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Cake pops with fondant accents.  Hersey's huggables and mini M&M's for party hats.
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By cakekim
Jan 19, 2009
a giant cupcake with 2 smaller cakes layered on chocolate plates,
& cupcake cake pops on a stick
6 29
By grandmaruth
Mar 4, 2009
I just love Bakerella!  The chicken wings are missing because I ate them...oops.
4 5
By cakekim
Apr 7, 2009
Mix of chocolate cake and white cake pops.  Placed on styro base (makes for an easy ride in the car). Made for a baby shower. TFL!
2 1
By tonicake
Jun 9, 2009
This cake was made for a bridal shower. Everything is edible. Cakepop truffles, fondant napkin, flowers, coffee beans, cinnamon sticks and ribbon, the chocolate tablette was made with candy melts.
4 3
By valerie_85
Jul 10, 2009
These were to go with the sports themed cake I did for this little boy's 5th birthday.  They were red velvet cakpops.  I used fondant on the soccer balls and edible marker on the baseballs.  So easy and went over so well!
1 13
By TotallyBaked
Sep 1, 2009
Dark chocolate cake mixed with vanilla b/c.  Dipped in red candy melts.  Leaf is gum paste and stem is Fondarific chocolate fondant.   TFL!
8 39
By tonicake
Sep 2, 2009
4 15
By TotallyBaked
Sep 2, 2009
I saw these on Bakerella and was just waiting for the right time to use them!  My son's playschool had a Fall Festival and I made 4 dozen of them... They went like hotcakes :o)
13 69
By TotallyBaked
Nov 4, 2009
i had been trying to make theses for over a week and i finally succeeded msde about 3 dozens they went like hot cakes was lucky enought to get a pic of at least  one.this is a chocolate cake pop covered in melted the idea from bakerella. TFL..
3 22
By chassnchase
Nov 10, 2009
By iheartcakegf
Jan 5, 2010
Jumbo cherry chips cupcakes/cherry flavor frosting/candys/cherry chip cakepop topper
By shelashere
Feb 20, 2010
Diaper bag cake with coordinating cakepops, chocolate with chocolate buttercream, covered in mmf.
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By iheartcakegf
Mar 6, 2010
brownie w/ cream cheese & strawberry swirl very good!
my first time making them but turned out good i think mold by hand .
By laboti
Apr 1, 2010
cakepop with white chocolate in the shape of Hello Kitty
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By joynme
Apr 14, 2010
Dark Chocolate Fudge cake with vanilla butter cream and dipped in fondue dark chocolate, with fondant accessories.  Hope you enjoy! TFL!
6 48
By tonicake
May 1, 2010
this was my first attempt at cake pops. Was a little difficult at first but got much eaiser. white cake mixed with buttercream covered in white candy melts with red baseball stirpes. any advice or tips on doing cake pops would be wonderful!TFL
3 20
By 3wsmom
May 4, 2010
cakepops for my neighbor! They are lemon cake with lemon frosting then coated with vanilla flavored candiquik and dipped in colored sugar.
By MommyRat
May 8, 2010
made these for memorial day. choco-choco-chip cake with chocolate buttercream frosting dipped in vanilla candies and twirled in red, white and blue sprinkles. yum!!
By MommyRat
Jun 3, 2010
These were Super fun to make but more fun to eat. Credit to Bakerella for the idea. These were for a friends birthday. They are WASC funfetti cake mixed with homemade butter cream to form the balls. White chocolate chips for ears, then dipped in white chocolate melts. The bow and nose are sprinkles adhered with melting chocolate and the black is edible writer pen. Also sorry about photo quality i left my camera at work and only had the cellphone on my at the time. TFL!
7 31
By ldyornge
Jun 28, 2010
By fairydustsll
Oct 3, 2010
Pumpkin cake pops inspired by Bakerella
1 8
By scratchdog
Oct 25, 2010
I made over 100 of these for a friend. I will be making about 50 more for my daughters school.
16 133
By CristyInMiami
Oct 27, 2010
5 8
By kineret
Oct 30, 2010
My pops were missing someone, so I came up with this. :)
2 7
By CristyInMiami
Oct 31, 2010
I make the details with chocolate, my food pens didn´t works.......
By kineret
Oct 31, 2010
This was for my cousin.  She wanted a Tiffany's theme.  The Tiffany boxes are foam covered in modeling chocolate.  The cake pops are white cake with white chocolate cream covered in white and blue chocolate.  It was amazing putting this together and seeing the final product.  I was extremely pleased with it.
13 97
By cakenewbe
Nov 16, 2010
cakeballs on a lollypop stick dipped in white chocolate candy decorated with mini Oreos, Fruit roll-ups, chocolate for decoration amd orange fondant noses :)
3 19
By Rainbow
Nov 21, 2010
cake pop and marshmellow bouquet for a relatives baby shower.
By tylersmom812
Dec 1, 2010
With chocolate cake filling!
1 11
By het_bonte_taartje
Dec 13, 2010
With chocolate cake filling.
2 3
By het_bonte_taartje
Dec 13, 2010
4 8
By rebbateman
Jan 9, 2011
made for a co-worker.  Only second time making these, so I require much refining....they are so much fun to make though and love the endless presentation possibilities
By lilscakes
Jan 13, 2011
chocolate lollipop and shamrock cake pops
1 1
By My_Edible_Art
Jan 26, 2011
A few ideas I had. ;-)
20 143
By CiNoRi
Feb 4, 2011
These were made for recent 1st birthday as party favors. (Birthday cake can be found in my gallery). These were inspired from Bakerella's owl pops.
2 28
By CiNoRi
Feb 4, 2011
These have been some of the cutest pops I have ever made, I love the Keroppi ones! ??
1 7
By CristyInMiami
Feb 4, 2011
These cake pops were requested as party favors for a recent turtle themed birthday
party. What a better way to celebrate, than with dancing turtles in party hats!

Cake: Triple Chocolate Fudge
Frosting: Vanilla Bean Buttercream
Coating: White Chocolate
21 98
By CiNoRi
Feb 7, 2011
Chocolate cake pops dipped in dark chocolate and covered with fondant rose petals.
1 18
By TrulyScrumptiousDesserts
Feb 8, 2011
first attempt taken from Bakerella's web site, kids really liked them
4 6
By burgderb
Jul 13, 2008


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