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Final camera cupcake cake.
By tinabee
Jan 10, 2006
These were done for a photographer whose company name is "Coyote Photo". I've never seen a real coyote, so I had to look them up on the web. I think I should have gone more grey?! Mine look like foxes! hahaha

Anyway, all done in royal icing and the cameras are done in gumpaste painted with silver edible powder for the lens. Cutter is from "Off the Beaten Path" at
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
my first attempt with rolled fondant, the camera is cut out from a larger cake and covered in fondant. any advice on keeping the fondant from cracking when working with it.
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By shanbi40
Feb 24, 2006
Sorry, this isn't the best angle to see the details. The groom is an amateur movie maker. I carved it from a picture of his camera. Chocolate, buttercream,  airbrush
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By Jenn123
Apr 9, 2006
All buttercream.
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By jenncowin
Jun 9, 2006
this was a birthday cake for the director of digital cameras at my work
By mayra215
Jul 25, 2006
For a girl who's surprising her husband to a party in a movie theatre to watch a movie with 50 of his family and friends.  I got this idea from jeans541 that is on this forum.  All with buttercream icing & decorations in buttercream done freehand.
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By Susan94
Aug 10, 2006
made for a die-hard photography fan. Crusting BC and Fondant with edible images.
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By bohemia
Oct 7, 2006
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By lauryn1
Nov 25, 2006
1/2 sheet cake covered with fondant and a nikon f2 gumpaste camera on top... a big hit at the party!!!!
By Claudine1976
Jan 22, 2007
This picture was for a photographers birthday so used edible photos around the edge (have tried to blur out faces to comply with the rules), and then made a sugarpaste Nikon Camera to go on top
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By pb
Feb 18, 2007
Here's the front side of the Camera cake I made for my Photographer hubby's Birthday!  Gotta love that black fondant!   :)
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By alengirl
Apr 12, 2007
Now the back side of the camera :)  Enjoy!
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By alengirl
Apr 12, 2007
An SLR camera cake.  Moist chocolate cake coated with chocolate ganache.  I chose not to use fondant to decorate the cake as chocolate ganache complemented the moist chocolate cake better.
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By minchan
Apr 17, 2007
The cake itself is vanilla with lemon filling and cream cheese icing. My husband gets to choose his flavor every year, I choose the design.  My husband loves photography, so the pics on top are edible images of actual pictures that he has taken.  The camera is a chocolate mold.  I have seen this design on the Wilton site as well as here at CC.
By midgit1205
May 19, 2007
My friend is a huge camera buff.  If my cake pictures are nice and clear she took them.  Unfortunately for this cake her camera was in the shop.  She just loved it .  I found the inspiration on the web but can't remember the cake ladies name;(
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By sweetbabycake
Jun 6, 2007
Sorry for the bad picture quality.  Made this set several months ago.  All buttercream with shaped camera cake covered with fondant.  This cake had to freeze for a week and did great!
By blainebaby
Jun 11, 2007
This was made for a woman's birthday. She loved photography so I made this. The camera is fondant-buttercream icing.
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By buckygirl
Jul 10, 2007
Sugar cookies with royal icing.
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By mundy33
Jul 12, 2007
Both cakes are covered in fondant the scrapebook pictures are edible images
Ruler and scissors are fondant
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By laurawendte
Jul 17, 2007
All cake covered in fondant and The writing is white bc  with tip #1
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By laurawendte
Jul 17, 2007
This was a cake that I helped my Mother-in-law with for a Bday party for a guy who runs the cameras at our church.
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By SugarRush
Jul 27, 2007
Friend's husband used to strip for the Dream Boys and now is a photographer, guitarist, martial arts black belt and works for BA. So we covered his bits with all his new hobbies he he. Had fun with this one....
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By murf
Aug 6, 2007
Camera is made from cake and fondant with silver luster dusted accents.  This was a retirement cake for a gentleman who planned to continue his hobby of photography.  The cake was white and chocolate with buttercream basketweave and edible images of photos he had taken.
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By cupcake55
Aug 10, 2007
Close up of camera made for retirement cake.  Everyone thought it was real when they first saw it.
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By cupcake55
Aug 10, 2007
Another cookie for my aunts birthday....shes a huge photography oficionado :)
thanks for looking
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By chqtpi
Aug 19, 2007
camera cake
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By lisas12345
Aug 23, 2007
Here is an idea I came up with for an engagement cake I was asked to do.  The girl travels alot for her job, and the guy is a photographer.  I added the tiffany box for the engagement ring part;-)
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By kden3980
Sep 29, 2007
i was very excited to win first place in the beginner novelty category at nc ices show. this was my first competition.
the dummy cake is covered in a fondant and gumpaste equal mix. handpainted details are done with luster dust in silver.
By thephotolady
Oct 4, 2007
2 layer 12" round, covered in BC, with edible photos around the sides.  Camera was 50/50 gumpaste & fondant over a RCT rectangle.  Film & negative strips around photos is fondant.  Everything is dusted with luster dust.  Pretty time consuming to do!  My new photo printer worked great, but the frosting sheets would NOT release (even using all the tricks) - eventually it all worked out.  Oh, I fixed the bumby BC around the support after I took the pic!
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By cinjam
Oct 13, 2007
The client told me he was into cameras, and they had purchased a new camera for their son, so here is what I came up with. Buttercream with fondant accents
By MommyEdzards
Oct 25, 2007
camera sitting on a photo album camera is pound cake covered in fondant with fondant accents and album is choclate spice cake covered in fondant and hand painted
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By kr1970
Oct 26, 2007
Camera Cake
Nov 9, 2007
I used Penny's sugar cookie recipe and frosted them in buttercream.

Back row (l to r): camera, strip of film, movie reel
Front row (l to r): pop cup, movie ticket, popcorn
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By puzzlegut
Nov 9, 2007
I made this cake for my husband's birthday. I wanted to make something special for him. He is very fond of taking photos and his a camera, so I tried to make a camera cake :))). My cake looks like an old and simple camera :)))))
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By minikserce
Nov 18, 2007
Nikon camera done in buttercream with fondant accents
By sailmeaway01
Nov 27, 2007
I did this cake for a lady who is a single mom, a photographer, loves her dog and  purple flowers  I think I got everything they mentioned.  Hope they like it. :) The figures are fondant with gumtex mixed in.
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By mommy2owen
Dec 11, 2007
This is a horrible quality picture, but I still had to post because I'm really proud of the design. For a girl who wants to be a photographer and her b-day is on Christmas. 9x13 red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.
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By Crystal74
Dec 24, 2007
I made this for my co-worker who also does photography.  I had problems with the fondant & this was the 2nd one I made.  I'm not doing well with my chocolates either but I figured I'd post it for the idea for someone else.
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By Jazz2U
Dec 25, 2007
Practice cupcake cake for my dad's camera club holiday meeting next weekend.  I will make the real one next weekend.
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By tinabee
Dec 11, 2005


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