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By Feefs
Apr 7, 2006
This is a full triple chocolate fudge sheet cake.  The round cake is white all buttercream. The door and the leaves are MMF colored by hand.
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By mayra
Apr 9, 2006
The birthday gift for my friend's daughter's 5 birthday party (Along with "Dragon" cake submitted before for her son's 7th birthday - "Knights and princess theme").  I spent so much time creating the dragon, that the castle was rushed.  I would have done more detailing and done a better job if I had of planned my time better.  Live and learn!
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By hockeymom
Apr 13, 2006
This was a first birthday cake for my niece.  My sister requested a funfetti cake iced with butter cream.  I used fondant to make the roses, leaves, hearts, windows and castle door.  A photo of the birthday girl was added to one of the castle windows. A tiara and a disney princess candle finished the design.
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By Icemom
Apr 17, 2006
I made this based of a pic the mother gave me of a porcelain castle.  I did the best I could to match.  It is all cake with buttercream icing.  The bottom is a carved 10" square.  The upper part is a 6" square.  The top part of the towers were either scrapes or I used my small round pans.  The banners and flowers are made from candy clay.  I had a terrible time taking the pic.  There was a window in the background.  I ended up cutting out the corner.  Sorry, not my best work.
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By talmas
Apr 17, 2006
I pretty much only get to decorate cakes for my children's birthdays.  Hopefully I'll get to take some Wilton classes one of these days so I can improve.  The spires on the castle are made of inverted waffle ice cream cones on top of upright traditional cones.  The flags are just card stock attached to toothpicks.  I made this one before finding all the great advice on CC.  Now I want to try a post CC castle cake!
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By calla74
Apr 18, 2006
4 layers 8 inch squares.Used pringles cans for towers.Made royal icing plaque,banner and flags.Dollar store toys to finish.Blue gel for water around mote.
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By Kiddiekakes
Apr 20, 2006
I made this for my daughter's 4th birthday.  It was a huge hit with all the princesses in attendance!
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By mollye
Apr 21, 2006
This is the back and I think a better picture. :)
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By mollye
Apr 21, 2006
8" round w/ BC icing and light brown sugar for sand.  White chocolate shells.  The towers are made out of ice cream cones.
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By bjfranco
Apr 23, 2006
I did this castle for my neices a few years back.  :)  The bottom layer is a dummy though...;)  My first and only castle to date.
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By candy177
Apr 23, 2006
Cinderllas castle made with mmf, all edible with fairy godmother.
4 teirs,  accented with luster dust gold and pearl all over.......this was for my niece/goddaughter we joked that we had to take a feild trip for inspiration  since we went to disney for vacation earlier in the month. so thats were taht came from the god mother is based of the debbie brown design but changed a little
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By lastingmoments
Apr 29, 2006
Girl's first birthday....modified candyland colors to a mellow pink and cream...all fondant decorations...
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By adven68
May 1, 2006
This was my first attempt at a castle cake.  It turned out so huge!  Somehow my cakes usually end up that way!
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By Somethin-Sweet
May 2, 2006
My first castle cake...was fun but a lot of work!! Three layer cake, all buttercream on cakes.  Brick effect added with putty knife edge. Towers are made out of rice krispy treats on dowel rods for stability, covered in marbled pink fondant. (Looked cool, the texture of the rice krispy treat made it look like stone.) Whew, glad it's done!
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By lalerlang
May 2, 2006
Used the three holed star tip and still wore out my hand. Buttercream icing and royal flowers.
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By mommachris
May 2, 2006
I took a couple ideas from the awesome site and put them together to make my first cake for someone outside of my family.  I made this for a little girls 2nd birthday.  As you can see i used sugar cones and the towers are made of paper towel rolls cut to all sizes.  I covered them with BC...i am sure fondant may have been easier but still too new to adventure there.  The bottom tier is 14" and the top tier is 8"....please leave honest comments..i need the advice... happy looking and God Bless!
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By vrjenny
May 2, 2006
Sandbucket is iced in IMBC and covered with MMF flowers are gumpaste shells are white choc. The sandcastle is iced in IMBC flowers and topper are made of gumpaste all the seacreatures and other accent pieces are MMF. The sand is brown suger and graham cracker crumbs.
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By brendaanne
May 2, 2006
This cake was made for my son's birthday.  I used the Wilton pan to make a castle cake, and decorated it to look like the castle in Harry Potter.  The rocks in the background are chocolate rock candy.
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By LisaV10001
May 3, 2006
Cherry chip cake w/vanilla cream filling.  Whimsical castle cake covered in MMF.  Stars, princess, turrets, & flowers are fondant, fondant edible image birthday plaque, and rock candy.  Based on a design from Just Fabulous website.  Cake is 7" high.  Thanks fro looking!
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By newtocakes
May 4, 2006
I made this cake for my cousin's 3rd birthday.  She is having a princess party.  I haven't got the topper yet, so I will take another pic once I get it.  The bottom layer is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling and the top layer is white cake with plain buttercream filling.  The towers are ice cream cones.  I used light corn syrup as glue for the towers.  It seemed to hold well.  It was fun to make.
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By tsuitor
May 5, 2006
This took forever to make!  The castle is white cake with cookie filling covered with buttercream.  The turrets are fondant with icecream cones covered in light blue candy melts.  I used rolled buttercream for the door, rocks and etc.  Transporting this made me a nervous wreck!  The turrets kept leaning more and more before we got there....but I was able to fix it.  The birthday girl loved it.  Thank goodness!
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By 411angela
May 6, 2006
Buttercream icing, coconut grass.
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By fahril99
May 7, 2006
I made this cake for my daughters birthday. It's all pink, inside and out, just the way she wanted.  It's only my third cake, I'm learning.
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By audreylovesbrian
May 9, 2006
Igot this cake design from BHG web. site. I made this for my granddaugters 9th birthday.
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By lswren
May 10, 2006
My lil'cousin wanted to design her own b-day I gave her a pencil and I let her help me draw a castle picture...when I walked in the party with her cake her smile was well worth the 8 hours it took me to decorate the cake!!!
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By Melissue76
May 11, 2006
Turrets are ice cream cones covered with royal icing
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By SoldierJunkie
May 12, 2006
Pink castle cake for daughter's 3rd BD! All edible, loved the pink glitter!
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By ladybug03
May 12, 2006
This was my first 'paid' cake.  A mom won the church auction for a custom cake for her son's birthday.  This is what we designed.  His party was knights and dragons.
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By feverfixer
May 13, 2006
I made this cake for a family members birthday, I got the idea from BHG website.
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By lswren
May 14, 2006
Rapunzel is made out of gumpaste.  Her hair, the flowers, leaves and vine up the tower are royal icing.  Everything else is fondant.  The whole castle including the roof is butter cake.
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By Renuka
May 14, 2006
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By tawnyachilders
May 15, 2006
My son wanted a castle (knight)theme for his 6th birthday so I did this with cupcakes that he took for school.
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By jewels625
May 15, 2006
My baby turned 6! He wanted a knights party so I made him a castle cake-SO much inspiration from CC-THANKS TO ALL THE TALENTED CAKE ARTISTS!!!  It took a fair amount of time but was lots of fun.  Main castle section is a yellow sheet cake halved and stacked with a 2 layer 6"round chocolate on the top.  Corners are tw ice cream cones stacked and then one for the center turret. All BC. Lot's of fun designing!
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By jewels625
May 15, 2006
Princess cake for a Princess' birthday party.  The design was shamelessly borrowed from someone on this site--you guys rock.  Doctored yellow cake with cookies and cream filling.  MMF flowers and banner, but the rest is BC.
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By sk8gr8md
May 16, 2006
Here is the Harry Potter Castle cake that I made for my sons birthday. I felt like I could have done MUCH better ... but he loved it and I guess that is all that matters. The icing was almost an orange/yellow color. It was suppose to be tan. Oh well, live and learn right ... lol
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By sabbrina
May 17, 2006
Castle for my niece. Two square cakes are chocolate w/ whipped chocolate fill and yellow w/BC. Round is white w/ BC fill. Castle is all BC. used ice cream cones for towers. Looked at all the castles on CC and used for idea. Thanks Mac for your model.
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By stylishbite
May 20, 2006
This was for my middle son's birthday.  The castle is based on Lindy Smith's castle cake in her Storybook Cakes book.  The board is covered in fondant and I had painted on the message. The crest symbols are edible images of the Kelley family crest.
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By missyek
May 21, 2006
This is my first castle cake and it was so much fun!  I ran out of room for the little girl's name, so I made a letter "A" monogram out of some beads.  My customer was going to add Disney Princesses and Dora on the cake at the party.  The cake was white with BC and white choc raspberry mousse.  Thanks for looking!
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By MellyD
May 21, 2006
This was a cake I did for pool party. Something with a beach ball is all she told me and this is what I came up with.  I used upside down ice cream cones for the "towers" on the sand castle, graham cracker crumbs for the "sand" and Wilton candy melts for the sea shells. It turned out pretty cute... the birthday boy loved it!
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By fortheloveofcake
May 22, 2006


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