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I wanted to do something bright and childish this morning. It was inspired by some of the Baby E. cakes on this site (thanks guys!) and is yellow with buttercream.  Any comments or suggestions are welcome! Thank you for looking and have a great day!
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By Aliwis000
Feb 17, 2007
This is my typical catepillar cake, decorated in BC with little to no decoration because it was kept simple to match other cake for shower!
By SugarBakerz
Feb 17, 2007
Not quite what I planned but considering the humidity this Baby Einstein theme cake was a hit.
By saptally
Feb 23, 2007
i used medium sized prep bowls (from pampered chef) to bake the caterpillar body parts when i couldn't locate the mini-ball pan.  the antenna are dum dums (wish i could remember who suggested that idea) .  when i did the writing, i realized it was terribly off-center so i improvised with the mini caterpillar to serve as a space filler.
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By jellygirl
Feb 27, 2007
Here is the side view , I did the caterpillar crawling and then the other sides were musical notes.
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By AngD
Mar 3, 2007
This was before I took Wilton Classes.  This was for my Son's First Birthday.  Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake
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By Inlovewithcakes
Mar 3, 2007
This cake was for my daughter's 1st birthday.  I made the cake using the Wilton 10" Ring Mold pan cut to form the caterpillar, then I made two mini Wondermold cakes for the head and tail.  I used the smallest heart pan for the leaf/smash cake.
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By wells123
Mar 3, 2007
I used the sports ball pan for the body, which is covered in fondant. The sheet cake underneath is covered in bc using the grass tip. :-)
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By KimmysKakes
Mar 4, 2007
11 x 15 yellow cake with buttercream frosting. This was my first cake, for my daughter's first birthday. Made the caterpillar design by hand and then used piping gel to transfer it. Star tipped almost all of it.
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By Saphiel
Mar 14, 2007
sugar cookies with royal icing
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By atkin600
Mar 16, 2007
This is an 8" square iced in buttercream with fondant decorations.  The grandmother was making a quilt with all these lil guys on it and asked if I could copy it.
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By sarahnichole975
Mar 19, 2007
Ever since I have seen this cake on here I have wanted to make, and I finally got the chance!  I love this idea!
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By charman
Mar 22, 2007
This cake is for a first birthday, the theme of the party was Baby Eisntein. It was a big hit. This was the first time covering a cake with stars. I used the sports ball pan and covered it with buttercream. For me the hardest thing about the cake was making the face. 
So... what do you think.
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By galdamez
Mar 24, 2007
I made these to match the cake.  I used the caterpillar cookie cutter from the Wilton animals cookie cutter set
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By ninas09
Mar 26, 2007
9" square two-layer cake ... raspberry WASC cake with raspberry filling and buttercream icing ... fondant accents, Baby Einstein caterpillar, and rope borders
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By cakesbyjess
Mar 31, 2007
This was done for a sweetie pies 1st b-day.  He had his own mash cake with the similar design
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By spanky62798
Apr 3, 2007
This is the first cake I have ever made!  I was inspired by this site!  This was for my nephew's first birthday party.
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By IllinoisMommy
Apr 3, 2007
By AppleTreePreschool
Apr 4, 2007
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By aoquinn
Apr 4, 2007
This was my first attempt at sugar cookies and thanks to everything I read in the forums they turned out great!  Special thanks to Antonia74 and her sugar cookie article!  The cookies are NFSC with royal icing.
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By jamilyne
Apr 4, 2007
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By sweetpea8
Apr 5, 2007
All BC with fondant antennas
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By saberger
Apr 7, 2007
I made this for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  It is yellow and chocolate cake with bc icing.
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By jennifer293
Apr 24, 2007
I did this for my son's first birthday.  I used Wilton's mini ball pan and decorated with pull-out stars.
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By mommapaul3
Apr 25, 2007
By gelincikler
Apr 27, 2007
Silent auction donation for Altered Esthetics art gallery's Art-A-Whirl.
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By tiptop57
May 1, 2007
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By four321
May 2, 2007
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By four321
May 2, 2007
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By four321
May 2, 2007
Each part of the caterpillar is a 6" round in a different flavor.
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By four321
May 2, 2007
I made these cupcakes for my youngest daughter's 1st birthday.
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By Katla
May 6, 2007
Poor lighting in the picture. The music notes on the side are dark purple, orange and yellow. Catterpillar is covered with fondant. 

Chocolate marble cake with buttercream
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By pearldust
May 6, 2007
Buttercream icing...royal icing bugs.  For my son's first birthday (bug theme!!)  See smash cake was supposed to sit on top of this cake but I got nervous that it might implode so I left it separate!
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By my3girlies
May 7, 2007
Thank you Diesel!!!  Your caterpillar cake was so beautiful that I copied it!  
Thanks for your inspiration and help!  
This is Georgia's 1st b-day cake for her party today.  I can't wait for her and 
her mother to see it!  Just chocolate and yellow cakes with buttercream.  
Sugar cookies (Penny's recipe) with royal icing (Antonia74's recipe.)   Her 
ladybug smash cake is in my pictures.
15 75
By mitsel8
May 13, 2007
Caterpillar Cake was done for a friend's son.  Lemon cake with strawberry
filling.  Caterpillar is make from cupcakes. Decorated with BC.
By brilandken
May 22, 2007
Smash cake.
By brilandken
May 22, 2007
I did this cake for a little boy's first birthday, their were also cupcakes but didnt'get a picture of them for some reason. I did this cake for my daughter's first brithday in September and felt this one turned out much better!
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By BlairsMom
May 23, 2007
Got inspiration for the smash cake from slimkim!! Loved how this turned out so cute!
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By BlairsMom
May 23, 2007
For a first year old. Mom and dad loved this one..
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By Claudine1976
May 27, 2007
Covered sponge cake with Sugarpaste caterpillar, flowers, leaves 
and butterflies
5 21
By maria4869
May 29, 2007


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