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This is a cake topper that I made for a friend's son's 2nd birthday - Curious George theme. Found it quite hard to make his face resemble him more, but did the best that I could! Everything is made of mmf.  Thanks for viewing again!
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By yokko
Dec 18, 2007
This was the bow on top of cake that had roses in with the bow.
By debster
Apr 8, 2008
Elly the elephant was made out of fondant - tinted grey and pink. Got the instructions from a lady on here who gave me inspiration to give it a go! Thanks heaps Sarah!
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By kelly620au
Oct 29, 2007
This was the top layer for my son's wedding cake. It had to be transported to the other side of the state, so it wasn't assembled until we got there. I had just started decorating cakes, and didn't think to take a picture of the assembled cake. The topper is a Lenox china swan figurine. There are royal icing swans and white chocolate shells around the base of each layer.
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By Jocmom
Nov 24, 2007
Hand made gumpaste angel girl caketopper for an upcoming cake
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By donnalane
Feb 12, 2008
Gum past carrots
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By thekeith
Mar 15, 2008
Trying my hand at creating figures.  Any suggestions or advice to help me improve is GREATLY appreciated! TFL.
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By crazy4sugar
Oct 17, 2007
cake topper for a friends little girl turining 2 who is scooby doo mad.... he is made from fondant with tylose added..  i used a picture of a plush toy that i found on the net as inspiration...  TFL...
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By sweet_as_tisse
Oct 25, 2007
Bride and groom made from gumpaste.
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By cakes80
Aug 20, 2006
This is the cake topper of the next cake.
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By estherhead
Nov 5, 2006
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By mylan
Dec 21, 2007
The topper of the anniversary cake. 
It's 50/50 fondant/gumpaste heart, royal icing "lace" surrounding it, and royal icing 44 with silver dragees.
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By CakesByAmbjer
Dec 28, 2007
Handmade fondant bride & groom cake topper on an anniversary cake.
By JessicaCooper
Feb 23, 2008
This is my first baby figure, made from fondant. I have alot of room for improvement!
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By Pearl70
Dec 28, 2006
Here is a close-up of the topper. The spider is covered in fondant. The legs were royal and I didn't know they would even work until I got there. I couldn't attach them at home 'cuz I was sure they'd break off in transit (course I never thought of doing a test run DOY), I just took lots of extra pieces and said a lot of prayers! My hands were shaking like a leaf when I applied them with everyone staring; only one broke. Sheesh this dang spider almost gave me a nervous breakdown!
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By DiscoLady
Jan 28, 2006
My very 1st wedding cake!! What do you think...I decorated it the way they wanted it, I thought 
it was kind of plain
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By mcsky14
Oct 3, 2007
Close up of Nemo figure, made with Marshmallow Fondant.
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By LisaV10001
Oct 3, 2006
another cake topper, i might use this one on my little girls up coming 2nd birthday..
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By sweet_as_tisse
Feb 19, 2007
i call these guys my funky spunky couple,  the bodies are from some previous toppers, i just changed the   i really dislike making clothes so this was the easy alternative....
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By sweet_as_tisse
Feb 27, 2007
Close-up of the cake topper.  Daisies and leaves are fondant, attached to wires with candy melts.  I needed to hide where the wires went into the cake (inside a push-in dowel), so I made this fondant plaque.  Lettering is with Wilton edible marker.
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By slejdick
Oct 20, 2006
I found this topper design in an a wedd. cakes design source book done by Lindy Smith.  I decided to have a go at it, although hers were more proportioned, my duck was a bit big for my bear, will know better for next time.
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By helipops
Mar 13, 2007
this is my first ever fondant/gumpaste baby,  i may have a baby shower cake to make in a few months and wanted to try a baby for that..  she is laying in a open rose with a smaller rose as her bonnet..
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By sweet_as_tisse
Mar 14, 2007
gumpaste calla lilies, rose buds, stephanotis and sculpted blossoms with dried babies breath.
This is the first topper I've ever put together (in any way, shape or form)
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By nancys_world
Mar 17, 2007
These are the 2 figurines I made at the Planet Cake (Sydney, australia) Figurine course a couple of weeks ago.  I absolutely adored doing the course - it was so much fun and so informative.
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By sone
May 26, 2006
I made this topper out of gumpaste and fondant,  I should have let it dry in parts, but got to excited to finish and now the poor ducky bride looks like she is ready to lay down and nap.  Inspiration came from an Aus. seller on ebay, selling different animal toppers.
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By helipops
Apr 6, 2007
This was the topper for the chocolate birthday cake with the vines / drop flowers on top.  I just made a chocolate transfer for the numbers out of sage green chocolate.  I put skewers in and made them a bit thicker than usual.  When the chocolate had set, I then piped small buttercream drop flowers all over it.  I really like this effect and will be doing it often!
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By ckkerber
Dec 3, 2006
This is the little Jiu-jitsu man topper for the jiu-jitsu cake. He is made of fondant and has toothpicks holding him together.  He is so cute!!
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By sstardust17
Sep 1, 2006
I made this cake of pink fondant. The cake topper did I made from icing just like the apple blossom. The upper cake is a dummy.
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By Wietske
May 19, 2007
I made the cake topper following Aine2's instructions for modeling and copying liberally from her designs.  I made my aunt reading and surrounded her with a diet coke, a replica of her car, and a Form1040 with a knife through it (since we'd just finished her taxes and she owed more money)
3 3
By adams2shop
Jun 2, 2007
The top of the wedding cake I did today.  The otehr picture didn't really show the detail very well so I thought I'd send this as well.  Thanks for looking.
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By TCol10
Jun 9, 2007
Hand-molded from sugar clay for a 28th Anniversary Cake. This  was so much fun and entertaining to do. I painted the couple with luster first time to use them so I went a bit luster crazy.
6 6
By bohemia
Jul 23, 2006
This bride and groom topper was custom ordered.  It is 6" round dia. and 8" tall.  The entire piece was made of fondant mixed with tylose powder.  I want to extend a special "Thank You!" to Tuggy for all her inspiration, guidance and support through this task.  She is a BLESSING!  "Thanks again Tugster for all your assistance!!  I love ya!"
14 28
By CakesUnleashed
Jul 2, 2007
Cake topper for my aunt who is a quilter.
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By cakes80
Jul 29, 2007
the happy couple together at
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By sweet_as_tisse
Feb 11, 2007
Just an up-close picture of the cake topper I made for my moms cake. Royal icing with silver dragees. I was really happy with how they turned out, they were my second try because my 3y.o. ate my first ones, and at the birthday party my brother was messing around and broke one of them off.
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By CakeQueen52485
Feb 12, 2007
here it is, i am an cake-addict !!
Yes it took a while to admit it but please forgive me i can't help myself...
Here is one of the figurines i have made this week, a bride to be.
Yes, it is made of sugarpaste.
Hope you like this one.
Greetz  Eros.
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Sep 7, 2007
This is meant to be a cake topper.  It's made completely out of royal icing and a lot of patience!  I did it just to see if I!

Update: Many have asked for the instructions to creating this Eiffel Tower.  In an effort to respond to all of those numerous requests, I have created a file link on my website.  Go to and click the Eiffel Tower picture on the "About" page and download the instructions.  Enjoy!
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By confectioneista
Sep 12, 2007
007, James bond with car cake topper.
All hand crafted.
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By alisonarty
Sep 28, 2007
the cake topper was hand made with gumpaste and painted with silver luster dust.
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By przgrl
Oct 1, 2007
this 6' cake was used as a wedding cake for a party of two! Monogram and frosting all buttercream. Cake is French vanilla with strawberries and cream filing. The cake board was covered in same fabric as bride's dress.
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By milknhoney
Apr 30, 2008


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