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These were vanilla and strawberry flavoured cup cakes, iced with b.c to look like carnival clowns for our Johannesburg Stock Exchange's Carnival/Spring day. They loved them
Thank you for looking
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By janine1972
Sep 19, 2008
This was a cake for my first cake competition.  The competition was held at "The Big E" in West Springfield, MA.  The theme was a cake to represent "The Big E" (which is the big New England Fair).
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By ptbstallman
Sep 23, 2008
My very first topsy turvy cake... The cake was strawberry. I made this for my little sisters Circus theme party. All fondant.
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By gladysrdz24
Sep 26, 2008
I made this cake for a school's family fun night with a circus theme. I hand molded the charachters out of rice crispy treats then overlayed them with different colors of fondant. It was a huge hit!
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By omcdfour
Sep 29, 2008
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By calebsmom45
Oct 5, 2008
Strawberry cake with Cotton Candy flavoured buttercream. Horses, platform and carousel topper are made from candy melts.
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By __Martha__
Oct 19, 2008
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By biesecker
Nov 1, 2008
This cake was for a guy who drives for the Carnival on the weekends as a side job!
Caramel cake Buttercream Icing !Thanks For Looking !
By fiddlesticks
Nov 6, 2008
Thank you CC for your inspiration.  I just found your site and can"t get enough.  This is my first try at this.  Since I only make one cake a year for my grand nephew, I know I need all the help I can get,  The bottom cake is 10" yellow, then 8" carrot cake and the popcorn box is RCT with marshmallow popcorn painted with food color .  All frosted in BC with CRF accents.  First time using the choc, fondant.  TYFL
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By mwcooker
Nov 8, 2008
made this yesterday for my son's 3rd bday party.  2 9" yellow cake rounds with white choc bavarian cream and strawberry filling. Frosted with cream cheese frosting and marshmallow fondant.  Top is a choc chip cake dome cake frosted in buttercream and  covered in marshmallow fondant  He really enjoyed his cake.  TFL!!
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By martmarg
Nov 9, 2008
donated a gift certificate to my daughters school for their annual fundraiser.  made up this dummy to show my work.  despite having "DO NOT TOUCH" written in several places (including one actually sitting on the cake!), people did touch, mostly adults, and it ended up destroyed.! some even picked up the don't touch sign, laid it back down,and then touch!  total waste of my time and money! ALWAYS HAVE DUMMIES PROTECTED UNDER GLASS!!
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By mixinvixen
Nov 12, 2008
MMF decorations
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By bpshirley
Nov 15, 2008
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By raquelmhf
Dec 1, 2008
Snickerdoodle cupcake with cinnamon buttercream icing...and mini marshmallow popcorn. The "popcorn" was sprayed with yellow color.
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By badylugs80
Dec 1, 2008
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By mandyscakesandcandy
Dec 6, 2008
for a two-year old's birthday. the theme was a christmas carnival. used SMbuttercream, MMF, Fruit by the Foot (red stripes) and Marshmallow "popcorn".
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By hubermomof4
Dec 6, 2008
This was my first time using fondant or making a 2 tier cake...I fell in LOVE with it!  All decorations are fondant.  The cake was for a little girls 2nd birthday party which was a carnival.  I got my inspiration from many carnival themed cakes I saw here on CC...thanks for the inspiration!
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By awilliford
Jan 10, 2009
BC with fondant accents. Gobstoppers as border. Yellow marshmallows for popcorn. Thanks for looking.
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By wethreec
Jan 12, 2009
This was heavily inspired by all the circus cakes on here; Thank you for posting! Bottom is chocolate, top and small cake are funfetti. Popcorn is RKT and marshmallows. Figures are 50/50. This my first ever PERFECTLY level cake! I even used a level. I am SOOOOO happy with this one! I am a CSM and as always thanks for looking!
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By diamondsonblackvelvet13
Jan 17, 2009
This cake was a Circus Carnival cake for a 4th birthday!! It had Carnival games and zoo animals on it!  Also made cupcakes but they are not shown in this pic!!
By tatorhead99
Jan 28, 2009
My attempt t o remake Sarahbisher's cake from CC.  I didn't support this cake well enough and it ended up collapsing completely on the way to the party.  Lesson learned!!!
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By imakecakes
Feb 3, 2009
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By Cmaysa
Feb 20, 2009
Made this for my daughter's carnival birthday party.  I wasn't sure where I was heading with it, but this is what I ended up with.  Thanks for looking :)
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By sarahkate80
Feb 23, 2009
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By emwilson77
Feb 24, 2009
Buttercream with fondant details. Gum Paste mask, bow and numbers.
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By Solecito
Feb 27, 2009
I made this cake for a friend who was having a carnival themed party for her little girl.  She found a picture on line of what she wanted and I just followed that.  I used cream cheese icing and I used real popcorn that i stuck together with white chocolate.
By pastrypantry
Mar 7, 2009
These are chocolate cakes with butter cream frosting, the rattle and baby faces (and their pacifiers & bows) on the top tier were created from melted candy discs, the babies swings are life-savers candies, and the bottom tier side decorations are formed molded sugar/icing decorations and molded candy-discs.  The babies, blocks and rocking horses are standard plastic baby-shower decorations.This cake was for a babyshower for 8 expectant moms!
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By TraceyCakes359
Mar 11, 2009
The customer wanted an adult cake that showed the various games found along a carnival midway.  Each side of the cake represents a specific game (i.e. balloon/dart, duck shoot, ring toss, etc.).  All games are made freehand with fondant but cake frosting is airbrushed buttercream.
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By dkbateman
Mar 21, 2009
Bottom layer is 8 inch French Vanilla w/Cream Cheese Filling and top layer is 6 inch Strawberry w/Cream Cheese Filling...Frosted in Buttercream w/Fondant decorations...she was happy with it, so I was too! ;-)  Thanks for peeking!
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By tigerlilycakes
Mar 22, 2009
These were for a carnival-themed birthday party for my friend's two little boys.  All buttercream with a few fondant accents and skittles.  I wish I had made more stripes on the circus tent, but oh well.  The carousel bottom was two 12" rounds, the top was carved from a soccer ball pan and put on top of a 10" round.  The middle was two 6" rounds carved into octogons.  I painted the Wilton carousel horses into less "girly" colors.  These were a lot of fun to do, especially the carousel!
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By kiraboo
Mar 24, 2009
For my cousin's birthday party. All made with cupcakes (I used 105 cupcakes) The ones on top of clown face are "balloons" personalized with each party guest's names.
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By Susan94
Mar 27, 2009
9in round yellow cake with a vanilla buttercream, covered in fondant with fondant deco, popcorn boxes made out of rice krispie treats covered in fondant popcorn made out of marshmallow. Hope you like it.
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By keshiakey
Mar 30, 2009
This is view of the ferris wheel I made. The wheel is out of Rice Krispies and the construction holding it is made out of Kinex. I was excited when we got it to spin around to give it a special effect. LOL!   I usually make ALL edible cakes, but was pressed for time so I added details with circus decors I found. This was for  my daughter's 5th birthday carnival party that included  games with prizes, full concession stand including popcorn, cotton candy, corn dogs and MORE...  We even had clowns and animal balloons. It was a great day and well worth the work!!!
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By wolfyjules
Apr 2, 2009
Vanilla cake with Raspberry filling. Iced with decorator's cream cheese frosting. All red accents are fondant, popcorn is marshmallows cut, rotated and squished back together. I used gold luster dust on the 'popcorn'...not sure if you can see it in the photo. This was my 4th decorated cake ever. Thanks to nanny6sap and many other cc'ers for inspiration!!
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By fairestoneofall
Apr 3, 2009
Done for a friend's children's birthday party to match the other popcorn cake I made. These were the kids' individual cakes. Vanilla cake, raspberry filling, dec. cream cheese frosting. All red accents are fondant. "Popcorn" is made of mini marshmallows. Took inspiration from many CC'ers, thank you!!
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By fairestoneofall
Apr 3, 2009
10" on the bottom 6" all cake circus tent.  Figures molded from fondant.  Thank you to all the circus cakes on CC for inspiration.
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By Goonergirl
Apr 4, 2009
I made these for my kids turning 5 and 7.  They had a big carnival birthday party.  the balloons on top and between tiers are real balloons.
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By AmandaPanda
Apr 20, 2009
I made this for my little girl's friend.  She has been in the hospital for a month and got out 2 days before her birthday (which also happened to be 1 day before my kids birthday party) so we offered to share our carnival party with her and I made her a chocolate cake as requested.  She ended up getting a nasty stomach virus when she got home and didn't make it so we delivered it to her.  Please keep her in your prayers.
By AmandaPanda
Apr 20, 2009
All fondant! phew.
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By Lillybelle
May 12, 2009
This cake was a prototype from my daughters 6th birthday, the original idea was to have it covered in retro candy but being a fickel five year old she decided to go in another direction, but I was so into the slanted cake I wanted to see if I could pull it off.
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By tmaaclark
Jan 26, 2006


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