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For a Surprise Bridal Shower, her colors were chocolate and raspberry, however the cakes were not! They were Champagne with strawberries and white chocolate. Fun to Do!!!
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By Ginger08
Aug 24, 2005
Hard to see details, but this is my first cake show entry...a baker with a destroyed kitchen dropped her bottom tier of a wedding cake with only an hour before deadline.  Something we can all relate to, I'm sure!
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By Kitagrl
Nov 5, 2005
I baked this cake for my brother-in-law's 3rd wedding anniversary today. Also a trial cake as my piping techniques are still at infant stage. It's 2 heartshape chocolate sponge cakes & iced with buttercream with pitted dark cherries as toppings.
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By nanzz
Nov 30, 2005
This is the first wedding cake that I did in class.  I'd love to get some honest opinions.  One day I hope to own my own business.  I used fondant and real flowers.
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By geeyanna
Dec 26, 2005
As the final practical for my Wedding Cake class I had to make a wedding cake.  The cake is actually a dummy cake which is styrofoam.  the cakes are covered in fondant and decorated with royal icing lace points and brushed embroidery.  I made the calla lilys out of gumpaste and petal dusted the colors on.  The board is also covered in fondant and crimped.  Enjoy and let me know what you think!
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By pastrypuffgirl
Feb 18, 2006
This is a styrofoam practice cake for and upcoming wedding. I wasn't too happy with the smoothness of the icing. I wrapped the cake dummies is plastic wrap before icing with royal icing. the plastic started to pucker a bit. I plan to make one more practice cake before the big day in May
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By Nesmar
Feb 22, 2006
My sister and I finished our last class yesterday and this was our final cake!  It's carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream with MMF and fondat/royal icing flowers.  A lot of work but worth it in the end!
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By Krisi1984
Jun 27, 2006
This is my first wedding and tiered cake. It was for my little sisters wedding. I had trouble getting the icing really smooth but she loved it.
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By miosha
Jul 10, 2006
My wedding cake from the final Wilton class.  I can see lots of flaws in the fondant, but I think my flowers are okay.
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By keriskreations
Aug 8, 2006
I made this cake for my cousins wedding! It was my first wedding cake. It is a five-tiered ivory cake. I used buttercream frosting and real lavender hydrangea.
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By swimmergrl98421
Aug 22, 2006
This cake is 10 inch double layer with 8 inch double layer right on top of that, separated with a small 6 inch double layer.  I finished the top layers borders and the borders on the two heart cakes at delivery.  Two 8 inch heart shape cakes for the side cakes.  All iced in Buttercream with buttercream pink roses and royal icing drop flowers.  The ribbon is silk, and the topper is also.  Brides request.  It went over very well.  I was pleased, since this is only my third wedding cake in over 20 years.
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Aug 26, 2006
This was for my cousin's wedding today; i made the wedding and groom's cakes. It was red velvet with cream cheese icing then covered in satin ice fondant. i do not like satin ice; it cracked too much. And then with ribbon and silver edible pearls added.
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By CakesWithAttitude
Aug 26, 2006
two stacked quinceanera cake iced in blue fresh whipped cream with a dropped ruffle and swag design accented with blue fondant flowers, silver dragees and butter cream dots.
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By gracefull
Oct 18, 2006
This is the first one I tried to do as a package. I should of used fondant around the bottom instead of the ribbon cause it pulled away some. I'm anal.
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By debster
Nov 1, 2006
I made this cake for a Double-40th Birthday Party for 2 of my best friends Evelia and Aide. I didn't want to make an Over the Hill cake because my friends are always very happy people and I thought that a black and white cake it was going to be too boring and depressing for them. They loved the cake!!! The party was in October, so I used autumn colors.
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By mariprincesa
Nov 9, 2006
This is my first whimsical cake. It was a lot of fun to make!
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By gracefull
Nov 19, 2006
This the tallest cake I have ever made.  And my first Fondant cake.  The wedding was in N.O. LA and the  reception was a French quarter theme.  The cakes were iced with BC and covered in a mixture of rolled buttercream and rolled fondant.  Didn't know about MMF yet, so it was the non-tasty type).   Pleated drapes replicated the folds in bride topper's dress train.  It was my first fountain as well.  Whew!!!
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By aztomcat
Nov 20, 2006
Top and Bottom Tiers-Yellow Cake
Middle Tier-Chocolate Cake
Iced with Snow White Butter Cream
3 Tiers 
Roses are handmade buttercream
By lovable_lauren3
Dec 6, 2006
Mini wedding cake was done for a bride and groom who only got a bite of cake at their wedding about 6 months ago :)  She had fresh gerbera daisy as well as other fresh flowers on top, but I decided to go with gum paste this time so she could have a litte momento to save if she wanted.

This is a two layer stacked cake with hand made rolled fondant.  Pearls around the edge are made of white chocolate.
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By danasflowers
Dec 28, 2006
This is a cake I made for a friend who was attending a bridal show promoting her internet business. I thought this was a fun cake to do for a shower or rehearsal dinner. I got the idea from a book.
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By Richiescakes
Jan 29, 2007
I made the flowers for this wedding cake with royal icing at home.  In fact, I hoped I'd never see another pansy ever again.  The cake tured out satisfactory, though.  The craziest part, though, of doing such a big cake was what to do with it afterward!  That's alot of cake!
By CShields
Feb 4, 2007
4 3
By MarisaSimonCakes
Feb 7, 2007
There are eleven cakes for this bride serving over 400 guests.  Sizes range from 14" to 6".
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By designsbydelights
Feb 15, 2007
This mini was also covered in fondant with royal icing border; fondant rose and fondant red balls for accents.
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By helipops
Feb 24, 2007
this cake along with the bride cake  can be used as eather a grooms cake or the actual  "wedding cake". ive made previous gater cakes and there is more to come.
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By chef_jody1
Apr 15, 2007
here she is  ..check out the groom if you havent .
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By chef_jody1
Apr 15, 2007
I made this cake for my parents 25th wedding anniversary. It has 3 pictures in the fluted bowl between the layers. I also put Iris's on the cake. Turns out they are the traditional 25th anniversary flower.
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By Miracle
Apr 24, 2007
first attempt at doing wedding cakes.  made four mini's in total - all have a two layer 8" and a two layer 6".  this one is chocolate fudge cake, filled with a whipped chocolate ganache, iced in chocolate buttercream.  ri roses and pink ribbon for decos.  cakes were made for the wedding themed mother-daughter banquet at my church.
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By emf7701
May 11, 2007
This was the first wedding cake for us.
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By doleta
May 30, 2007
Three tiers of double layer cake covered with pale lilac fondant, complemented by buttercream icing swirls.
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By Suzian3570
Jun 28, 2007
This beautiful 3 tiered ivory cake conceals three different cake flavors hidden beneath buttercream icing.  Buttercream swirls, an ivory ribbon, and fresh flowers complement the romantic theme.
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By Suzian3570
Jun 29, 2007
Created as a wedding present, each tier is seperated by fresh pink roses to complement the wedding and reception theme.  Each tier is covered with ivory buttercream icing and swirls.
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By Suzian3570
Jun 29, 2007
An exquisite centerpiece for any wedding reception!  Three round layers rest atop a flowing fountain, with beautiful silk roses adorning each tier.
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By Suzian3570
Jun 30, 2007
A man came into the ice cream shop
where I work and said he wanted an Ice cream wedding cake for his wedding.
I came up with this design for him and his fiance.
It's a three tier french vanilla and chocolate all icecream cake.
He got his ice cream cake and his bride got the color and cake she wanted.
By tandjsmom
Jul 6, 2007
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By Deds
Jul 12, 2007
Each stand were covered with Chocolat fondant and gum paste
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By SaratogaRose
Jul 14, 2007
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By DeliciousCreations
Jul 16, 2007
3 layer strawberry cake with strawberries and whipped icing between layers.  Iced with Rich's whipped icing and cala lillies are fondant.
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By yellot
Jul 26, 2007
By loveliana
Jul 27, 2007
This cake was requested by the groom.  I wish the ATV they bought to go on it was bigger.
BC icing.
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By texasbecky
Jul 27, 2007


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