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Smash cake based on "the very hungry caterpillar" book.
By andrealinn
Aug 9, 2006
I did this cake for a woman that wanted to have an insect theme for her son's 8th birthday.  The body is a bundt pan cut in half, and I used the mini-balloon mold (the one with 6 mini-cakes) for the feet, face and butt.  I had to cut the pointed end off the balloons for the feet, but I kept it on for the ends.  The feet are Wilton tip 16 stars, and the fur is Wilton tip 233.  I love how it turned out.  The only problem is that the lettering didn't make it to the customer - it stuck to the lid of the box :-(
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By andrealynmoore
Aug 13, 2006
Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Cake. Caterpillar made from mini circle cake pan. (Thanks for the great ideas I got from this website! ) Used rolled buttercream for the caterpillar -- worked out great! This was my first time using the rolled buttercream.  The characters are made using the color flow technique. The second Tier is the a chocolate cake.
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By Richiescakes
Aug 20, 2006
I made leaves on  the side of this cake because the caterpillar eats everything including the last leaf.
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By CakeBakingGurl
May 15, 2006
I made this for my son's first birthday.  It has four 8" and one 6" cakes.  I liked it a lot!!!
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By zulmaivette
Aug 30, 2006
The theme was Baby Einstein. This was my first attempt at a cake for an event that was so special, my nephew's first birthday party. I used the Viva paper towel method. I was nervous and had a little problem with the letters. Also, I wasn't sure what kind of cover to use on the cake board, so I used paper... notice the oil on the letters and the feet and tail.
By cyndyorr
Sep 1, 2006
The customer just wanted the baby einstein characters around a tiered cake (with matching cupcakes).  Funfetti 10, 8, 3" layers....the 3" was the 'smash' cake for the birthday girl.  Buttercream icing with colorflow and gumpaste accents.  I'll upload pics of the sides as well so you can see all the colorflow was my first try at colorflow and I had some cracking issue, but overall, I love this technique!  Thanks for looking!
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Sep 5, 2006
The customer just wanted the baby einstein characters around a tiered cake (with matching cupcakes).  Funfetti 10, 8, 3" layers....the 3" was the 'smash' cake for the birthday girl.  Buttercream icing with colorflow and gumpaste accents.  I'll upload pics of the sides as well so you can see all the colorflow was my first try at colorflow and I had some cracking issue, but overall, I love this technique!  Thanks for looking!
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Sep 5, 2006
This is just another pullapart I did for a friend
By jsmoliks
Sep 10, 2006
This cake is based from the Eric Carle's book" The Hungry Caterpillar". Made it for my son's 1st birthday, who loves the story. It has buttercream frosting with hersey kisses for the feet.
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By simply-cakes
Sep 15, 2006
This was for my son's first birthday. I ended up making a 7-up, strawberry, rootbear float and snickers cakes for the humps.
By TheCakeSmith
Sep 23, 2006
This was my sons 1st birthday cake-and my very first 3-D cake! I have always just made sheet cakes, but I wanted this one to be special for my baby. Thanks to the suggestions on this site, it came out so great! I used b/c frosting and Wilton dome cake pans for the body, black jellybeans and pink nilla wafers for the face, and red pipe cleaners and red craft puff balls for the antennae. I also made a matching smash cake. Thank you all for all your help!
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By marybethee
Sep 29, 2006
Made this for my son's first birthday.  This picture was taken before I added the cookies on a stick that spelled out his name.  Chocolate and vanilla cakes iced with BC.
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By kookei
Oct 11, 2006
First official event cake after taking classes.  Also, my daughter's first birthday cake.  It was easy and fun!!
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By prairiesweets
Oct 20, 2006
I made this for my son's first birthday after getting the idea off of another site.  I used the sports ball pan to make the cakes and simply decorated it using the basic "star" method. The colors were all very bright, so I made them a day ahead of time to let the color develop. I'm happy with the way it turned out even though I forgot to add the feet! Doh!
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By Ishi
Oct 26, 2006
Cakes for a boy's "Going Buggy Birthday Bash."  Giant beetle is made from a soccer ball pan and cupcake; ladybug and bumblebee are sports ball pan and cupcakes; caterpillar is made from mini ball pans; worm is made from a bundt pan cut in half.  All buttercream, except for fondant antennae and grass.  "Dirt" is chocolate graham crackers.  Every single cake had a different filling!
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By allissweets
Oct 30, 2006
I made this cake for my son's 1st birthday.
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By HBurch
Nov 6, 2006
Caterpillar cake made out of vanilla cake and icings were flavored cherry, grape, lemon etc...
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By kivey0506
Nov 7, 2006
10" and 6" rounds covered in bc. The flowers, caterpillar and #1 are fondant and the other characters are icing plaques. Inspired by CustomCakesBySharon. :-)
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By KimmysKakes
Nov 12, 2006
The picture is royal icing copied from Baby Mozart cd.Buttercream icing
By Momof-4
Nov 17, 2006
The cake was just a box add in with buttercream icing. Stars on the caterpillar,basketweave and grass tip for the top.My first sheetcake.Boy am I glad I am done!
By Momof-4
Nov 17, 2006
This was my daughter's second birthday cake.
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By Marlo
Nov 18, 2006
A family friend had seen a pic of the caterpillar that I made for my son's 1st birthday party a couple of months ago and wanted to know if I could recreate it on a half sheet cake (they were having at least 50 people.)  So this is what I made. I was inspired by a pic a saw in a forum post on here.  It's chocolate cake with cookies'n'cream filling and iced in Pastry Pride with BC decorations.
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By Ishi
Dec 17, 2006
Almali and I made this cake together for her daugher's first birthday!
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By Alickert
Dec 20, 2006
This was made for my great niece/God-daughter's 1st birthday. Cake is homemade chocolate and is decorated with buttercream. Used dum-dum suckers for the antena's : )! They worked great. The cake was made 1 December 2006.
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By lkfarley
Dec 25, 2006
This is a cake I did for my cousin's daughter's first birthday. The caterpillar's body sections are extra large muffins with bc smoothed w/Viva towels. Only the antenna are fondant. Everything else is bc. Had a great time making this one!
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By Amanda7
Dec 27, 2006
lemon, yellow and chocolate cake with BC icing.
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By pumpkinroses
Jan 13, 2007
I did these up for a few ladies I know on another forum and the infants had turned 1 yr old!
Jan 15, 2007
I copied this from another photo on this site.  I used the Wilton 3D ball pan so it took three cake mixes to make (I made a sixth ball as a smash cake since this was for a first birthday party).  Thanks lkfarley for the great idea.
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By Julie0902
Jan 18, 2007
Birthday cake for my son's first birthday.  Great because it gave him his own section to destroy and the guests to enjoy themselves.  I got this idea from the Wilton website.  My first attempt at baking and decorating a cake.
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By jlg0508
Jan 24, 2007
Baby Einstein for a 1st birthday.  All BC.
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By beachcakes
Jan 25, 2007
3 2
By CakeL8T
Jan 27, 2007
I owe this design to jennyshultz11. I loved her concept and copied it almost exactly -- thank you, Jenny! I made this cake for my nephew Terry's first birthday party and it was a big hit! Two-tier cake iced in white BC with all BC accents. The "Happy Birthday" ribbon is rolled fondant iced with BC letters. Thanks for looking!
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By Vmoore
Feb 2, 2007
Again, thanks to jennyshultz11 for the design concept! This is another shot of my Baby Einstein cake. Thanks for looking :)
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By Vmoore
Feb 2, 2007
Choc bc w/ fondant
By debbilicious
Feb 2, 2007
Spice Cake w/Banana filling & vanilla buttercream icing.
This was for Hubby's 50th birthday (insect person) and I actually learned a lot in the process...1st attempt at sculpted cake. Inspired by photo contributor andrealynmoore...thank you!
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By ChristaPaloma
Feb 10, 2007
This cake was inspired by so many of the adorable Baby Einstein cakes posted here, but mostly a cake posted by jennyschultz11.  Thank you Jenny!  The picture insets are other characters that wrapped around the cake.  All BC, characters done freehand on the cake.
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By momsandraven
Feb 10, 2007
Tried to make a leaf cake using the heart shaped pan.  Using a bundt pan, I made the caterpillar.  I cut it in half and placed the pieces opposite of each other.  Chocolate chips for the feet, M&M's for eyes, licorice for antennaes.
By krysoco
Feb 11, 2007
Used half of Wilton Ball Pan.  All Buttercream. Red Licorice Antenna with BC toppers.
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By MandMCakeDesigns
Feb 16, 2007
This was done for a 1st birthday. Cake is 5-6" rounds, decorated in buttercream. The hearts were at his mom's request,  because his birthday falls on Valentine's day!
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By lindsaycakes
Feb 17, 2007


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