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I bought the checkered board pan and this was a great reason to test it out!  I was short on time so it didn't turn out quite like I wanted it to (it never does!!)  It is White cake Buttercream icing under MMF.  Fireworks on top BC, Fireworks on sides MMF.
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By leily
Jul 11, 2005
For my brother in law's 30th birthday.  This is my first time solo with mmf, I have helped my friend use it, but this was my first batch on my own.  Eh teh cake is ok, teh filling in between the layers is chocolate cream cheese frosting so at leats it will be yummy.
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By cordy
Mar 11, 2006
Circle eight race track with pit area, tires, hill, logo, checkered flag sides and real Hot Wheels cars. Inspired by similar cake by Janzcakes.
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By KimAZ
Feb 17, 2006
Chocolate cake with chocolate filling and bc icing. Plaque made of fondant, car is wrapped chocolate. Made for a Jr. fan!
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By tgirl22
Jun 16, 2006
My 1st FBCT.  The car and the checkered border are done using the Frozen Buttercream Transfer technique.
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By Steady2Hands
Jul 15, 2006
This cake was done for an adult male.  He races cars as a hobby.  Order was for "just a cake".
By mhill91801
Jul 22, 2006
Used black piping gel to create the checks. Outlined by pressing fishing wire into cake to get straight lines on the cake.
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By edibleartwork
Jul 23, 2006
8 30
By bigcatz
May 13, 2006
no fail cookie with mmf red base.  details done in modified royal.
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By mangiamangia
Aug 17, 2006
I had all sorts of ideas to do a picnic cake but ran out of time and wound up decorating this fondant-covered cake with edible ink markers.  It is not my best, but was a huge success.
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By Sugar_Plum_Fairy
Sep 16, 2006
This is a cake I made using the Wilton Cars pan.  I used fondant to make a checkered flag sheet cake to set it on.
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By mommyerin
Oct 21, 2006
Crumbs, this was a hard cake to design and make ... I can't quite deside whether I like it or not!
The lady asked for a cake for 4 celebrations - a 60th, a 40th, a 10th and a 5th! The older boys love jeeps and the 10 year old is a ski jumper and the 5 year old loves trains ...
So this is what I came up with - she's picking up the cake in a few hours ... slightly worried if she'll like it!
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By bmote1
Nov 1, 2006
1/2 sheet cake. Edible image of lightning mcqueen. The top check pattern is also EI. The side check pattern is are piped buttercream. Fondant banners and buttercream trim.  This cake took a lot of time because I had to cut 2 frosting sheets to make the pattern match up and then piping the sides with the check pattern. I'm happy with it though.
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By rezzygirl
Nov 3, 2006
For my sons class today.  2nd of 3 parties I have to bake for ..... the big one is this weekend where he has requested a Jeff Gordon 3D car cake.  Knowing this, and the fact that the kids were nice enough to pass on their colds to my husband and I, I didn't get crazy with the cupcakes.  Didn't matter to them, though - they devoured them and played with the flags.
By jaitee69
Nov 8, 2006
Choc mud cake with ganance filling, for a 40th birthday he loves watching the v8 supercars so i went with this theme. lots of painted luster dust in midnight blue with the checkerboard look...its a suprise cake, the wife ordered for her hubby...
9 23
By sweet_as_tisse
Nov 16, 2006
Checkered flag cake to go with the car cake.
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By Rainbow
Nov 18, 2006
This was my 2nd Wedding cake.  This is a version of a cake by Earlene.  The balls were made from mint dough (without mint flavoring).  The rest is buttercream.
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By Steady2Hands
Aug 3, 2006
Strawberry cake extender recipe; Vanilla BC.  Wilton pan and 10" square.
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By sugarlaced
Dec 22, 2006
I want to thank KimAz for the help on the flames. Mine didn't turn out as good as hers but the customer liked it.
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By bug101
Jan 13, 2007
3D car on double layer 1/4 sheet cake. Wheels are mmf covered cookies. Checkered flags and name plaque are mmf painted with edible marker. Silver dust painted on front grill & lug nuts. Pearl dust on windows and lights.  Tail fin is cardboard covered in bc.
7 17
By KimAZ
Jan 20, 2007
I made this for my husband's 30th birthday.  I am so happy with the way it turned out and my  husband LOVED it!  I carved the 30 out of 9x13 cakes.  All decorations are BC except the cars.  They are chocolates that I found on the internet.
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By hannahmc2005
Mar 8, 2007
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By hannahmc2005
Mar 8, 2007
My first Nascar cake.  Thanks to CC again for inspiration!  Letters are done in chocolate.  Grass and everything else is BC.  Doing the main decoration in melted chocolate is a great way to get the bulk of the work done well beforehand.  Makes "cake" night much less stressful!
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By tisaex
Mar 22, 2007
This is a Lightning Mcqueen cake on top of a checkered flag sheet.
By SugarBakerz
Mar 24, 2007
This is a 11 x 15 cake decorated as a checkered flag and topped with Lightning McQueen.  Ethan loved it. I had so much fun decorating it.
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By lksweetshop
Mar 31, 2007
I didn't have anything to do before work today so I decided to make this cake to bring in.  White cake with buttercream.
By SarahsSweets2006
Apr 7, 2007
Fondant booties set with buttercream roses.  I thought it turned out pretty.
4 14
By ByTheSlice
Apr 11, 2007
Thanks to Vmoore and everyone else for their ideas and inspiration!  All buttercream.  Sign is laminated.
2 28
By allissweets
Apr 13, 2007
This is my first cake EVER... I made it for my boyfriends son''s 6th NASCAR themed birthday party. French Vanilla Cake with B/C Frosting.
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By Abbilicious83
Apr 16, 2007
this is a repeat design of my son's cake, for a little boy's first birthday...
4 6
By sweet_as_tisse
Apr 18, 2007
11 x 15 double layer sheet cake, butter cake with chocolate buttercream dream filling, mcqueen was chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream dream all decorations in fondant. My nephew is still in shock.
12 7
By notjustcake
Apr 22, 2007
BC with fondant accents. Close-up of juke box to follow.
6 22
By Cheneya
Apr 23, 2007
This was inspired by the shower invitation.  The baby was made from gumpaste, then airbrushed and painted with food color.
2 5
By ByTheSlice
Apr 24, 2007
I used this flag on the sides of the race car cake. They are made from chocolate.
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By countrygal7782
May 13, 2007
Chocolate cakes all detail is MMF.  The picture didn't turn out as cute as the cake...
3 6
By mzstrz
May 31, 2007
This was a 9x13 vanilla cake with regular buttercream icing.  The design was originally done by LisaMS.  Thanks for the inspiration, Lisa!
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By potatocakes
Dec 5, 2006
Lightning Mcqueen cake for a 4yr old b-day party.  All buttercream with plastic lightning mcqueen and car on top. Thanks to CC'ers for inspiration, especially tripletmom.
13 75
By mccakes
Jun 3, 2007
This is chocolate cake with one large FBCT.
6 12
By Steady2Hands
Jun 4, 2007
This was the 2nd cake I made for my son's cakewalk. I was inspired by teesue's cake although mine was much simpler because of time constraints.
29 490
By mamacc
Jun 24, 2007
Per your request, here's a closer view of the cupcakes.
Thanks everyone for viewing.
18 55
By kakekrafts
Jul 5, 2007


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