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I made this for a woman who's son is in the British army.  BCT of a tank with starred camouflage sides.  Some crumbs in the icing but oh well, what can you do eh? :)
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By glitterkris
Oct 16, 2005
Camouflage Cake done with tip 21 and the dirt was crushed vanilla wafers with army men on top.  The inside was colored with the green, dark brown, & yellow cake mix so he was surprised when he cut into it.
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By Daddycakes70
Dec 20, 2005
Camo birthday cake for a doctor I work with--put the names of everyone in the office on the antlers!
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By cakesbyann
Jan 21, 2006
Thanks for everyone's suggestions on this.
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By tawnyachilders
Feb 25, 2006
I made this cake back in October if memory serves me right.....22"x 15" made to match the promotion flyer. Airbrushed background, edible images on fondant placques, army seal placques in the top corners were painted gold to look like coins.
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By bigcatz
Mar 9, 2006
Hunter behind a blind, ducks in the pond and camouflage on the sides
By lheber4
Mar 13, 2006
This was for a 5 year old whose dad is in Iraq.
By tysmom
May 1, 2006
This was a prize cake for last month's Patriotic Bunco party (it was the week between Flag Day and Memorial Day). It's a chocolate cake with fondant flag and camouflage. The person who dressed "most Patriotic" won this.
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By Sunflowerbagel
Jun 14, 2006
1/2 sheet order for my customer's son being deployed.
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By Reecie
Jun 16, 2006
8" square all BC icing.  Was fun and easy to do but next time I will work harder to not have so many squiggly lines.  The #12 tip gave a smooth finish......if only I have more #12s. :(   Will know for next time.
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By bjfranco
Jun 22, 2006
This was made for my brother-in-law's "good-bye" cake as he head's off to Iraq.  The cake is frosted smooth with butter cream and his unit patch is made out of fondant.
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By mcknev
Jun 25, 2006
This is a vanilla cake w/ buttercream. The "sand" is crushed wafer sugar cones & the "rocks" are jelly bean rocks. All the other props are toys. The outside was all camouflage which was my favorite part! This is for my nephew turning 6 who LOVES G.I. Joe & anything like that!
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By katiedeva
Jul 9, 2006
Double choc cake, triple fudge filling, BC frosting in camouflage colors.  The colors did not come out quite right... I couldn't get black, so, I settled for an odd shade of green.  The colors were supposed to be muted, not quite so bright.  I tried to copy a picture of a real Hummer for shape and design (windows, grill, sideboard, bumpers, etc).

A friend wants to buy a Hummer painted in camouflage colors... so, we gave him this instead!  :-)
By TealiciouslyYours
Jul 20, 2006
Hummer in camouflage colors... rear view shows taillights made from red & orange M&Ms.
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By TealiciouslyYours
Jul 20, 2006
To do the camouflage, first I piped an outline of a color, then I piped frosting and smoothed it with a spatula.  Repeated the process with the four colors and smoothed over the outlines with a Viva paper towel.
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By CakesByEileen
Aug 1, 2006
My brother-in-law was an army ranger so he requested a GI Joe cake for his 30th birthday!  Completely frosted in buttercream drop stars.
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By krstik
Aug 3, 2006
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By creativecakesbychristine
Aug 8, 2006
This camouflage was made with buttercream.  It was spread on with different colors (not air brushed).  The insignia is FBCT.  it was for my son-in-law, he is being deploy to Iraq in Oct.
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By kakedecorator
Aug 10, 2006
The bride to be loved to hunt and fish. The crown represented the name of the grooms family business.
Sorry, this was my first attempt at uploading. The crown was made from gumpaste with a lace cutter and allowed to dry around a can. Pearls were added and super pearl brushed on afterwards.
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By pink_ladies
Aug 21, 2006
This cake was for my son-in-law who loves chocolate and loves to hunt. It is a chocolate cake with white chocolate pudding between the layers and covered with chocolate buttercream icing.  The deer head is a magnet purchased at a cake decorating store.
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By grams
Aug 23, 2006
Golden butter recipe cake with chocolate BC icing.  Thanks to my sil for instructions on the camo, and to my mil for help with smoothing icing (time crunch).
By Susie112562
Sep 19, 2006
By Susie112562
Sep 19, 2006
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By AudreyMaria143
Oct 20, 2006
This was a cake made for my niece to match a purse that I bought for her birthday.  Started off as a standup purse but had problems with the fondant flap tearing so I had to lay the purse down at the last minute and put camouflage on the bottom.  The pic is not so good but my niece loved it.  The chocolate makeup accents were purchased pre-made at World Market.
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By bush1
Oct 21, 2006
Simple cake I did for my friends son, who is into everything having the do with the military.
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By tan32
Oct 26, 2006
Went with the other camo cake that I did. For 2 brothers.
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By traci
Oct 29, 2006
My nephew wanted to have an Army birthday, so this was my attempt at a camouflage cake.  I ended up wishing I'd used fondant, but everyone said they liked buttercream better.  And my 4 year old nephew was perfectly happy with it.
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By Jarnli
Nov 7, 2006
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By creativecakesbychristine
Nov 8, 2006
Chocolate Cake with BC frosting.  Horse is color flow.  I made this cake for a friend, whose husband is coming home from Iraq tomorrow.  She wanted a camo cake with his unit's logo.
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By slingmama
Nov 11, 2006
Buttercream with fondant accents; Half soccer ball pan atop 9-inch round.
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By DianeLM
Dec 17, 2006
White cake, all buttercream, with FBCT of deer.
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By Laura102777
Dec 28, 2006
I made this cake for a kid going away to the army.  I handpainted the camouflage onto the fondant with icing color.
By geehouse
Jan 11, 2007
I haven't posted this cake yet cause I think it's missing something.  Also I messed up on the writing and had to pull it off and start over.  It was my first icing sheet application, and it was really fun and easy.  The cake was white with BC icing, and a chocolate deer on top.
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By kellylowe
Jan 21, 2007
This cake was a 1st birthday cake for my friends son.  Both my friend and her husband are in the army, so we agreed on a camouflage themed cake.  White cake, bc filling and all bc icing
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By bbelias
Feb 1, 2007
This cake was done for a friend who's dad is an avid hunter.  I didn't like it at first but I think it turned out pretty good.
By Kaysha
Feb 4, 2007
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By Kaysha
Feb 4, 2007
My first attempt at a freehand design.  I think it turned out pretty well!
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By newcakemaker
Feb 17, 2007
By newcakemaker
Feb 17, 2007
Camouflage Fondant covered cake
By MelanieM
Feb 25, 2007
Cake made for a Survivor: Palau season finale party using the Frozen Buttercream  Transfer method.
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By msbask
May 17, 2005


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