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By KAMI_Cakes
Feb 24, 2011
This was a very fun cake to make! The entire thing is supported by a cake stacking system. The horses are sugar cookies. TFL!
By vanki
Feb 25, 2011
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By vanki
Feb 25, 2011
Buttercream cakes decorated in cut-out decorations of fondant.  The ferris wheel, "7" flag, ticket booth, and stars (on the skewers) are gum paste shapes that hardened and were covered with colorful fondant decor.  The balloons on the top are store-bought plastic.  The poles on the sides and on top are dowels striped with fondant.  The triangle flages are fondant diamonds folded over dental floss and attached to the dowels.
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By LoveAtFirstBiteCakery
Feb 28, 2011
This was for my nephew's 5th bday. devil's food cake with peanut butter and reese's cups buttercream and RF
By rosie0123
Mar 3, 2011
By gellyscakes
Mar 7, 2011
This cake was made for an elementary book carnival in town.  "Reading makes STRONG minds"
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By flourjuice
Mar 7, 2011
Carnival based cake for a 3 year olds birthday.  The cake is all tye dye in the middle and buttercream and marshmallow fondant. Love this one.
By rkolosci98
Mar 12, 2011
10" double layer red velvet, iced in BC with MMF decorations.
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By Corrie76
Mar 16, 2011
This was my daughters 2nd birthday cake I made. This is only my second cake to make and my first stacked cake. I thought it came out pretty good considering!
By BrittBS
Mar 18, 2011
this was for a twin's bday!  everything is edible.  animals and circus train are made out gumpaste.
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By katieskakes81
Mar 21, 2011
This was for 2 sister's celebrating their birthdays together.  Alyssa originally wanted a rock-star party, so I decided to add a guitar in front of her hot-dog cake!
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By MacsMom
Mar 21, 2011
bejeweled with non-edible rhinestones :)
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By twinkletoe21
Mar 21, 2011
This was a Mardi Gras themed birthday cake. By Sarah.
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By smires
Mar 21, 2011
Decorated Sugar cookies with RI, Carnival Cruise cookies theme: captain, life preservers,anchor, ship wheel, cruise ship, carnival logo.For a 70 birthday  celebration on a cruise trip .
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By newintown
Mar 22, 2011
By artgal
Mar 24, 2011
9" & 6".  50/50 fondant/gumpaste figures.  fondant accents.  this was for my little girl's 4th birthday.  pretty much a rip off of elitecakedesigns. :)  tfl.
By kcassano
Mar 28, 2011
the whole cake is covered in fondant. didnt come out as clean as i would have liked. really didnt plan enough time for it.
By Badsisliz
Mar 29, 2011
I made this for my nephews 1st birthday.
My first attempt at a sculpted cake (free hand) and I made it on a very tight time frame (started at 11pm the night before the party!!) so all things considered I'm moderately happy with how it turned out!
I modelled the lion by watching a youtube clip!
By lollyponpon
Apr 1, 2011
Young couple at church had a very non-traditional, very cute, carnival-themed wedding. Wedding colors were lemon yellow and hot pink. Bride wanted a whimsical cake, but that still looked liked a wedding cake. The cake was just for them to cut, and there were 240 cupcakes for the guests. Cake was a 10" french vanilla and 6" lemon with fondant accents.
By TucsonGina
Apr 1, 2011
Myself and my sis made this cake for my son's 1st Birthday.
It was a milk chocolate mud cake with buttercream crumb coat and then covered in plastic icing. All the decorations were hand made with plastic icing also. We had a fabulous time making it and was a hit with the party go-ers!!! Design was inspired by a photo we saw on the net. So thanks to them!
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By connmia
Apr 4, 2011
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By buzybme
Apr 6, 2011
A circus/carnival themed cake. Circus tent is made from cereal treats. Figures and decorations are made from MMF. Tier borders are gumballs.
By ms_ambrosia
Apr 9, 2011
Carnival cake covered in fondant...animals are made with modeling chocolate.
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By maof5
Apr 12, 2011
The very first cake that I ever decorated with fondant! It was for a carnival party for my daughters 4th birthday. It has quite a bit of powdered sugar on it because I hadn't figured out how to avoid that yet.
By Creativesweets
Apr 12, 2011
thought i loaded this before, but must not have.
for a birthday.  6 and 4 inch cakes. 
fondant mask
By saycheese
Apr 13, 2011
Cupcakes were for a carnival themed birthday party.
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By Jenntlarkin
Apr 17, 2011
I made this for my niece's 9th Carnival Birthday Party!
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By JoelleB35
Apr 17, 2011
Sweet sixteen cake for my niece.  12/10/8/6.  Tiers are vanilla cake, 8" chocolate cake, with apricot filling and BC frosting.  Decorations are fondant, numbers are gumpaste.  Separator is covered with sequenced fabric for the bling effect.  This is  my first 4 tier cake.  The theme was venetian carnivale.
By tgress13
Apr 22, 2011
I made this for my son's 2nd birthday. Its the biggest cake I've ever made so its not perfect but I'm learning! Bottom layer is cake, cannon is rice kristies, and ball is styrofoam.
By beccawaites
Apr 26, 2011
Made for a church family carnival event - was reserved as the "grand prize" for a lucky family.  White cake with Rick's special buttercream.  "ice cream" is strawberry flavored buttercream (YUM!)
By undecidedenthusiast
Apr 28, 2011
I know there are a million of the popcorn cupcakes on CC already, but I had to post mine as a warning to all those wanting to give these a try... PAIN IN THE YOU-KNOW-WHAT!!!   Make sure you have a TON of time on your hands, a LOT of patience and some ice for your hands after you starting cutting hundreds of marshmallows into quarters!!! :)
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By yummy_in_my_tummy
May 1, 2011
I made this for the Spring Carnival's cake walk at my daughter's school.  Vanilla cake iced in BC with red fondant stripes and fondant plaque.  For the popcorn, I cut mini marshmallows and then dipped the centers into pale yellow sanding sugar.  TFL!
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By KitKat0874
May 3, 2011
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By mariprincesa
May 12, 2011
This is my 5th Thomas Cake made for my little Thomas lover.  He just turned 5 and had to have another.  The bottom two layers are cake and the circus tent is out of RKT.  Thomas and the Chinese Dragon are both made from fondant with tylose in it.  The cupcakes I found here on Cake Central (jcstefanick made the original cupcake I saw.) I loved the idea and had to make them to go along with the theme.  Thanks for looking.
By peachofcake
May 16, 2011
A Vintage Circus themed cake for a 13 year old's birthday.
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By Adriannemw
May 16, 2011
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By cakesbyperla
May 16, 2011
This was for an 8 yr. old girl's carnival party.Three tier cake, all fondant with gum paste figures. Monkey and pretzel are modeling chocolate. Thank you to all the CC carnival theme cakes for the inspiration.
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By sweetjoyfulness
May 18, 2011
This week little Leo is turning 1! His cake was created to for the party's Carnival theme - sculpted sugar flags, a tent and even "popcorn"!
Happy birthday Leo!

Cake: Butter Yellow
Filling: Chocolate Ganache
Frosting: Chocolate Ganche & Milk Chocolate Fudge Buttercream

Thanks to  heatherscakes for the inspiration!
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By CiNoRi
May 21, 2011
red and yellow molding chocolate with buttercream trim. rice krispie booth top
By icecreamcake
May 22, 2011


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