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Not my best work, but it was still a hit!  
Two cakes were 12x18 and one 9x13 to sit on top.
The four suits on the bottom half were imprinted from cookie cutters, frosted with their respective color, and then topped with colored sugar, while the cookie cutter was still on the cake.  I would recommend outlining the shapes with a Tip 2 or 3.  
I admit I cheated with the other accessories as they are all non-edible, but many items could be created with chocolate and/or fondant.
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By KimberlyKakes
Oct 26, 2005
Made for a Bunco party that was celebrating two birthdays.  I used an 8x12 pan and junior mints for the dots. It's a good idea to decorate one before adding another to the plate, for as you can see, I could not get between them to finish the trim! :)
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By wyatt
Nov 20, 2005
I made this for my grandmother's 86th BDay.  Not real happy how it turned out but I started too late on the design. It is 4  6" cakes with a little shaved off of one side with Tahitian Vanilla BC (I don't like the flavor as much as the Mexican Vanilla--just tried something different).  DH helped make the casino edible image and he wasn't getting the idea.
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By Mac
Jan 13, 2006
My very first cake (before Wilton classes)!  I made this cake for my boyfriends poker birthday party.  I thought it was OK considering it was my first attempt.  It was a red velvet cake---his favorite!
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By Phessie3
Feb 2, 2006
A client asked me for a cookie that was related to gambling, so here it is. I assume she is having a Casino stag and doe?

Anyway, I cut these 2" x 3" (by hand, why can't I find any good rectangle cutter sets??), piped in white with a border to get the edges very pointed, her colours we used are burnt orange and chocolate brown.

Used the #261 tip for names, as the cookies are so small!
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By antonia74
Feb 17, 2006
these cookies were also part of the casino cookie collection sent to a family as a "have fun in Vegas" gift.
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By bonniebakes
Mar 1, 2006
I made this for a 50th birthday party for a guy who loves to play cards. Dice are white fondant, and the other decorations are tempered, colored chocolate. 

Cake Boutique, Boston
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By leonard
Mar 16, 2006
I made this cake for my husband's co worker who was retiring. He loves to gamble and play cards. Icing is buttercream. The little card table on top of the cake is actually a little key chain I found. It opens up and has miniature cards and poker chips that can actually be played with! I thought the green color of the icing was really gross at first, but I didn't mind it so much once I got the cards, poker chips and money on it.
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By shortNsweet
Apr 16, 2006
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By Adelia
Apr 18, 2006
Poker table designed in buttercream. Fondant cards designed with edible markers. Fondant poker chips painted with gold luster dust.
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By KimAZ
Apr 30, 2006
Cake shaped from various scrap pieces, frosted in buttercream. Fondant coins painted with gold luster dust. Made for a "Make-A-Wish" charity casino night party.
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By KimAZ
Apr 30, 2006
This is my first posting to Cake Central.  I am a brand new decorator and this is my first cake of this magnitude.  All for my daughter's Sweet 16!
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By KellieRSM
May 1, 2006
Casino table top made of fondant and candy clay.  Poker chips and playing cards made of melted chocolate using candy molds.
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By holalolaa
May 4, 2006
This was the batter left over from the Ace of Spades.  Carrot with cream cheese icing and an edible image of a real casino chip.
By deijha
May 5, 2006
Frosted in buttercream, accents are MMF.
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By mhill91801
May 15, 2006
Made these to go along with my other vegas dice cake.  Suits are MMF, dice are sugar cubes.  I made the dots on the cubes with "food writers".
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By mhill91801
May 30, 2006
Chocolate fudge cake with Creamy Dreamy Buttercream icing.  I used a 9 x 13 and 8 inch round to make this cake.  I took a lot of inspiration from traci, on this site.  I was very pleased with the outcome on this cake, even got the writing pretty straight!!
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By cindy6250
Jun 1, 2006
styrofoam dice, all buttercream
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By DiscoLady
Jun 4, 2006
blackjack table with fondant cards and chocoate disk chips
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By julismom
Jul 4, 2006
This was a fun cake for a casino enthusiast!
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By penelope
Jul 7, 2006
This is a craps table I did over the weekend. All hand painted on fondant. The sides were made to look like wood, using chocolate fondant and a needle tool as well as brown luster dust. The only part of this cake that is not like a real craps table is the height of the sides. Craps tables normally have very high sides to keep the dice in, but in the world of cake, you sometimes need to make alterations. The cake was only 11x15 and the size of the lettering couldn't be reduced or it would be too small.
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By heavenlycakes
Jul 17, 2006
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By LittleLinda
Jul 31, 2006
Made 150 of these along with 150 rabbit in top hat cookies for a Bar Mitzvah with Magic/Casino theme.  Got all of them baked and first layer of glaze on, only to have party postponed because Hurricane Rita was on its way to us.  Had to individually plastic-wrap back to back in bundles of two cookies, then wrap all in several sturdy boxes and tape off all the edges... party was rescheduled 6 weeks later.  Luckily, I only lost a few bunnies (ears were too fragile)!
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By Lambshack
Aug 2, 2006
This cake was for a friend's 40th birthday/poker party.  The Ace of hearts was white cake with strawberry filling and the Ace of spades was chocolate cake.  Iced and decorated with Buttercream.
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By jhood
Sep 8, 2006
My nephew had a casino party, joint party with a friend from school. Buttercream icing with MMF shapes. This was inspireed by 2 different cakes here on CC. Forgive me that I can't remember who. I got rave reviews...the whole middle section was left over due to 70+ guests not I was walking out the door, parents were picking up their children and the heads were turning abd jaws were dropping, made me feel good...1st stacked cake and I was nervous!
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By Spoondog
Sep 21, 2006
Here is the sideview.
By jeni111569
Oct 2, 2006
2 11
By mocakes
Oct 26, 2006
Playing Cards and Poker Chips made out of chocolate! Basic Yellow Cake with Chocolate frosting.
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By tccksmith
Nov 12, 2006
Poker cake with bc frosting. Cards and poker chips were cut from a birthday card.
By RachelDerosier
Nov 13, 2006
This was a fun cake to make, and I was pretty proud of it!  It's a 2 layer white cake, with fresh banana filling.  The poker chips are fondant.
2 2
By marina34
Nov 20, 2006
sheet cake.  cannoli cream filling.  fondant covered for 50th birthday party with casino theme.
By Lolafalano
Dec 3, 2006
sheet cake.  fondant covered.  real playing card border, full house inserted in and chocolate $50 medallions.
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By Lolafalano
Dec 3, 2006
cupcake tree for 50th birthday party.  casino theme.
1 2
By Lolafalano
Dec 3, 2006
I lifted this idea off this website again!!  I loved how the cake turned out!  It was so much work, but worth it!  The colofrul m&m's made the cake so FUN!!  I modified the design of the slot machine to mimic our favorite Vegas machine!  Again the black and red were purchased already-made from my local cake store!  The slot machine (top layer) was a Wilton shape pan and was yellow.  The bottom cake was a rectangle pan and was chocolate cake!
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By cankj
Dec 21, 2006
Well folks,here it is-my first official wedding cake. This is the infamous "Serious Cake Topper Help needed" topic of mine. The cake serves 144. It is a white chocolate butter cake with buttercream icing. EVERYONE raved about it. This cake was for my husband's brother's wedding today. It is over. I'm glad. It withstood being up for over 8 hours before we were able to cut it. I am tired and have been up for over 48 hours now....No charge for it (our gift) so let me know what you would have asked for it. TIA
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By ASupergirl
Dec 22, 2006
Almond cake with almond buttercream, covered in homemade marshmallow fondant. I handmade the poker chips and playing cards out of gumpaste, and then handpainted. 
The letters are gumpaste formed and dried, then decorated with airbrush and luster dusts. Unfortunatly the words wouldnt stand up (they kept breaking), so I had to lay them on the cake. I was pretty disappointed about that, oh well.
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By whyteicing
Jan 11, 2007
Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream icing.  Cards are gumpaste.  Card faces drawn on by edible markers.
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By Strazle
Jan 13, 2007
We did a surprise casino night for my parent's 40th anniversary and I couldn't let that go by without making casino chips! Rolled fondant and royal icing.
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By MommaPoopadoo
Jan 19, 2007
We did a surprise casino night for my parent's 40th anniversary and I couldn't let that go by without making casino chips! Rolled fondant and royal icing.
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By MommaPoopadoo
Jan 19, 2007
chocolate cake w/ rum buttercream
By blessBeckysbaking
Sep 18, 2005


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