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This was a three tiered wedding cake for a young couple in our church.  The bottom layer is half chocolate and half white and the top two are lemon.  One of their wedding colors was navy, but it was too hot for navy icing, so I accented with navy beading around the base!
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By bunnypatchbaker
Jan 22, 2006
Here's the cake I finished tonight for my Wilton class.  It's fondant roses, pearls, and bow.  I used MMF to cover the cakes.  Thanks for looking!!  It's my first stacked cake.
7 24
By ccoth
Feb 27, 2006
Here's the top view of my final course 3 cake.
14 20
By ccoth
Feb 27, 2006
this was my first wedding cake, and they called me 3 days before they needed it. its a good thing she wanted a simple cake!!
5 10
By angela09
Mar 30, 2006
All different flavors and fillings, done for a friend
2 3
By lotsoftots
May 23, 2006
Three-tier round wedding cake with buttercream then rolled fondant with fabric navy ribbon around the bottom of the tiers.  Fresh flowers on top and figurines provided by the bride.
4 5
By suzyqqq27
Jun 12, 2006
Close up of previous cake to show pattern on sides.
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By suzyqqq27
Jun 12, 2006
This is the final cake I made for my Wilton course lll! I loved working on it, even though making all those fondant roses was a very time-consuming process! I gave it to my grandparents, to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. :) Thanks for looking! GBY
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By Belldandy
Jun 13, 2006
This was my FIRST Wedding cake! I made it for my Daughter's wedding.It took a long time & lots of work,but she was happy-so I was happy! *Ü*
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By Dicie
Jul 4, 2006
I made this cake for a small luncheon wedding. White cake, buttercream icing with royal roses. The M on top is white chocolate. After taking the photo there were a few things I had to fix - photos don't lie!
By Jen5600
Jul 8, 2006
Just a quick, small cake that my mom and I made for my grandma's birthday.
By oneprimalscream
Jul 21, 2006
This was my 3rd wedding cake. I was pretty tickled with the results. This one took a looong time but I was pleased in the end.
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By kimh
Jul 26, 2006
This is the cake I made for my sister´s wedding. Only the top layer is real cake, the two bottom layers are dummies. I made the flowers out of gumpaste.The butterflies were printed on wafer paper. I put a layer of piping gel, piped the body and added the antenae. The topper is also made out of gumpaste. It makes reference to the moment my brother-in- law proposed in Venice. Both groom and bride outfits look like the originals. The inspiration for this cake came from Nati. Thank you so much!
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By frindmi
Aug 10, 2006
Wedding cake ... thankfully the wedding was in the evening, it had been a hot and muggy day!
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By homemaluhia
Sep 12, 2006
Top Tier is half white, half chocolate. Middle layer is  white and bottom layer is chocolate. Frosting is buttercream. This was my first stacked cake and first wedding cake.
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By smbegg
Sep 17, 2006
I made this cake for a really good friend of mine. It was a lot of work and took a lot of time. I made hundreds of roses and rose buds (included extras to allow for breakage) and it turned out great. I was really pleased with this cake
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By Shalan
Oct 11, 2006
I made this cake for the daughter of a friend of mine for her 3rd birthday. She found a pic in a magazine, but it was covered in rolled fondant. I made this one out of buttercream except for the pink flowers, they are fondant. Pink icing and purple spray.
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By Shalan
Oct 11, 2006
6", 9" and 12" round wedding cake. White cake with a raspberry preserve filling, iced in buttercream. Decorated with orchids.
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By Misska21
Oct 13, 2006
Bride wanted purple and pink roses and a traditional wedding cake.  French Vanilla Cake all iced in Buttercream.  The bottom layer is 12 inch the middle layer 10 inch and the top a 6 inch cake.
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Oct 14, 2006
French Vanilla round wedding cake all iced in buttercream.
Oct 14, 2006
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By gracefull
Oct 21, 2006
This cake was just like a banana split, bottom layer is strawberry, middle pineapple and top chocolate with Whipped Cream icing.  I don't have pictures of the flowers on it, as I forgot to take my camera to the reception hall. (don't you hate it when you do that?)
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By yoktom
Oct 24, 2006
I love this cake.  Chocolate & white with Kahlua & Blueberry mousse repectively.  Fondant with sating black ribbon and royal black piping.
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By estherhead
Nov 5, 2006
This cake was for a Las Vegas themed wedding. The cake is cheesecake and iced in fresh whipped cream. All the decorations are made of fondant.
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By gracefull
Nov 12, 2006
Wedding cake for my sister's wedding. Roses made in gumpaste and cake covered in Fondant.
By nuchielaga
Nov 15, 2006
This cake was inspired by a cake made with white chocolate curls. I made mine with fondant.
18 28
By gracefull
Nov 19, 2006
6 12
By gracefull
Dec 4, 2006
This was for a bridal shower at my church.  The flowers are fondant.
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By Htreats
Dec 15, 2006
This was a baby shower cake for a little boy.  I made the bugs out of fondant and then painted them with food coloring paste.  It turned out so cute.  I like to top the cakes with something that they can have for a keepsake.
2 2
By Htreats
Dec 15, 2006
This is a gum paste Poinsettia.  I couldn't find any instructions to make one so I came up with it myself.  This cake is a red velvet cake so it should be really pretty when it is cut.
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By Htreats
Dec 21, 2006
18" round, 14" round, 10" round cakes, buttercream frosting.  Freehand snowflake pattern in buttercream.  Topped with cake sparkles and fresh red rose petals.
6 6
By K8E
Jan 3, 2007
6, 8, 10, 12 rounds iced with bc.   Used scroll presses for design.  Completed with fresh red and white roses.
9 9
By wehmom
Jan 15, 2007
8 38
By gracefull
Jan 20, 2007
5 tier buttercream wedding cake with fondant riboon, draping and gumpaste stargazer lillies
23 37
By Lucy2
Jan 30, 2007
18 265
By SweetArt
Feb 6, 2007
The customer sent me a pic via email... never met the customer as i sell my cakes on a site in NZ called Trademe bit like EBay i spose.  anyway she changed the colours and instead of a bride and groom on top she just wanted the wired hearts to match her colour scheme.
4 2
By Ariginal
Feb 6, 2007
2 6
By gracefull
Feb 10, 2007
The cake was not tilted, just the photographer!
2 3
By gracefull
Feb 10, 2007
1 5
By gracefull
Feb 10, 2007
This is a french vanilla cake with a buttercream frosting.  I used M&M's for the seeds.  This was my farewell to summer cake.
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By texastoast
Sep 3, 2005


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