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By kaatzmi
Feb 27, 2013
Lemon cake, covered in vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant.
By LuisaMaria
Jul 7, 2013
By nomcaca
Nov 8, 2012
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By deedee1978
Feb 13, 2014
Princess Castle
By SweetLiving
Mar 31, 2013
By MarisParis
Aug 5, 2013
Dragon and castle cake for an 18th birthday.
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By twrightey
May 4, 2014
Birthday cake for a 5 year old.

Vanilla cake with vanilla BC, covered in fondant.  Towers made of gumpaste and have chocolates and sweets hidden inside.

Dragon made out of fondant and the knight is gumpaste.
By Milliamo
Jan 13, 2014
Largest cake I've made to date, had so much fun!  This was for my niece and she specified she wanted a princess party and pink, so this was what I came up with :)  Towers are fondant, turrets are waffle cones covered in fondant (found a good tutorial from  Sizes are 12" square and 8", 6", 4" rounds.  This cake was 24" high!  The banner is gumpaste with handpainted letters in black gel paste mixed with vodka.  To get this color pink I used hot pink, magenta, and burgundy gel pastes.  For the gold I used gold glaze and painted it on.   I researched it a little too late, but I didn't like the color of this gold paint.  To get a darker gold, I found on CC that many people use gold highlighter mixed with vodka.  All the pink is dusted with pink luster dust and the blue windows are dusted with blue luster dust.
I couldn't get a very full shot of the cake with the foam core board I had on hand (note to self, buy bigger board for future cakes). TFL!
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By MarisParis
Aug 5, 2013
Three tier princess castle cake, inspired by a design from Royal Bakery
By LetsEatCake2012
May 7, 2013
I made this cake for my granddaughter's birthday.  The tower is made from cereal treats held up by PVC pipe.  The figurines were purchased to add to the cake.
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By grandmomof1
Sep 30, 2013
Thessaloniki's white castle
By Aspadeco
Jul 24, 2014
By JuliaMarie
Aug 10, 2014
Lemon cake, covered in vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant.
By LuisaMaria
Jul 7, 2013
By gammyscakes
Jun 13, 2013
Peppa Pig castle cake
By Milliamo
Jul 21, 2014
Three tier princess castle cake, inspired by a design from Royal Bakery
By LetsEatCake2012
May 7, 2013
1st attempt at Carving
This cake was created using an old issue of Cake Craft & Decoration
The cake and Dragon are both cake and Fairy Model
By fiestykax
Apr 22, 2013
Un Castillo para la princesa Camila / A castle for princess Camila
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By Corikiky
Sep 6, 2013
By Galatia
Mar 15, 2014
By FairycakeGR
Dec 15, 2013
Princess castle with hollow turrets in which the tops lift off to reveal candy!
By Tip-TopCakes
Jan 28, 2014
My daughter saw this cake on a Debbie Brown website (my daughter loves dragons) and had to have this cake!  I was able to get Ms. Brown's book Marigal Cakes, which has all the directions on how to do this, since this was my first 3-D scrulpted cake ever!  Her directions are clear and easy to follow.  My daughter loved it!
By twinsarefund
Jul 17, 2006
By siahsammi
Aug 13, 2007
6in chocolate hexagon cake, 10in round carrot cake, 12in square lemon cake. All covered in white fondant painted with super pearl lustre dust. Glittered pastillage butterflies, pastillage covered towers with glittered roofs. Gumpaste door, windows, vines & flowers painted with silver lustre. Liberal sprinkling of white disco glitter on flat areas.
By MikeRowesHunny
Jul 21, 2007
Here is the stone work on the castle. The other picture is kinda blurry...Sorry
By jenurator
Dec 30, 2005
My Little Pony Princess Celestia Castle cake!
 Towers made out of ice cream cones, rainbow is made out of foam and covered in fondant, & pony is a toy.
Both tiers Vanilla cake w/strawberry filling.
By Lymaris81
Oct 6, 2012
this is the back view
By aussienyankie
Sep 13, 2007
This is the back side, all over the cake si flowers butterflys and birds, Its just very hard to see them...Thanks for looking
By aussienyankie
Sep 16, 2007
By TheCakeMomCo
Oct 11, 2012
By VeraMadeira
Dec 3, 2010
Medieval castle cake. with ivy
By Kez82
Aug 25, 2009
Here is the cake with out figures....advice on the towers is welcome.  thanks for looking, Julia
By acookieobsession
Mar 18, 2007
i did this for my niece for her first birthday. the cake was  a 16" square the castle was on 6"&10" styrofoam dummies
By fmme2u
Apr 25, 2009
By kaz79
Feb 4, 2007
two tear cake with two princesses and a frog blowing kisses icecream cone towers and fondont flowers
By angela35
Aug 29, 2007
Close of freehand modelled Dora & Boots.
By Arty
May 5, 2007
close up of the door on the bottom layer
By neurnr
Feb 7, 2007
Another view showing bridges and walkways
By allissandra
Mar 19, 2008
12" Hexigon yellow cake with vanilla buttercream.  Fondant decorations and dragon.
By SusanReis
Dec 11, 2009


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