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Two fondant covered cakes, decorated with 50/50 fondant and gumpaste. The board was covered with royal icing to Look like the ocean. I really enjoyed making this cake.

<b><img src=trophy.gif align=absmiddle>2006 Valentine's Day Contest Winner</b>
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By islandije
Jan 30, 2006
All buttercream--12" rounds and the rest carved from sheet cakes.  Brake lines are licorice shoestrings
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By BlakesCakes
Feb 22, 2006
Cake carved--not the "shirt" pan--and covered in fondant.  Hand painted using lemon extract and Americolors navy blue.
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By BlakesCakes
Feb 22, 2006
Lemon cake with lemon curd filling & raspberry & lemon BC icing.  Covered with fondant.  This is the first cake that I've ever 'carved'.  I know I need to fine tune the detailing but this was fun and my grandson is going to love it!!
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By cakes47
Feb 24, 2006
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By bigcatz
Apr 5, 2006
My son's 2nd birthday cake. This was a labour of love! It's Clifford the big red dog and hand molded figurines of his friends at a birthday party, complete with cake and milk! When my son saw it on the morning of his birthday, he pointed and with a big smile on his face said "Clifford!" It warmed my heart!
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By islandije
Apr 15, 2006
This is a white cake with buttercream icing for a friend.  She came up with the idea and I did the rest.  LOL I used a 10 inch round and 2 ten inch squares then carved the letters.  The center of the "O" was used for the child's cake.
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By Granpam
Apr 30, 2006
This was the first carved wedding cake I ever did. I did it about two years ago, and it was also my first try at gumpaste calla lillies. The cakes were all carved, and the covered with fondant and a second layer of fondant was added for the stripes. The calla lillies were made to match the bridesmaid's gowns. The bride was a bit of a bridezilla about paying me claiming it wasn't what she wanted (she sent a pic over the net and I made no promises to duplicate exactly and worded contract to state that).
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By scWMI
May 9, 2006
I took Colette Peters' Advanced Fondant class at Wilton in April.  We had a choice to make an all white cake, a crooked cake, or a trompe l'oeil cake  ("fool the eye" in French--had to look like something real).  I designed this biscotti barrel.  It's a carved styrofoam dummy--lordy, that's messy work--covered in handpainted fondant (my design) and topped with handmade, airbrushed, fondant covered, styrofoam biscotti. Gumpaste butterfly, napkin, plate, & bug.  Yes, it could (pretty easily) be made real.
By BlakesCakes
Jul 1, 2006
11X15 half chocolate, half vanilla cake with carved #1 on top, also chocolate cake, all iced with buttercream and fondant accents.  Smash cake is 6" chocolate iced with buttercream and the #1 is fondant.  Design based on napkin provided by Kaden's mom.
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By tripletmom
Jul 16, 2006
Made for a friend of ours who LOVES his blue VW bug.  Thanks to everyone here who has posted a car cake picture ... I've used ideas from ALL of you!
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By Ksue
Jul 22, 2006
Oh and -- I couldn't find my grass tip, so Tony's car has little tiny bushes growing around it, instead.  He didn't seem to mind.  Said it was the first time EVER in his life that anyone has baked him a birthday cake.  And he's 48.  Imagine that.  Anyway -- he was totally thrilled with it.
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By Ksue
Jul 22, 2006
I made this cake for a bridal shower recently after seeing a picture posted by Antonia74.  I tried to change it up a little bit with the flower, sparkle dust, and the bodice of the cake.  It is half choc/half white sheet cake that is filled and iced with buttercream.  The ribbons extending from the bottom are charm pulls for all the bridesmaids and flower girl.  Cut from a 12 X 18 tracing a heart shaped cake pan for the bodice.  Thanks for the inspiration Antonia74.
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By msauer
Aug 5, 2006
pink fondant with edible ink black dots.  Notebook and lipstick made from gumpaste, as well as wallet and pearls.
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By sugarnut
Aug 30, 2006
I found this cake in the gallery (by bjfranco) forever ago and have wanted to make it for so long...finally I got my chance for my sons 2nd birthday party. It was my first carved cake and I'm really impressed with how it turned out...thanks for looking.
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By janetwhitson
Sep 5, 2006
3-D carrot carved from, well, carrot cake.  Iced with cream cheese icing.
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By tripletmom
Sep 24, 2006
Hand carved 4 and 0 from an 11x15 chocolate cake, iced with traditional buttercream.  Hubby ordered this one for her actual birthday as he was also planning a big party on the weekend.
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By tripletmom
Sep 24, 2006
Birthday cake for an avid bowler. Pin was carved from stacked 9x13 vanilla cakes with orange vanilla cream filling. Ball was baked in a large mixing bowl and carved a little- chocolate cake with orange chocolate buttercream.
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By caryl
Sep 25, 2006
A carved cake I made for a luau. One guest asked what it was made of, another guest said "Cake, and it's edible" so for the remainder of the day this cakes name was "Edible" the pig. Buttercream sprayed with airbrush. Gumpaste ears, eyes, feet and tail. Plastic apple.
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By ShirleyW
Sep 26, 2006
This was my first carved cake, and my first time using MMF. I made this for my son's 2nd birthday. I wanted to get the cat and dog in there because he's a little nuts for animals!! Hand-carved white and decadent chocolate cakes with buttercream icing. MMF animals, stars and smokestack. Popcorn "smoke", oreo wheels. SO FUN!!!
By lindsaycakes
Oct 5, 2006
Alternating layers of caramel spice and vanilla-caramel cake, iced in buttercream, carved, then covered in fondant.  My favorite part was painting it with vodka, Americolors and gold lusterdust.  My husband thought it was a ceramic pumpkin someone had given me.
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By Ksue
Oct 20, 2006
car pan with tires cut out to insert fondant ones.  Covered with Satin Ice, then stripes and accessories painted and installed.  Silver lustre dust for metallic look and silver painted on fondant for headlights then covered with piping gel to emulate glass look.
By sugarnut
Oct 20, 2006
This is a cake for a banjo lover's birthday!  It's a 9 inch round and the neck and head were carved from a sheet cake.  Fondant and buttercream decorations.  So much fun to make!
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By ksimp6577
Nov 19, 2006
carved 2 layer 11x15 yellow cake iced in various colored buttercream all freehanded; Lowe's Logo
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By laxgal00
Dec 26, 2006
Airbrushed with silver luster dust. Cake for my hubby's b-day.  This is my first attemp at airbrushing a cake.
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By MommaLlama
Jan 19, 2007
Carved OU cake for my husband's birthday.
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By blessingsandblossoms
Jan 20, 2007
I hope euphonium is how you spell it!  The bride and groom are both music teachers and this is his instrument of choice.  The carving was fun.  To get the color effect I had to let it crust frequently and do several layers of color.  The final black "gleam" is done with edible Wilton black marker.  Way fun.
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By blessingsandblossoms
Jan 20, 2007
I swore I wasn't going to make a cake if the Pat's didn't get to the superbowl but as decorators you know we can't pass up a cake if we really are itching to make one.  I used a 13 inch oval and carved off the sides and edges to give it a more traditional shape.  I hadn't done that before.  I could critique what is wrong with it but I know I was rushed.  My family was out in the car waiting for us to leave for a party.  Two hours before the party I started mixing the cake batter.  lol
By hsdwidow
Feb 6, 2007
This was made for a friend turning 4.  Covered in Candy clay, wheels are covered oreos.  It looked much better in person.  It was funny to watch all the kids poke it just to prove it wasn't cake.  It was driving the parents crazy though.  They finally put it up high so no other kids could touch it.  The mom said she couldn't bear to watch them cut into it, but that she asked for a second and third piece it was so good.  I do love happy customers!
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By carrielynnfields
Feb 9, 2007
made this for a friend's nephew. all fondant and buttercream decorations- should've used gumpaste for the spikes, but i was out ;(... that will never happen again lol! used my airbrush A LOT hehe. the cake is choc w/ choc mousse filling and reg bc. the dino is sitting on a foam block wrapped in plastic then covered in bc. i wish that his neck and head looked better, but overall am pretty happy w/ it. thanks for looking :)
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By jwong9664
Feb 10, 2007
i made this cake for a woman who calls her little boy "monkey" hehe! i was very happy w/ the outcome, i'm finally getting the hang of my airbrush (yay)! thanks for looking ;)
wonder mold for body + 8 in round on bottom, pyrex bowl for head + 4 in round + fondant on top of head to make point. "funfetti" using sour almond white cake recipe and colored jimmies
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By jwong9664
Mar 4, 2007
Chocolate cakes with fresh strawberry & buttercream filling, covered with fondant.  Sheet cakes are stacked and carved to look like a pig.  All decorations & daisy flowers are made with fondant.  Blanket are airbrushed with luster dusk.
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By dewia
Mar 5, 2007
This is a golf bag inspired by heavenlycakes.  i had a lot of fun doing this cake.  It was not as hard as I had feared it would be to get the right shape.  But I dreamed about it for days before actually doing it.  The cake is chocolate with vanillla buttercream.  The accents are mmf.  I think it would have looked more real if it were all mmf, but oh well.  Thanks for looking.
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By acookieobsession
Mar 9, 2007
Fondant covering 2 layer 9" round, one layer 8" round, with half ball stacked on top. Fondant fell off the cake- had to completely re-do last minute! Didn't have time to take a good pic- this was snapped as the doorbell rang! Tried to make the ghost 'girly' with the eyelashes and a hint of blush on the cheeks. Details didn't show up in pic. Birthday message is on the back.
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By caryl
Mar 12, 2007
13 x 9 cake carved like shirt, bc and vanilla cake tiny roses in burnt orange!
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By notjustcake
Mar 13, 2007
I was inspired by Texas Sugar to make this Scooby Doo cake.  I don't own the wondermold pans like she used, so I cut from a 9 x 13 and the sports ball pan.  White BC airbrushed brown, fondant tail, ears, spots and nose.  The drum was an 18" round  and for a minute I was thinking "Rut Ro"  because I thought it may not all fit on the drum!  Whew!  Batter was white, but I tie dyed it the psychadelic colors of the "Mystery Machine" in the show.
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By msauer
Mar 17, 2007
I made this cake for a friend who happen to be a caterer and serves the best pulle pork and bbq loves pigs. Carve the pig from a 9x13 decorated all butter cream . HE LOVED IT!!!
By darylrc
Mar 27, 2007
Carved boxing glove cake, made with chocolate cake, covered with IMBC and fondant.
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By kelly75
Apr 6, 2007
For a neighbours daughter, who will turn 18 tomorrow and loves a sip of Baileys every now and then
By Ursula40
Apr 6, 2007
This is the first 3-D cake I have ever made. It was for my neice's 1st birthday it was a really big hit.
By Sonya
Jan 14, 2006


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