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Cameron is quite the fairy princess type girl.  So a fairytale castle was what she ordered for her 4th birthday.  This castle differs quite a bit from the Battle Castle I made for Zack.  Instead of the stone wall press plate, I decided to create the impression of bricks by randomly scattering patterns of two or three bricks in relief.   (more below)
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By karthurs
Apr 13, 2005
I made this for the soliders in my husbands unit for Christmas.
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By cjlmommy
Apr 13, 2005
From the popular Disney film Shrek, this cake brings out the imagination using some commercial available figures, and some of our own edible figurines. The airbrushed colors of the tree, grass and mountain bring out the cardboard castle theme too..
9 17
By Cynch
Apr 13, 2005
First time to EVER decorate a cake!  Now when I see it, it is too funny!  LOL!!  This was for a Princess Theme Baby Shower.
17 55
By CakesUnleashed
Apr 13, 2005
This was the first 2 layer cake I made for my daughter's 2nd birthday.  I did the out edge a little too thin but other than that I liked it.
4 14
By MaddieCakes
Apr 25, 2005
This cake was for a princess party. I stacked the castle cake on a square sheet cake. They loved it!
4 8
By traci
May 8, 2005
This is my first try at cake decorating.  I used to have my neighbor do my cakes and wanted to start doing them myself.  This cake I made for my daughter's 3rd bithday.  Any comments, suggestions appreciated.
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May 12, 2005
made for my daughters 6th birthday
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By cakecre8tor
May 24, 2005
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By katie
May 31, 2005
White cake w/Buttercream frosting w/raw sugar added for sand - realized later that brown sugar would have worked. :(
This was for a beach theme baby shower.
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By bjfranco
Jul 1, 2005
I have never taken any classes in cake decorating, but after looking through the gallery here I decided to try to make a castle cake for my daughter's birthday. I definatly need to work on getting it even. it's a little topsy-turvy.:)
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By Everemton
Jul 1, 2005
Found this idea on the web! Was fun to do but took a while to decorate due to being a new challenge to me! Everything was decorated in buttercream. Flowers were fondant. I make these up whenever I have extra fondant then I always have flowers when I need them.
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By Darstus
Jul 4, 2005
Castle cake for 1-year old's party. Everything is edible. The castle corners and edgings are fondant, the domes and flags are rice paper, the walkway is fondant.
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By Amylou
Jul 8, 2005
Pineapple cake /w pineapple flavor buttercream my try at a castle cake inspired by
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By blessBeckysbaking
Jul 10, 2005
This was my first attempt at a castle cake, there are a lot of mistakes and I learned a lot of lessons. I guess it didn't turn out too bad, hopefully the next one will turn out better.
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By rhomb
Jul 16, 2005
2 layer 8x8 chocolate cake.
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By piramirez
Jul 17, 2005
OK... this is a 10" 8" and 6" topper.... Banana nut cake, with whimisical buttercreme filling, faux fondant icing, and the sand is made of pecan sandies and vanilla waffer cookies crushes...It really had a good flavor even with the cookie crumbs all over it...
7 8
By cakegal
Jul 18, 2005
I just came across this pic.  I made this before I really knew anything about decorating...looking back I'm surprised at how cute it is!  Thanks for looking!
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By edcjenv
Jul 18, 2005
Harry Potter theme for my daughter's birthday. School made of 1 strawberry and  1 cinnamon swirl cake with buttercream frosting.  Turrets are cardboard paper towel rolls covered in fondant. Entire thing has a cobblestone pattern imprinted on it, ( can't see the details in this photo) and tops of turrets are sugar cones covered in buttercream. Flags and mascots are paper.
11 34
By KimAZ
Jul 25, 2005
i stole this idea from someone on this site (can't remember the name off hand) Nice idea, but a lot of work. i was so tired, i didn't even bother to do the rose vines on the outside!!
By Tazalexis
Jul 31, 2005
Fondant, BC and royal icing. First castle. Took about 15 hrs from baking to finish.
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By Thalia
Aug 3, 2005
this cake was made for my daughter's 4th party.  It's a two layer quarter cake and 6in. on top.  The border is rosebuds and the cones are just sugar cones that I layered with frosting.  I also added pink and purple food coloring for a extra special touch to the cake batter-big hit!
8 38
By cookiemonster
Aug 6, 2005
3 6
By Beebug123
Aug 9, 2005
First paying cake! :) Still working on mmf technique so had corner touch ups. Castles are fun, but do take a while. Cake is 3 layer chocolate with almond bc and strawberry filling. MMF and royal icing decor. Sugar cones for turrets..paper towel rolls used for towers.
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By Thalia
Aug 11, 2005
My first attempt at fondant and cake sculpting.
16 45
By Rexy
Aug 23, 2005
Carrot Cake with cream cheese icing covered in "sand"  Also has chocolate shells.
By Mitzynva
Aug 26, 2005
Castle Cake for my daughter's 3rd birthday....not as nice as I would like but she "helped" me and if you all have ever tried to make a cake with children around you can understand why it looks like it does...but she loves it and I guess that is all that matters.
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By Mitzynva
Aug 26, 2005
2 1/2 tier chocolate cake with cookies n cream filling. Whole cake is edible including the 7 towers. Sugar plaque made with gumpaste and royal icing roses/leaves.
18 101
By crouton800
Aug 28, 2005
My first cake, for my 2 yo daughter who loved it, though it's not so beautiful...But anyway, she liked it! :)
15 13
By Liliputienne
Aug 29, 2005
5 18
By tawnyachilders
Sep 12, 2005
17 45
By Aitza
Sep 12, 2005
I made this for my daughter's 6th birthday. Pink is her favorite color.
3 13
By bambi64
Sep 15, 2005
4 y.o. granddaughter wanted a castle cake for her Princesses and this is what we came up with.  We did gather ideas from many of the cakes on here and I thank you, we couldn't have done so without the inspiration of your cakes! 
10" triple layer bottom, 6" double layer top, colored balls are fondant and the towers are paper towel tubes wrapped in fondant with sugar cones on top also wrapped in fondant.  Little RI flowers in the grass.
7 78
By jscakes
Sep 18, 2005
Made it for my little grandson for his belated birthday. He wanted it in gray. It's torted twice with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. The towers were filled with pineapple. Both were yellow cakes.
11 9
By awela
Sep 22, 2005
10" square cake topped with 6" round, 2" round turrents with ice cream cones coated with royal icing shingles.  Trees on side of castle were ice cream cones with royal icing leaves.  Fences, drawbridge, flags, and windows were all color flow.
16 72
By KrazyKross
Sep 25, 2005
Someone asked me for this photo and SORRY...I erased your email! Here it is anyway. The waves were done in fondant and the rest of the cake is all smooth buttercream. The couple made their "first cut" with a tiny gardening spade!!
17 38
By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
I made these for my twin girls who just had their 2nd Birthday Party.  Turrets and tiara are MMF, window pictures are cello favor bags cut to size.  Buttercream decorations and gumpaste roses.  Cakes are (6inch) vanilla with chocolate ganache and (8inch) chocolate with Oreo cookie cream filling.
8 25
By mvucic
Oct 1, 2005
My biggest cake so far. 2- 12" sqaures, 2-6" rounds are cake. The towers are PVC pipe that I had cut to the right height and the turrets are sugar cones.  All buttercream. Took me over 12 hours to make. Also made crown "smash" cakes to go with it.
9 16
By KimAZ
Oct 2, 2005
I got the inspiration off this site,, thanks!!
By tracyscakes
Oct 2, 2005
Here is Zack's 5th Birthday Cake, the Castle...  this one took  forever, but learned a fun technique for the stonewall - Press Plates.  I created a plate using a sm. rectangle of plexiglass & royal icing.  I made a pattern of rough hewn stonewall on the computer.  (completed below)
15 47
By karthurs
Apr 13, 2005


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