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This is my first 3D cake!! It's made using the sports ball. All cakes are yellow choc swirl with bc icing. I can't wait to do my next 3D cake!
21 57
By bigcatz
Sep 10, 2005
Baby Einstein
7 15
By rydersmom
Sep 14, 2005
Colorful caterpillar, covered with fondant
7 30
By desertm
Oct 13, 2005
3 tiered cake in chocolate and yellow with whipped buttercream icing. Figures are all fondant.
17 11
By krissy_kze
Oct 30, 2005
The theme of the show was "New Beginnings".  My cake represented the life cycle as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.  There were 5 size stages of caterpillars shown, as well as the crysalis and butterflies on top.
The butterflies were made following directions on this site.  I hand-modeled the caterpillars and colored them with a combination of pens and gel colors.  The leaves were made with marbelized fondant.
13 16
By Rainbow_Moon
Oct 30, 2005
Closeup of the details on the bottom tier with the caterpillars
By Rainbow_Moon
Oct 30, 2005
MMF covered with buttercream characters.  Caterpillar on top of cake is gumpaste and small smash cake with buttercream.  I loved the colors with this cake - the characters really stood out!
5 21
By _ChristyB_
Nov 7, 2005
I am certainly not a cake expert (just take a look at my horrible frosting! hee hee) but I had a ball making this cake.  It was my first other than a sheet cake.  My next attempt I will make the frosting thicker.  Cake making is sure hard!  Kudos to you all.  Happy baking! :)
5 5
By GoryLaurie
Dec 21, 2005
Buttercream grass. Fondant caterpillar, using mini wonder molds. Candy for feet. Spaghetti and fondant for antennae.
2 14
By Sunflowerbagel
Feb 4, 2006
Buttercream grass. Fondant caterpillar, using mini wonder molds. Candy for feet. Spaghetti and fondant for antennae.
4 9
By Sunflowerbagel
Feb 4, 2006
A friend of mine asked me to make this cake for his wife, as a present. The inscription says: "just because you are nice".
16 29
By desertm
Feb 11, 2006
Some cupcakes that I threw together for fun.  We were getting together with friends and I thought it would be fun to make a little treat for the kids.
2 1
By IsaacsMom
Feb 23, 2006
Okay I ordered these too.  For my son's bday with a bug theme.  We asked for a green base of frosting with caterpillar in yelloe, light green and orange.   These were for the kids party and I was just too overloaded to bake cupcakes too.  The kids and my son loved them. (Yes, my middle daughter and son's bdays are 5 days apart and we did a combined kids party this year. We took erevyone to the May Muesum, otherwise known at the bug museum!)
6 33
By beanyhunter
Mar 4, 2006
Baby Einstein Caterpillar cake
5 7
By jenschaaf
Mar 28, 2006
I had recalled seeing this cake on the Wilton site and thought I would give it a try.  I made this cake in January but I wish I would have added some feet and done something different with the antennas.  I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever make another one.  I tried to use colors to match the bright napkins and plates for my DD's party.
6 6
By calla74
Apr 19, 2006
This is the first birthday cake for a friend's twin boys.  It is a 1/2 sheet cake and took a lot more icing than I originally anticipated.  I think I used a total of 7 batches of buttercream icing (I lost count around 5).
1 7
By TealiciouslyYours
May 3, 2006
I made this for my son's first birthday. The blue background and the blue on the caterpillar stood apart much better in real life... They blend too much in the picture:( But it was a lot of fun!
3 3
By nancinewell
May 4, 2006
I'm proud of this cake because it was the first time that the mom said she thinks she was going to cry when she first saw it!  That just makes all of the hours we spend decorating cakes worthwhile!
5 9
By cmmom
May 5, 2006
Here's my take on Debbie Brown's Toadstools ... I added a flower fairy and a caterpillar ... cute!
All made of fondant!
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By bmote1
May 7, 2006
Buttercream with fondant/gumpaste bugs and bow.
3 9
By _ChristyB_
May 13, 2006
I made leaves on  the side of this cake because the caterpillar eats everything including the last leaf.
1 1
By CakeBakingGurl
May 15, 2006
I made this for my daughter's first birthday!
2 1
By melliemelo
May 21, 2006
I made this caterpillar from baby Einstein for my friend's daughters 1st birthday, he was almost three feet long.
1 6
By ltlmzcbw
May 26, 2006
I made this cake for my daughters first birthday.  It isn't exactly how I wanted it because I ran out of time.  Everyone at the party seemed to like it.
3 3
By jenib_99
Jun 1, 2006
This cake, along w/the frogs, were for twin boys.  It was fun to break away from the girly designs I love to do and try something for boys.  Airbrushed the background, then piped the bugs. Thanks for looking!
2 6
By momsandraven
Jun 4, 2006
I made this practice cake for my nephew's 1st b-day. The real one is getting done later this week. I am glad I did a practice run of it, it was tricky for me to keep it from looking sloppy. I am hoping the final one comes out neater now that I have done it once! It is all buttercream....
2 1
By katiedeva
Jun 10, 2006
Baby Einstein caterpillar was requested.  The head is a small cake covered in fondant.  The body is just buttercream icing.
7 18
By mrsa143
Jun 13, 2006
I am making ladybug cupcakes for my son'e calss this week, so I decided to do the same theme for this monthly order I have.  Chocolate bugs inspired by the Whimsical Bakehouse.
3 32
By Schmoop
Jun 15, 2006
2 2
By KayDay
Jun 17, 2006
This picture is awful but the cake was fun. I used fondant for the tail, antennas, and feet.
5 7
By Kellie1583
Jun 24, 2006
This was made for a first Birthday Party.  There was also a "baby Einstein" logo smash cake for the Birthday Boy!
2 4
By nathanikka
Jun 24, 2006
10" & 6" French Vanilla with buttercream. Royal Icing flowers, fondant butterflies and lady bugs. The mother almost cried when she saw it! Yay
12 85
By Jenn123
Jul 8, 2006
I made this for one of my friends who had a little girl turning 1. Party theme was baby einstein....obviously.  This is all white cake with lemon flavored  buttercream dream for the filling and crusting buttercream ll for the icing and grass. I must say that those recipes from this site turned out awesome. I had 2 pieces of cake myself. Catepillar was made withe the Wilton sports ball pan and I cut out fondant for the face pieces,little legs, and the sign.
2 14
By ctorno
Jul 9, 2006
This cake was for a baby's first birthday. The caterpillar's head was the "smash cake". White cake with red raspberry filling and buttercream icing.
3 46
By Michele25
Jul 22, 2006
This is a cake I did for a friend's daughter's 1st Birthday.  I thought it turned out really cute!  It was fun to do.
1 6
By dconley
Jul 30, 2006
This is the smash cake for the 1st Birthday cake of baby einstein.
1 3
By dconley
Jul 30, 2006
3 8
Aug 2, 2006
I did this cake for my niece's first birthday. It was all vanilla with BC. I was so happy with how it turned out! Everyone loved it!  The cookies on top are just butter cookies with piped BC. It took me about a week to complete this. I forgot to add that the inspiration for this cake came from coolest birthday cakes website.
4 8
By yummyhobby
Aug 6, 2006
iced cupcakes with a cake icer then piped details with a #10 & #3 tip
1 10
By jsmoliks
Aug 6, 2006
I love these litle guys!!
By zoozieqv
Apr 18, 2005


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