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Think I may have gotten a we bit carried away with this one! I really enjoyed making it and although it's not as my origainal design (of which was a complete float) I think I actually like this better. The cake was ordered by the manager of 'The Swan Hotel' for one of her chef's who had worked for them for 20 years. They wanted to celebrate this with a cake but wanted it to reflect her interests of cycling to work everyday and her heavy involvement in the Carnivals.

If you've ever been to see one of the Carnivals in Somerset, you'll know the floats are HUGE!! and they have so many light bulbs that the heat just radiates off them, which is handy as they are held in November so you're nice and toasty as you watch them go by.
By M_Mischief
Sep 30, 2010
By djdjsmith
Oct 1, 2010
I used a really large round tip and piped on the kernels. Then I let them crust, lightly tapped down any pointy peaks. Then I had to take a tool and make the criss cross pattern. This was the most time consuming. I had to wipe off the tool after each kernel, as there was BC on it and then dip it in a cornstarch/powdered sugar mixture. Cause once you push past the crusted outer layer, it of course was soft underneath. There were roughly 30+ kernels on each cupcake times 24 cupcakes! It took about 4 hours total for the cupcakes alone. Then I airbrushed some yellow for the "butter." I will be charging alot more for these if ever asked to make them again!!!
By tarascupcakes
Oct 3, 2010
I made this three tiered, fondant cake for a client for her one year son.  The top of the tent is made of the half ball cake pan.  The covered the smash cake with fondant and the elephant is made of fondant with tylose.  I made 36 popcorn cupcakes as party favors.  They were lots of work, but adorable.  I wanted the cake to be bright.  It was lots of fun to do.
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By Corrie7171
Oct 3, 2010
circus themed party
By erinkathleen123
Oct 6, 2010
This is why I don't care much for characters... you have to get it just right or its really just another monkey!
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By Lambshack
Oct 6, 2010
Three tier cake covered and decorated with fondant.  Popcprn kernels made in advance of fondant and dusted with yellow dust; hand drawn popcorn bucket design on fondant, then wrapped around cake.
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By customconfections
Oct 7, 2010
Make this cake for Audrey's 3rd birthday to match the carnical party theme.
By DeniseakaMuffin
Oct 10, 2010
Chocolate and Vanilla Cakes, covered in fondant
By TrulyScrumptiousDesserts
Oct 12, 2010
24 dozen ice cream cone and popcorn cup cupcakes donated to the 2nd annual fundraiser dinner for my church's preschool.  Man was my back aching that night.  Good thing I only bake that much once-a-year.
By Parable
Oct 16, 2010
Made for the raffle for my church's preschool fundraiser.  Red velvet with cream cheese filling.  Used 1/2 filled wonder mold for top and 2-6" rounds for bottom.
By Parable
Oct 16, 2010
b-day cake for a 1year old, clown's body made from four 8inch cakes, his head is wilton's ball cake pan,the animals were made from gumpaste.
By monniemon
Oct 18, 2010
This cake is a topsy turvy cake, carnival theme/colors
Had fun doing this one and can't wait to do another topsy turvy...
By ecaba
Oct 19, 2010
this bday boy wanted mickey mouse, trains, and carnival all in one!
By katieskakes81
Oct 26, 2010
The party was a carnival theme but, my daughter starting talking about a "talking backpack" party about 2 weeks out; so, I added backpack.
By willj7r0
Oct 28, 2010
3 seperate cakes all fondant covered & decorated
By brownsugacake
Oct 31, 2010
buttercream w/ fondant accents
By stepht347
Nov 2, 2010
A Circus themed cake with gumpaste clowns and classical circus animal.
4 30
By dragonflydoces
Nov 8, 2010
Lemon and Marble Fudge cakes with buttercream, fondant and coloured sugar accents.

2 1
By M3lly
Nov 13, 2010
Vanilla Cake iced with vanilla buttercream and fondant accents.  Elephant & lollipops made from fondant.
By aubasmif
Nov 22, 2010
Exactly one year ago I did this circus cake for my niece, now another person wants it for their daughter's first birthday.
By Zelicious
Dec 3, 2010
By cakesbykayla
Dec 7, 2010
cupcakes with marshmellows cut to look like popcorn
By klacrawford
Dec 7, 2010
5 18
By heartofoklahoma
Dec 14, 2010
By exene
Dec 20, 2010
What fun this cake was! All decorations and figures are make of marshmallow fondant.
50 590
By heatherscakes
Dec 28, 2010
Buttercream cake with fondant details. The train/animal carts were made from RKT.
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By sonimik
Jan 4, 2011
Carousel Kit by Wilton used. Took a long time, but worth every minute! My son's 1st Birthday was great!
1 5
By Annalissa
Jan 14, 2011
Clown cake made with red velvet cake and vanilla custard covered in fondant with gumpaste and RKT decorations. I made this cake for my little cousins 1st Birthday.....Happy Birthday Tristan!
By jwalton
Jan 17, 2011
By aramosguy
Jan 24, 2011
By CaityCake
Feb 2, 2011
Cake for my son's 10th birthday carnival. Thank for all the inspiration from the other popcorn cakes
By Jbluedog
Feb 5, 2011
Circus themed cake based on a photo the customer cent me (original baker unknown).  9"/6" round, iced in buttercream with fondant accents.  Bulge in top tier was only apparent in the photo.
By korensmommy
Feb 11, 2011
This was for my neice who was having a carnival themed party.  Chocolate cake, with chocolate filling, covered in mmf, with mmf accents.  Figurine on top molded from Fondant as well and accents hand painted.
By sharless
Feb 14, 2011
This cake was made for 4 different kids joint birthday party that was a carnival themed.  Parents wanted colors to match decorations and asked for a pinwheel and flags.  10' 8' 6' cakes, all different flavors, covered in BC and used fondant accents.  The borders are gumballs
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By lperry
Feb 17, 2011
4 103
By Rcajd
Feb 23, 2011
4 25
By gellyscakes
Feb 23, 2011
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By KAMI_Cakes
Feb 24, 2011
This was a very fun cake to make! The entire thing is supported by a cake stacking system. The horses are sugar cookies. TFL!
By vanki
Feb 25, 2011
2 3
By vanki
Feb 25, 2011


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