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made for my daughters 6th birthday
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By cakecre8tor
May 24, 2005
Found this idea on the web! Was fun to do but took a while to decorate due to being a new challenge to me! Everything was decorated in buttercream. Flowers were fondant. I make these up whenever I have extra fondant then I always have flowers when I need them.
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By Darstus
Jul 4, 2005
4 y.o. granddaughter wanted a castle cake for her Princesses and this is what we came up with.  We did gather ideas from many of the cakes on here and I thank you, we couldn't have done so without the inspiration of your cakes! 
10" triple layer bottom, 6" double layer top, colored balls are fondant and the towers are paper towel tubes wrapped in fondant with sugar cones on top also wrapped in fondant.  Little RI flowers in the grass.
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By jscakes
Sep 18, 2005
Made it for my little grandson for his belated birthday. He wanted it in gray. It's torted twice with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. The towers were filled with pineapple. Both were yellow cakes.
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By awela
Sep 22, 2005
Someone asked me for this photo and SORRY...I erased your email! Here it is anyway. The waves were done in fondant and the rest of the cake is all smooth buttercream. The couple made their "first cut" with a tiny gardening spade!!
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
This was my first attempt at a theme cake.  It was for my daughter's 5th birthday party.  We search the web and many books to finally come up with a cake she liked.  We used sugar cones for the spires, Fruit-striped gum for the flags, and pink ice cream cones for the bottom of the towers.  It was a hit and she still remembers it!!
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By vberry22
Oct 17, 2005
This was for my second daughter's first birthday.  She's our little princess and deserved a fairy castle!  This was taken from a book I own and some pictures at the site.

Thanks for looking,
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By suzyqqq27
Nov 21, 2005
A castle cake for my dd's 4th birthday party.  My first 3D castle cake and I really enjoyed making it.  The princesses were cut out of the invitation and thank you card.  The towers are tall plastic tupperware cups.  The towers stone effect is tip 12 then pressed with a cornstarch finger.  It was challenging at times, but I am really pleased with how it turned out.
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By sweetcreation
Jan 6, 2006
Here is a closer view of the princess castle cake for my dd's 4th birthday party.
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By sweetcreation
Jan 6, 2006
2 castle join together by stairs and a water fountain underneath the stairs.  In the center of the stairs is the wedding couple.  The 2 castle are being pulled by two horse carriage.
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By mamasota
Jan 9, 2006
This is a picture of the Castle Cake that I made. You will find it posted under another ID for me (Messed up when I was registering). It was made using a 10X10X2 Wilton Pan for the bottom tier and a small oblong pan for the top tier. I then cut off the ends of the oblong cake to make it square. The "towers" in front were made using 2 drinking glasses, turning them upside down and frosting them. My donut towers fell and I had to do some quick thinking. Stones were piped using a #12 tip, then flattened.
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By sabbrina
Jan 23, 2006
This is a cake I did for my daughters first birthday.  The theme was snow princess since she was born in late December.  The cake is French Vanilla filled with raspberry perserves.  Icing is buttercream and was dusted with edilble glitter.  Fit for a princess
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By dtmc
Jan 26, 2006
I made this for my son's birthday.  Unfortunately he doesn't eat cake but he thought it was really cool anyway and his friends loved it!!!
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By tinascakes
Feb 16, 2006
This is my Granddaughters 2nd Birthday cake, She loves Cinderella.  Castle & Disney Princess pieces are from a kit. 10" white & 6" chocolate with BC frosting.
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By QueLinda
Feb 26, 2006
Here my second castle cake that I made for my best friends daughters birthday. It was made using a 10X10X2 Wilton Pan for the bottom tier and a small oblong pan for the top tier. Both tires are double layers. I cut off the ends of the top layer of the oblong cake to make just the top layer square. The "towers" were frosted ice-cream cones rolled in pink sugar crystals. Stones were buttercream piped with a #12 tip, then flattened. Took a total of about 4 hrs to decorate.
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By sabbrina
Feb 26, 2006
I was asked to do this cake for a customer who had seen the castle cake I did for my dd.  She wanted a different color scheme and the princess figurines incorporated with the cake, as well as all the princesses being in the windows.  Her 7 year old was very excited and she was very pleased.  Towers are made from plastic cups, princesses cut from invitation and thank-you note.
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By sweetcreation
Mar 5, 2006
This cake was made for my niece on her 3rd  birthday.  We had a beach party theme, so I thought I would try to make a cake that actually looked like a sand castle.  My cousin thought it looked too much like a sand castle to eat. However the kids loved it and so did the adults.
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By kimhamjohn
Mar 14, 2006
I made this cake for my niece.  the images are printed on edible wafer paper.
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By Chef_Mommy
Mar 19, 2006
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By elif
Mar 22, 2006
10" Chocolate Biscuit Cake Base and 6" Chocolate Fudge Sponge with Almond Flavoured Buttercream.  Fondant Iced.
By Sparklycake
Mar 24, 2006
made for my dd thanks to all others who have posted castle cakes you all were my inspiration!!
By ddog
Mar 27, 2006
Castle Cake, fondant, fondant flowers, ice cream cone steeples covered in fondant
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By oceandove
Mar 30, 2006
made this cake for my daughters second birthday, first cake i have decorated in about 8 years.
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By crittleg
Apr 3, 2006
I pretty much only get to decorate cakes for my children's birthdays.  Hopefully I'll get to take some Wilton classes one of these days so I can improve.  The spires on the castle are made of inverted waffle ice cream cones on top of upright traditional cones.  The flags are just card stock attached to toothpicks.  I made this one before finding all the great advice on CC.  Now I want to try a post CC castle cake!
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By calla74
Apr 18, 2006
This cake was made for my son's birthday.  I used the Wilton pan to make a castle cake, and decorated it to look like the castle in Harry Potter.  The rocks in the background are chocolate rock candy.
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By LisaV10001
May 3, 2006
Igot this cake design from BHG web. site. I made this for my granddaugters 9th birthday.
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By lswren
May 10, 2006
Here is the Harry Potter Castle cake that I made for my sons birthday. I felt like I could have done MUCH better ... but he loved it and I guess that is all that matters. The icing was almost an orange/yellow color. It was suppose to be tan. Oh well, live and learn right ... lol
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By sabbrina
May 17, 2006
Castle cake using the castle pan!
By mrsdawnwhite
Jun 16, 2006
first castle for my nieces our princess party!
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By dawnbakescakes
Jun 23, 2006
This was my first attempt at a castle cake. The little girl's fav color is purple! I used a cookie cutter to cut the towers, but I think it was too short to make perfect layers. Oh, well...the customer was really pleased!
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By Genna
Jun 27, 2006
I had alot of help with castle pics on cc so, many nods to you.
After 17 trys of perfecting a good crusting bc, I did it and tinted it pink.
Marshmallow were sprayed with the wilton pink.  The cones and papertowel
sticks were covered with fondant and colored with pink petal dust and pearl
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By vixterfsu
Jul 1, 2006
This cake was made for my two nieces "Princess Party".  It is a 8" and 12" tier.  I looked at several castle cakes on this site and kinda combined several tips and ideas to get the finished product.  The best part was letting my nieces help make the cake.  They loved it.
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By kimhamjohn
Jul 13, 2006
This cake was for my daughter's 6th birthday.  She loved it and thats what really matters.  I see room for improvement.  I'll never forget the look on her face when she saw it!
By throwemndapan
Jul 14, 2006
Another castle cake but this time in purple.  I also remembered the flags at the top of the turrets before I took the picture this time.  I like this cake and it isn't too difficult.
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By suzyqqq27
Jul 25, 2006
A simple single storey castle decorated with non-dairy whipped cream and marshmallow.
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By mid
Aug 4, 2006
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By mocakes
Aug 9, 2006
This was a two sided cake for my daughter and nephew's birthday party.  The girl's side had Cinderella, the boy's side had an executioner.  The cake is red velvet, decorations are buttercream and the turrets are held together with royal icing.
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By valora387
Aug 15, 2006
This is the other side of the two sided castle cake.
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By valora387
Aug 15, 2006
Made this for my nieces 7th Birthday!...made out of 3 square 8 x 8 in cakes....She loved it!!!.
By kermie4
Aug 23, 2006
This cake was for a princess party. I stacked the castle cake on a square sheet cake. They loved it!
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By traci
May 8, 2005


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