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14", 10" and 6" tiers. Fresh roses and lavendar.We baked the cakes in NY, froze them and took them on the plane to ID where we decorated and assembled. It isn't perfect, but we had no major disasters and the bride(my niece) and groom were pleased.
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By jgclucas
Jul 18, 2005
This cake was for a Champagne-themed wedding, but we wanted to incorporate her lilac colour as here is the compromise!

The tiers were 5.5" tall apiece and the flavour was Lime Zest Spongecake with Fresh Raspberry Buttercream, iced in Coconut Buttercream. YUMMY!!
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
This was for my Aunt's 50th birthday. The bottle and champagne glass were made in moulds using melting wafers(compound chocolate).  The ice bucket was chocolate fudge cake with baileys whipped chocolate ganache.  The fondant was brushed with silver lustre dust.  The label on the bottle was fondant, with wilton colour paste mixed with vodka and brushed on.
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By JamesSweetie
Jan 22, 2006
This is an orange cake frosted with ivory champagne-flavored buttercream.  "Bubbles " were piped on the sides with uncolored piping gel.  I wanted a simple look for this non-occasion cake.  It might be cool to write a message in gel on the top if it was for an occasion.  When you walk past this cake, the light shimmers through the bubbles.  Really neat!
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By Crimsicle
Feb 25, 2006
I made this for a customer who was having his party at a club in DC, so needed it to feed 75+.  This was an 12X18 base with an 11X14 top tier.  All marble cake.  Silver dragees used and the rest is buttercream.  The champagne bottles are plastic and the ribbon is real ribbon.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
May 8, 2006
Champagne bottle is made for hollow chocolate as well as shipping shavings. Crate is made of fondant, chocolate cake
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By kgunn
May 14, 2006
Champagne bottle is made of hollow chocolate, as well as the shipping shavings, crate is made of fondant, chocolate cake
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By kgunn
May 14, 2006
No fail cookies w/royal icing and MMF accents.  Made to go with a  wedding cake tasting for today.  Thanks for looking!
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By newtocakes
May 16, 2006
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By KayDay
Jun 16, 2006
The cake is not crooked, just the photographer, me!  Iced in buttercream, handmade gumpaste lilies and roses.  The bride changed the reception colors without telling me, but it blended nicely with the decorations.  Phew!
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By peterlori1
Jul 22, 2006
I was asked to make a cake highlighting key stages of their married life.  I decided to add the bottle to give it interest.
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By ireneleach
Aug 2, 2006
Peach Champagne Cake with Bavarian Cream filling.  Buttercream with fresh roses
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By JoAnnB
Aug 7, 2006
The hunk of swiss cheese is one 10" layer cut into thirds and stacked to make a 3 layer cake. The icing can either be fondant (shown) or buttercreme. The passed out fondant mice are holding Wilton candles that are shaped like champagne bottles.
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By shadowturquoise
Aug 22, 2006
Pink champagne cake with bavarian whipped cream filling.  This cake is my favorite cake that iv'e made so far.  I LOVE PINK!!
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By MommaLlama
Aug 30, 2006
Yellow cake, bavarian cream filling, buttercream icing.
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Aug 30, 2006
Got this idea here on CC only it was a New Year's cake with the champagne bottle. Also used it for a 50th BD cake. White cake with lemon filling and buttercream icing.
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Aug 31, 2006
practise cake....need SOO much more practise, if any of you feel sorry for me please message me on how to make figures that dont crack! what icing do you use? how do you cover a cake without getting creases and tears with the slightest pulling. id love to be able to make cakes...but they annoy me so much when icing rips all the time! any recipes for icing would be brilliant!
chocolate cake, strawberry filling, all fondant, (champagne bottles are candles)
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By button-moon
Sep 12, 2006
I made this cake for a couple who was celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows, big reception and all.  I got the idea from Amy28.  The bows and streamers are made from gumpaste then painted with champagne luster dust.  Because I am just starting out, I made several mistakes throughout the process of making this cake. That's why the edges are not as straight as I would have liked them to be.  I am learning more and more each time:)
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By TToomer
Nov 11, 2006
This cake is my first wedding/anniversary cake. The couple I made it for was celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary but never had a wedding cake so their daughter asked me to create a wedding cake for them. The only specification she had was that the cake was supported by glass champagne glasses like hers was. It was a little bit of a challenge because the cake I was modeling after did not have a cake plate showing and they did not want a cake plate under the fondant.
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By snowqueen93
Nov 15, 2006
This cake was iced in IMBC dressed with a sage green MMF drape.  Each cake had a different filling, white w/pistachio mousse, white w/butter pecan mousse, choc w/raspberry and white choc mousse and the top was white w/raspberry and pistachio mousse.  I like how this turned out, but this cake made me vow to myself that I will not take cake orders around a major holiday!
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By MellyD
Nov 28, 2006
My second Christmas cake.  This one was for Grandmama.  It is Champagne Cake, cream cheese icing w/ pecans, coconut.  First time writing on a cake.  Grandmama & Grandpapa loved it.
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By Strazle
Dec 25, 2006
two layer 12" round yellow cake base on 16" triple cake circle iced in buttercream flavored with champagne extract topped with cake sparkles; 48 cupcakes surrounding and tiered on cake that are strawberry with champagne extract buttercreme each topped with a royal icing primrose (purple and pink) covered in luster dust; princess hat purchased from party store in front; princess and glass slipper picks in each cup cake.
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By laxgal00
Dec 26, 2006
Color flow champagne bottles, glasses & bubbles. BC icing, chocolate chocolate chip cake.
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By mysonshines
Dec 31, 2006
two layer 10" round yellow cake covered in champagne buttercream and white fondant with hole hollowed out in center (also covered in fondant); champagne bottle tilted in center, unsupported, with glass crystals resembling ice cubes; black sheer ribbon and gold sequins around bottom; blac sheer ribbon bow on bottle.
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By laxgal00
Jan 1, 2007
Lemon cake with banana flavoured buttercream icing. Blinking strobe light underneath cake.
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By alwayscro
Jan 3, 2007
I made these for friends of mine that just got engaged.  NFSC with royal icing and rolled buttercream detail.
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By TheCookieCuttery
Jan 4, 2007
My best friend has her b'day today, so I came up with a replica of her sofa, of which she is really proud of, her sitting on it with the saying,: not yet again another party, I'm sick of parties.  That's pretty much verbatim, what she told me, when I asked her, whether she was going to celebrate or not. Xmas season was one party after the other, I think we had something like 12 big events in 3 weeks, late night ones, each and every one. BUT we all decided to suffer with her and all turned up at her place .
By Ursula40
Jan 10, 2007
Fondant Bow atop all buttercream.  Dang, that candlelight champagne color is so hard to match... good thing the reception hall was dark!
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By divaofcakes
Jan 13, 2007
Champagne cake with buttercream basketweave and royal icing flowers.
By Strazle
Jan 13, 2007
Sponge covered in sugarpaste and decorated with hearts and stars on wires, champange bottle, balloons and figure (all sugrapaste). details in royal icing
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By rssmdb
Jan 22, 2007
Got this idea out of one of the older Wilton Yearbooks. Lots of fun to do!!
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By CakeL8T
Jan 27, 2007
8" pink Champagne
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By seagoat
Jan 30, 2007
I loved the simplicity of this big cake. I did thick double-layers of cake inside, instead of the regular triple-layers. (They were only serving it as a midnight dessert item, with so much other food.)

Iced in IMBC with ivory fondant behind the champagne-coloured satin ribbon on each tier.
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By antonia74
Feb 17, 2007
NFSC w/ RBC and Royal detail.
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By TheCookieCuttery
Feb 19, 2007
I tried to make a 3-D bottle, not too happy with it, my husband loved it tho....Made for our 25th wedding anniversary, BC & Fondant with edible image I made on PC
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By cowgirl58
Feb 27, 2007
Just a pink champagne cake with buttercream icing for a Bunco pot luck tonight...they are my cake testers!
By Rainbow
Mar 4, 2007
This was inspired by others here in the gallery...Thank you all!  This is 4 layers with MMF.  I had a very hard time with the MMF this time and was diappointed in the final product.  However this cake was a HIT!  I think I might try buying the fondant next time!
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By shellypf
Mar 5, 2007
Chocolate Cake with chocolate buttercream. Exploding champagne mirrorred crystal bead spray.
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By LesleyB
May 1, 2007
Wedding cake is dummy cake on bottom.  Top 2 tiers are white w/ raspberry filling.   All MMF.
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By AZrunner
May 6, 2007
I brushed the tops of the bottles with the edible gold paste for a "gold foil" effect
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006


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