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Elf made with Candy Cane Pan ... Simple decorations, white cake, raspberry filling, for family party .. 

The only trouble w/ cakes like this -- no one in my family wants to cut them!  :)
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By finally928
Sep 12, 2005
Gingerbread cookies with Antonia's royal icing.  Just playing with the cookies-not a very good job.  Kids wanted to put sprinkles on some.
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By momlovestocook
Dec 5, 2005
Just playing around trying to be creative, so this is what I came up with. Thanks for looking.
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By sue_dye
Dec 15, 2005
4 2
By Mchelle
Dec 21, 2005
I got the idea to do this style of a cake from a member here. They used different designs on theirs, and I added the snowflake free handed. I put the cake sparkles on it to make it look like it had a frost on it. The customer was very pleased with it. I know that I can always come to this site when I'm needing cake suggestions. Thanks
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By mistygaildunn
Dec 21, 2005
I haven't decorated cookies with royal icing in a long time, but I think they turned out okay.  First time trying the chocolate cookie recipe from and Royal Icing for Decorated Cookies!  Gotta say, love them both :)
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By mvucic
Dec 23, 2005
This is a picture of a series of cakes I did back in 2001. I did a fundraiser for my sons preschool. The parents bought these candy cane cakes for $10 or $15 (can't remember exact cost) and it was all donated to the school to help buy a playset. I think I had between 8 - 10 orders that had to be done within a matter of days. I was sooooo tired of doing this cake by the time I completed all those cakes. I have not done a candy cane cake since (LOL).
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By sabbrina
Jan 24, 2006
This cake was made for a Happy Birthday Jesus party at our kids Sunday School.  The candy cane shape upside down is to represent Jesus, based on the "Candy Cane Story".  The only problem was I forgot to flip my stencil, The "J" was backwards.  Thank God it was just a bunch of 3 to 5 year olds.
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By toneg24
Mar 9, 2006
The tree is an icecream cone covered with buttercream using #352.  The candycanes are real candycanes.  Powdered sugar created the "snow effect."  Santa is a chocolate foil covered candy on a mini-Hershey's chocolate and candy canes for his sleigh.
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By PixieDiva
Apr 3, 2006
This was a last minute order for a Xmas party.  So I just carved a candy cane out of  a sheet cake, striped red on it added sprinkles, fondant leaves, etc. all on a red velvet cake.  I also added some peppermint bark, although next time I think I will just leave the bark in a slab.
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By ribbitfroggie
Jun 14, 2006
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By atkin600
Aug 19, 2006
Getting in the holiday spirit!!  NFSC and Antonia's icing.
Thanks for looking!
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By kucci
Nov 26, 2006
This is one of six cakes I made this weekend for the Make a Wish Christmas party.  The cake is iced in buttercream.  The house is made from foam core board that was painted with Americolor warm brown color thinned with vodka.  The trees were made with ice cream cones and royal icing. Fondant snowmen and some plastic decorations.  The snow was made with powdered sugar sprinkled over the cake with sparkling sugars to add some sparkle.
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By Bettycrockermommy
Dec 3, 2006
This is one of six cakes I made this weekend for the Make a Wish Christmas party.  The pond was made with clear piping gel over the buttercream icing. Royal icing ice cream cone trees and plastic decorations. The snow is powdered sugar with sparkling sugars to add shine.
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By Bettycrockermommy
Dec 3, 2006
6 dozen NFSC and Chocolate rolled cookies. All have mmf and then decorated. They also all have some snowflake dust on them, but you can't really see the shimmer in the camera. I added some peppermint to the mmf for the candy canes, it tastes awesome!
By aligotmatt
Dec 7, 2006
A 10" round covered in fondant with fondant accents. The Snow girl is also fondant and everything is dusted in pearl dust
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By cakegirl0315
Dec 10, 2006
These are NFSC w/ antonia74 icing.  Part of the 14 dozen ordered by co-workers.  There are silver dragees on the snowflake and the lightbulb has shimmer dust on it.
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By rsaun
Dec 12, 2006
Another shot of my first decorated Holiday cookies.  Made for an event my  MIL throws.  I made 5 dozen and had a lot of fun.  NFSC with Antonia's royal icing.
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By Diesel
Dec 12, 2006
These are sugar cookies decorated with royal icing
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By luvbakin
Dec 13, 2006
sugar cookies royal icing
By sarahleecookies
Dec 14, 2006
NFSC with Royal Icing (Antonia's). The 2 little people in the front are made to look (sort of ) like the people the gift is for. Her skirt has candy canes on it! I thought that was a fun addition :)
By aligotmatt
Dec 14, 2006
made this cake for my daughter's preschool christmas party (she goes to a christian preschool and they were having a birthday party for jesus.) the inside is all white cake. i colored one layer red and added andes peppermint chips and i colored the other layer green, then halved each of those and alternated colors (red, green, red, green) it looked really neat.  the icing is all bc and i added crushed candy canes on top.  the kids and parents really liked it. :)
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By emf7701
Dec 15, 2006
More cookies I made as thank you's for friends & teachers. Sugar Cookies w/ BC icing.
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By CakeL8T
Dec 15, 2006
These are "bite sized" iced Christmas cookies.  I used NFSC and Antonia's icing.  I seem to like them better I think than the larger ones because they are small.  Their tininess makes them cuter than the bigger ones I've done.  I like the large ones too, just for some reason I really liked the bite sized ones.
2 1
By vivedcreations
Dec 15, 2006
Simple holiday cakes.  The fondant was airbrushed red, the green was kneaded into the fondant.  White cake with all shortening icing.
4 2
By geehouse
Dec 15, 2006
This was my first attempt at a Christmas cake.  Everything is made from sugarpaste and I was quite please with how it all came together.
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By debbiew1
Dec 15, 2006
This is a white cake with buttercream. The top layer has red sprinkles and candy canes. The border is starlite peppermints with bc stars. My daughter and I made this for her company Christmas Party.
3 1
By trouble1313
Dec 16, 2006
I did 2 of these today. All buttercream.
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By jenncowin
Dec 16, 2006
For good friends I have been wanting to make a special occasion cake for.  Chocolate cake with crushed candy cane/bc filling.  BC and fondant accents.  All but the sparkle dust homemade.  VERY fun to make!
5 21
By FunCakesVT
Dec 17, 2006
NFSC's with MMF.
4 9
By sugarlaced
Dec 17, 2006
This was inspired by Colette Peters Christmas Cake pictured on the cover of American Cake Decorating Nov/Dec 1995 issue. This cake is the Wilton petal pan. The cakes rest on a fondant covered board and I used gumpaste poinsettie ribbon flowers with bow loops. Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas!
26 545
By siblingsweets
Dec 17, 2006
Assortment of cookies I made for gifts.  Sugar cookies with antonia's icing. I made the little guy on the right look like he was scared to be eaten! lol
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By dodibug
Dec 19, 2006
Candy cane cookies brushed with butter, then topped with crushed candy canes.
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By Kristian
Dec 21, 2006
This cake is made with peppermint extract and white Better Crocker cake!   The top had crushed candy canes (soft) and some red sprinkles.  Inside the cake is a white and red swirl, got the recipe from!
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By RoseArcadia
Dec 27, 2006
I'm sick with the flu and had to decorate 3 Christmas cakes this morning (one for us & 2 as gifts), so my designs ended up being far simpler than I originally intended :-(! 6in traditional rich English fruitcake, covered with marzipan then fondant. Candy canes and lights embossed into the fondant using mini cookies cutters and then painted with lustre dusts. White areas sprinkled with white hologram disco sparkles.
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By MikeRowesHunny
Dec 23, 2006
Basic sugar cookie decorated with royal icing and sanding sugar.
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By susiecho
Dec 23, 2006
I love the holidays! So much baking to do  :)

I tried a new, less traditional, but more fun color scheme this year. I can't help that I LOVE LOVE LOVE pink with bright green!
By susiecho
Dec 23, 2006
NFSC with MMF Icing
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By practiceandpatience
Dec 25, 2006
Here is a sampling of a few of the 26 dozen Christmas cookies that I did this month.  Whew...glad it's over!
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By rsaun
Dec 27, 2006
Each kid got their own polar bear for dessert! They loved it!
4 6
By thecakegirl
Aug 6, 2005


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