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Kitty Cat Birthday Cake
4 6
Apr 13, 2005
4 3
By Connie515
Apr 13, 2005
Debbie Brown Inspiried. Chocolate cake made in the wiltons ball pan with a molded cat on top.
13 25
By cakeconfections
Apr 30, 2005
Made for my niece's birthday
1 2
By cakecre8tor
May 17, 2005
I took this idea from Debbie Brown's 50 Easy Party Cakes. I now wish I had taken the time to make the yarn out of mmf but the effect is still there:) This is a surprise cake for my friend. Her husband and herself come home from their honeymoon tomorrow and I know she's been missing her kitty while she's gone! She loves cats!!
14 63
By reiscakes
Jun 23, 2005
Pink princess cake-from this site, buttercream stars, Wilton Kitty pan.
My daughter was very certain she wanted a "Serafina" (from the "Barbie, Princess and the Pauper" video) cake.
4 11
By jordie17
Jun 25, 2005
Made this for my grandaughters 4th birthday. Planned on doing a cat on a bed but since I had cake scraps leftover I added three kittens. She just loved it and saved one of the kittens for later. We can now add basket weave to our repetoir. My daughter-in-law has got her buttercream down pat now.
19 21
By freddie
Jul 17, 2005
This is a cake that I did for my husband.   I think he was just making up something to see if I could do it.  I just started taking classes in June and he said all of my cakes were he maed up this cake for me to make.  He said he wanted his cat midnight, dressed up in a spiderman costume, shooting a web out of his paw and sitting in a spider web.  Well I did the best I can.  For his paw I made it out of fondant.  And those little white spikes out of his paw is suppose to be a web made of fondant.
By gingoreilly
Sep 12, 2005
This is my first cupcake cake.  They are yellow cupcakes with chocolate filling.  It is iced in buttercream with a FBCT (second try and the FBCT).
3 3
By tinabee
Sep 17, 2005
This is an icecream cake, made for a lady who loves purple color and cats. A combined creation to express both her choices.
3 7
By sahaya_anitha
Sep 22, 2005
MMF fondant covered cake......wondermold body, cake molded for head, arms and tail. buttercream crumb coat and mmf fondant in violet and hot pink.
2 19
By Egotrip77
Oct 9, 2005
this was a retirement cake for a lady I work with she is an accountant and loves cats so I thoght I would have a kitten playing with the tape off on of the calculators. The kitten is molded out of candy, the calculator is made out of fondant, cake is buttercream
6 3
By kgunn
Oct 18, 2005
This is a cake I made for my step-dad's birthday. Milk chocolate cake with butter rum BC. Cat on top is royal icing.
2 4
By mamafrogcakes
Oct 24, 2005
Made 3 kittens for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  Was a fun one to make.  My first attempt at basketweave and it wasn't as hard or time consuming as I thought it might be.
12 46
By mindy
Oct 29, 2005
Bats, witches, pumpkins, ghosts, cats & spiderwebs......spoooooky!
12 58
By antonia74
Oct 30, 2005
Not my favorite cake...but this is what the customer wanted. 12x18 cookie cake with edible images of party bags. They loved it.
1 1
By traci
Oct 30, 2005
Black cat with pumpkins.  Cat is cake with black dyed coconut.  Pumpkins are candles.
By NinaClaunch
Oct 31, 2005
Made this for dd's 1st grade Halloween party. 26 cupcakes with BCT transfer. The cupcakes are filled as she won't have it any other way!
7 32
By bambi64
Nov 1, 2005
This cake was made for my cousins halloween/birthday party.  It is a vanilla cake with chocolate pastry cream and covered in vanilla buttercream.  I airbrushed the color onto the cake and made the letters with royal icing ahead of time.  The cauldron is made of cake and then covered in black fondant and dusted with petal dusts for the old look.  The green goo is colored piping gel and the eyeballs, bones, ghosts, cat and pumpkins are made of fondant or gumpaste.
2 1
By pastrypuffgirl
Nov 3, 2005
This was for my cousins Halloween/Birthday Party.  It is chocolate cake with chocolate pastry cream and chocolate buttercream.  I airbrushed darker brown over the icing.  The letters were done ahead of time with Royal Icing.  The fingers are aluminum foil wrapped in gumpaste strips.  The ghosts, RIPs, bones, and eyeballs are gumpaste or fondant.
By pastrypuffgirl
Nov 3, 2005
This cake was made for my cousin's birthday. She saw a picture of this cake on another website, so this is not an original design. White chocolate hazelnut cake, with white chocolate ganache. Covered in fondant, with a hand moulded Kitty made out of gumpaste. Gumpaste plaque, stamped lettering, dusted with chalk and sparkle dust.
6 21
By boonenati
Nov 5, 2005
I know he's a little basic but the concept and plans were from scratch and he's my first attempt so I'm quite proud! Was surprised he tasted really good too!
12 7
By littleal
Nov 18, 2005
A Debbie Brown design.  Peanutbutter cake with peanutbutter buttercream.  My grandmother's favorite for her 81st birthday.  Thanks everyone for your help with the pb cake recipes.  I used the doctored mix pb cake.
23 28
By thecakemaker
Nov 19, 2005
This was SO much easier to do in buttercream! I'll never go back to struggling to cover these tiers in fondant!!

Did the wild colours with Americolor dyes, fondant detailing. Cheshire cat in gumpaste. Pearls in fondant dusted with irridescent powder.

Cake is Pistachio with Passionfruit buttercream, Dark Chocolate with Grand Marnier buttercream & Banana with Coconut buttercream.
90 1,267
By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
I made mini cakes for my coworkers for Halloween. These are 4" rounds, butter cake, 1 layer, torted and filled with pumpkin butter.  Buttercream icing covered in fondant.  Some turned out better than others.  I think this was my 4th time working with fondant.
1 2
By delightfulsweetbea
Nov 20, 2005
This was my first CCC.  
I actually made three CCC for school parties all due on the same day so I guess my first one was actually three
8 27
By Fishercakes
Dec 15, 2005
Here is the third one of the series.
5 24
By Fishercakes
Dec 15, 2005
Chocolate cake iced in buttercream with ribbon on cushion and kitten.  Made for a 7 year old girl who loves her stuffed white kitty cat.
10 35
By tripletmom
Dec 17, 2005
This was for my women's hockey team.  We were league champs and we had orange jerseys.  I thought Bill the cat was perfect fit.  : )  I used Wilton's orange spray for Bill.  Chocolate cake with vanilla mouse filling.
8 4
By okieinalaska
Dec 17, 2005
A welcome cake I did for an adoption party. The little girl is 4 years old and loves cats.  I used two 8" rounds for the cat (cut up).  Fun and easy for us beginner types.
2 3
By wyatt
Jan 18, 2006
Cookie bouquet made for wedding shower.  Container is family heirloom cat cookie jar.  No fail sugar cookies, with Antonia74's icing and Wilton Foor Writer marker details.
14 15
By slejdick
Jan 30, 2006
This cake was for a friend's retirement party.  She has a lot of cats and she really liked this cake.  She saved all the cats off the top and took them home to her daughter.  This was a white almond sour cream cake, raspberry filling with white and chocolate buttercream icing and royal icing daisies and drop flowers.
10 27
By cindy6250
Feb 10, 2006
This was just a practice cake. Lots of stars, not much of a challenge, but I thought it was cute when I was finished.
5 8
By cindy6250
Feb 12, 2006
Birthday cake of a girls cat.  Devil's food cake with Peanut Butter Cream Icing.
3 3
By karizkakes
Feb 17, 2006
Birthday cake of a girls cat.  White cake with tinted buttercream icing.
7 6
By karizkakes
Feb 17, 2006
This is the cake I made for my office's January Birthday Celebration.  My birthday is in January and I collect Hello Kitty, so I figured that since I had to make my own birthday cake, I'd at least make one that I wanted!

The bottom layer is a 10" round made of butter cake with raspberry filling. The top layer is also a 10" round that I trimmed to make the face.  It is chocolate fudge cake.  All iced with buttercream.
5 1
By delightfulsweetbea
Feb 21, 2006
hat is cut from a 7x11 and the face is cut from a 6" round.  all done in buttercream.
27 67
By sweetcakes
Feb 24, 2006
Found this in an old Wilton Yearbook and had to make it.  It was Banana cake with cinnamon buttercream icing. This was done October 2005.
8 21
By cindy6250
Feb 24, 2006
This is another cake I made last weekend.  It was for a 6yo girl who loves cats.  Realized too late that I forgot to add the whiskers, but she loved it anyway.  This was one layer chocolate, one layer yellow and the kittens were strawberry with buttercream filling and icing.  It's a 12 inch cake and used the mini balls to make the kittens.
21 37
By cindy6250
Feb 25, 2006
this was for my daughters 9th bday;she's crazy for cheetahs!! the cheetah was <a href=>lamb pan</a> that i cut the ears and nose off of. i built them back up w/ straws and foil that i covered w/butter cream. the legs and tail are all butter cream.granulated sugr is the "sand" and the base is a full sheet cake.
13 37
By tabs8774
Apr 13, 2005


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