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I made these cakes for my company picnic.
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By angelcake4u
Aug 14, 2005
This was so much fun. Two 10" round yellow cakes for the buns and 1 10" round chocolate for the burger.  I copied and meshed a few ideas I saw here and think it came out great!!
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By Cake_Geek
Jan 12, 2006
All buttercream
By jillyjoey
Mar 21, 2006
Here is a picture of my first hamburger cake.  This is Wilton pan.  I used yellow cake and b/c frosting.  It was fun and actually looks like a burger lol.
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By angelbabym
Apr 24, 2006
This is a three-layer cake done in buttercream with fondant trims.  I have a small cake business and a website, and am wondering if I offered detailed instructions on how to make these and other similar cakes, if they would sell and for how much.  I need honest opinions!
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By dimensionsincake
May 7, 2006
This was a burger my daughter wanted for teacher appreciation day.  Wilton pan, chocolate cake, bc frosting.
By angelbabym
May 8, 2006
this is a 14" burger.  CHocolate cake in the middle frosted with chocolate icing.  Yellow cake for the "bun" sprinkled with sesame seeds.  I used fondant to make the pickles, tomatoes and cheese and green buttercream for the lettuce.
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By cakesbykellie
Jun 10, 2006
3 layer 10" rounds with domed top(casserole dish) candy veges and cheese.
Sugar cookie fries, cut with Pampered chef wavy cutter before baked. Cookie crumbs and chocolate icing to make burger look like ground beef...
Did this for a groom's cake... it was the hit of the wedding...
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By Lisalou
Jun 13, 2006
Yellow and Devil's Food Cake. 8 inch rounds w/ buttercream.  Made the lettuce with the large rose tip and the cheese with the large icing tip. Oh and fries to go with that!!!
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By jennifer293
Aug 4, 2006
Three-layer, 10" round cakes with fondant "cheese," "pickles," and "sesame seeds" and everything else done in buttercream.
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By mycakesandmore
Aug 8, 2006
Another Burger Cake! The buns are made out of DH butter recipe/vanilla pudding and the burger is DH devils food/chocolate pudding and iced with chocolate buttercream. The cheese, lettuce and ketchup (was supposed to be tomatoes) is buttercream.
By mom_of2boyz
Aug 11, 2006
Here's my take on the mini cheeseburgers. White cupcake cut in half with half of chocolate cupcake in the middle. All toppings icing except cheese, its fondant. These were so much fun to make, I only wish I had frill toothpicks to stick in them, maybe next time. Thanks to PieceOf Cake for this great idea!!
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By tally
Aug 12, 2006
These are my second set of mini cheeseburgers. The first set I made with all fondant and burger patties. These are all cake and only fondant cheese. I got the idea for this version from someone on this site. Thanks
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By icingonthecupcake
Aug 15, 2006
This cake was done for my nephew, who celebrated his birthday at a family cook out.  The base was a 1/2 sheet cake covered with marshmallow fondant painted with food dye to look like a table cloth. The hamburger was made from 3 8in. cakes with fondant accents.
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By TToomer
Aug 21, 2006
I think everyone has to do one of these at some point lol.  Somehow I love the irony of cake that looks like other food, and I'm getting even more of a kick out of this one because it's for a vegetarian cookout I'm going to tomorrow.  I told the honoree that she gets to eat her first cheeseburger.  :)
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By JulieBugg2000
Sep 1, 2006
This is my first attempt.  I used BC for all icing except for homemade fondant for cheese.  (The recipe was from here using marshmallo whip).
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By estherwheat
Sep 15, 2006
my first ever cheeseburger cake! took some time, but it was awesome!! the bun looks more like sourdough tho haha.
By fumanfyter
Sep 19, 2006
Cheeseburger: Chocolate cake, buttercream and fondant.
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By lubell
Oct 7, 2006
This is my first cake... I decided to be a little ambitious. Its decorated in all buttercream frosting, and the buns are golden cake, the burger is devils food. Thanks for looking! :)
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By Katainvertigo
Oct 29, 2006
This was my Father In Law's birthday cake this year.  His doc told him to cut down on Cheeseburgers (his favorite food) so this was thrilling to him.  Everything is made with chcolate clay and buttercream.  :)
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By yoktom
Dec 6, 2006
I made this for some birthdays at work.  I had been dying to do this cake since I saw some here and finally got the chance.  Cheese, tomatoes and onions are fondant (first time I tried this too).  Lettuce is buttercream and the bun is iced in buttercream with french vanilla cake fries.
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By acgref
Dec 15, 2006
I used suggestions/photos from many on here - thanks! This is for my dad's birthday, he really enjoys burgers! Didn't have time to make the fries but I think he'll enjoy it!
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By Edibleart
Jan 12, 2007
Again, thanks to all the awesome burgers in the gallery!  What inspiration!  I used half a ball pan for the top bun and a 6 inch round for the "meat" and the bottom bun.  I used tip 5 for the mustard, 127 for the cheese, and 104 for the lettuce.  I took this cake to our craft center to help promote my former cake instructor's classes.  The Okinawans could not believe it was cake.  They kept asking if you eat it.  LOL!  I'm going to be in the newspaper with my instructor and my cakes!  Thanks to CC!!
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By Cake4ever
Jan 27, 2007
Made this cake for my niece who's a vegetarian, she got a kick out of it,  All buttercream except the cheese (fondant).  Got idea from cake central.  Thank you
By Ili
Feb 4, 2007
This was done for a Jimmy Buffet's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" themed birthday party. The cake was made from 4 14 inch rounds, Yellow cake with buttercream frosting.  "Meat" part of the cake is yellow cake airbrushed brown and black to look like a hamburger patty.  Pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and onions are all out of fondant.  This was my first attempt at the cheeseburger cake, but the customer was happy with it.  Thanks to the decorators of the many cheeseburger cakes on this site for inspiration.
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By sweeterbug1977
Feb 10, 2007
Cheeseburger groom's cake
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By peacockplace
Feb 18, 2007
I made this for a young man turning 16 today.  The bun is WASC Cake iced in BC and airbrushed to look like a bun.  The lettuce, cheese and tomatoes are white chocolate fondant.  The meat patties are chocolate cake iced in Chocolate BC then rolled in crushed chocolate wafers.  I placed rice krispies on top to resemble sesame seeds.
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By LadyGDiver
Feb 28, 2007
My first burger cake, I made this for our friend who loves burgers.  The "burger" is red velvet cake (looked like meat when we cut it!) and the "buns are white cake.  I didn't use any fondant, it's all buttercream frosting, the brown is brown coloring and crushed oreos.  Melted some orange candy for "special sauce".  Was REALLY fun!
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By kmdavis78
Mar 10, 2007
For my son's 1st birthday.  I had all sorts of problems with it, but all in all, I think it's pretty cute.  Thanks for the advice and tips!  Iced in buttercream, Godiva chocolate buttercream with MMF tomatoes and cheese.
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By saj_stuff
Apr 16, 2007
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By moniquerei
Apr 16, 2007
A cake I did for my brother who LOVES hamburgers.  My first attempt at one of these.  The meat is chocolate cake iced with brownish gray icing mixed with chocolate crumbs.  The cheese is decorator icing mixed with alot of powdered sugar and rolled out.  The rest of the condiments are just icing piped on.  It wasn't too bad but it was a little tricky to ice.
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By bakermomof2
Apr 27, 2007
Made this for my father's birthday and he loved it!!  The buns are yellow cake and the patty is chocolate.  The cheese and bacon are RBC, and everything else is buttercream.
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By stemps
Apr 30, 2007
This cake was made for my Grandfather's 77th birhday...he just started 
eating cheeseburgers!
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By kimhamjohn
May 2, 2007
another cake for the teacher's luncheon.  the last one for the year.  i've always wanted to do a burger cake, and thought since this was the last one for the year, i would do it.  top and bottom buns are vanilla cake, "beef patty" is chocolate fudge cake and frosted in bc icing.  all deco are made with MMF, even the little sesame seeds.  all comments and suggestions welcome. 

By KCsmom98
May 7, 2007
I have never had THIS much fun doing a cake! All buttercream, except cheese and lettuce, which are fondant. Thanks to all you clever CC-er's out there for the inspiration!!
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By lindsaycakes
May 19, 2007
BC w/ fondant accents
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By beachcakes
May 25, 2007
You deserve a break today, at McStarkie's!  Cheeseburger cupcakes made from white cupcake "buns", fondant "cheese", white cake ball mixed with chocolate syrup "pattys", and BC "lettuce" and "ketchup".  My son thought they were real!  The cake ball mixture even took on a "greasy" look!  Thanks for looking!
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By Starkie
Jun 4, 2007
Almond praline cupcakes for roll, devil's food chocolate burgers, MMF cheese, BC lettuce & ketchup.  I was trying a new batter for the cupcakes and for the first time ever I get perfectly level cc tops!  That never happens to me.  Plus I over-cooked them!  This was my test run for an order next week.  Got the idea from other CC members - you guys are the best!
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By cinjam
Jun 8, 2007
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Jun 9, 2007
This was a cheeseburger cake I made for a cookout. The whipped frosting made it unbelievable. It was so good. Everyone loved it. It was the first cake that made me proud.
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By SHeiniluoma
Jun 21, 2005


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