marnier soak, cherry filling, Whipped icing, sides covered with milk chocolate flakes, top covered with cherries. chocolate bc accents.
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By rezzygirl
May 7, 2007
This is a chocolate cake with cherries between the layers. The outside has whipped cream on it.
By Tellis12
May 17, 2007
i di this for a really goods friends bday who loves cherries its  vanila and cherry checkerboard cake with rasberry filling covered in bc and mmf
3 9
By Erlyns_Treats
May 23, 2007
white cupcake with whole marchino cherre insde covered with either a chocolate ganache or cholocate buttercream frosting. I added whole chocolate covered cherried and homemade Cherry Cordials and red sugar!!!
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By Synfuldelite
May 29, 2007
Betsy Johnson themed cake. The grad is obsessed with this fashion designer. Cake is covered in fondx. Air brushed leopard print. The lips and cherrys are fondx. Buttercream trim balls. I just used real bows (didn't have time to do edible one's). The shoe is gumpaste with sugar crystals for some bling.
5 26
By SweetTcakes
Jun 3, 2007
By louie750
Jun 4, 2007
Chocolate cake with chocolate and cherry frostings, filled with cherry in between the layers. Double yum!
By llynnowens
Jun 17, 2007
Devil's food cake with cherries and chocolate chips mixed in, chocolate almond butter cream dream icing, maraschino cherries and chocolate drizzled on top.  This cake was tasty!
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By startropics
Jul 9, 2007
Cherries themed birthday cake.  Half white half devils food.
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By alicia_froedge
Jul 10, 2007
All cake and frosting. Ice cream dish is 5x7 oval. Bananas carved from another 5x7 oval. Ice cream scoops made from mini ball pan. "Whipped cream" is buttercream  with thinned out chocolate buttercream for chocolate sauce. Cherries are made of fondant.
35 160
By KimAZ
Jul 10, 2007
For my sis years ago. White cake, chocolate icing from a can (hey, I didn't know any better back then!), choc frost w/ chopped marachino cherries mixed in for the filling, tube icing, black gel, and more marachino cherries for decorations.
By lanibird
Jul 11, 2007
Someone asked for a "pretty" chocolate iced cake with pink writing, all buttercream with fondant cherries.
4 1
By pinkflamingo
Jul 26, 2007
Made as a welcome for a friend. Three layer, BC, cherries are MMF.
3 12
By Eight
Aug 11, 2007
First event cake; chocolate fudge with cherry filling, whipped and poured ganache, and chocolate mosaic pieces.   Bride requested this cake for inspiration, but with chocolate covered cherries instead of strawberries:
1 8
By Lindakbh
Sep 4, 2007
I made this for my Dad, it was great!  Whipped cream frosting, chocolate fudge cake, cherry filling and chocolate shavings on top. was so good!
3 3
By Lorendabug
Sep 5, 2007
This was a Mary Engelbreit inspired B-day cake for my sister, Mary.  It was Creme Brulee cake with vanilla buttercream filling and icing, covered in fondant.
5 5
By rcs
Sep 10, 2007
Made for my friend who loves loves loves anything with cherries. Marzipan cake with cream cheese frosting (her two other favourite things!!). Thanks for looking.
By maryak
Sep 11, 2007
Your typical black forest cake. Chocolate cake layers with chocolate whipped cream filling and kirsch-soaked cherries. Frosted in regular whipped cream, topped with cherries and sides and middle mountain are pressed with chocolate shavings.

Sorry for the low picture quality but you get the idea! This is my second cake so far.
By Nikki_B
Sep 12, 2007
3 8
By woodthi32
Sep 16, 2007
White chocolate cake with blackbarries, covered with fondant, gumpaste cherries and flowers. I just got instructions, some red colour and cherries. Bride was very pleased with the cake.
4 11
By sada
Sep 24, 2007
I made this for a fair entry for a children's birthday cake.  What goes better than cake and icecream?!
6 18
Sep 27, 2007
In my head this looked a lot better than I think it came out.  I think that I should have done diamonds or stripes instead of checkers.  Thanks for looking.
1 9
By ByTheSlice
Sep 28, 2007
A strawberry cake covered in mmf. All berries are made of mmf and details are done in bc. Used petal dust on some berries. A very delightful and dainty cake to make!
1 4
By reiscakes
Apr 19, 2005


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