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I made these cake pops for Valentine's Day treats.  Red Velvet cake on the inside dipped in white, milk and dark chocolate.  Thanks to Bakerella for the recipe!
2 8
By amyluvschocolate
Feb 14, 2008
Chocolate cake pops shaped like mini cupcakes lollipops.
4 21
By bellejoey
Apr 7, 2008
my cake pops.. hehe
2 15
By twinkletoe21
Mar 10, 2008
1 4
By HipnotiqGlamour
Sep 29, 2008
Cake pops with fondant accents.  Hersey's huggables and mini M&M's for party hats.
3 23
By cakekim
Jan 19, 2009
I did 75 of these for a baptism. Chocolate cake balls covered in either white or regular chocolate. They were bagged individually, tied a fabric ribbon with a tag. TFL!
3 6
By aa053103
Feb 9, 2009
These are my experiments at making marshmallow pop corn. I put them on cupcakes that were baked without wrappers, that were then wrapped in fondant. I only coated the tops with piping gel to make the "pop corn" stick.  I didn't have any white icing and I wasn't going to waste a batch if they didn't work. Otherwilse, ideally, you would not see cake in between the pop corn. I love this and can't wait to make a whold batch. Just a warning to those of you are going to try it yourself: Allow lots of time!!
5 6
By gscout73
Jul 6, 2008
These were for my hubby's birthday cake! He turned 26. They were pistachio cake. :) YUM!
2 1
By supermama322
Feb 20, 2009
These are so much fun! These were maple french vanilla cake dipped in candy melts and decorated with an assortment of decorations.
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By supermama322
Feb 20, 2009
I'm so proud! I finally came up with something all my own. To my knowledge, this has not yet been done. :) I love them, they were a surprise for my Mom who is a Disney FREAK! Chocolate fudge cake covered in chocolate candy melts. Bow is red candy melts with with non-pareils sprinkles.
6 7
By supermama322
Mar 29, 2009
got the idea from bakerella blog
17 77
By farmom3
Mar 31, 2009
These are chocolate hazelnut biscotti cake pops inspired by bakerella!  TFL!!
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By Michelle104
Mar 31, 2009
thanks to Bakella for her wonderful idea.  They were a lot of fun
2 2
By nannie
Apr 7, 2009
Chicks, bunnies, and eggs.
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By Jennucf34
Apr 12, 2009
I love these so much! :)
2 8
By supermama322
Feb 20, 2009
This was my first attempt at a Cake Pop.  For a mother to be at the kids school.  Thanks gritswife for directing me to the directions online. :)
3 22
By pinkbox
Apr 16, 2009
I had a few mugs of these. I love the pink/brown. :) I don't remember what flavor these ones were, I make so many of the darn things!
By supermama322
Apr 20, 2009
Done in a blue theme with K's for the birthday boy. I think these were just white cake. Yum, I heart cake pops!
3 10
By supermama322
Apr 20, 2009
Man I do a lot of these! There is a Hello Kitty one in the backround but it didn't turn out great. :/
2 1
By supermama322
Apr 20, 2009
This order of pops was full of decorated eggs, chicks, bunnies and hatching eggs. Super cute! :) 1/2 the pops were raspberry lemonade cake and the other 1/2 was rich chocolate fudge cake.
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By supermama322
Apr 20, 2009
This was a last minute order. She wanted plain plain plain, white cake, white buttercream, Red Sox logo. I made all the decorations by handpiping chocolate (candy melts). I also added a few cake pops for the kids. I couldn't resist a baseball cake pop opportunity!
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By supermama322
Apr 20, 2009
About 125 cake truffle pops for a charity event I did.  The teacup cake (close up) is also in my pics.   The stands are styrofoam cones covered in fondant with sugar flowers.    It was fun.
6 27
By tinygoose
Apr 20, 2009
I tried to follow Bakerella's directions. Maybe I should have let them completely freeze before dipping.  Oh well they tasted good!
2 1
By juleskaye518
Apr 22, 2009
Made cake bites and put them on a stick....
1 2
By craftermom
May 4, 2009
My first attempt at Bakerella's cake pops...made some with sticks and some without.
2 1
By dberck
May 5, 2009
This is strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream formed into strawberries and covered in chocolate.    They were entered in the Dessert Contest at our Strawberry festival today and took first place.
2 7
By cricket0616
May 16, 2009
Cake pops I made for my daughters class for easter!
2 2
By Toni22
May 18, 2009
Made these with left over cake, just a bit different than the usual cake pop Hope you like'em!
1 6
By panchanewjersey
May 24, 2009
Stewie from Family Guy cakepop.
freehand painted features- am investing in a edible blank pen for sure now!
By lissyUK
May 25, 2009
I have a sesame street order coming for a cake and 12 cake pops. She said to do what I want with the cake pops, so I came up with these after my hubby thoughtfully refilled my "Jimmies" stash while I was at work! They are chocolate fudge cake. :D These were just practice, the final ones will look better. :)
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By supermama322
May 27, 2009
Didn't know where this would go. Hello Kitty cake pops (inspired by Bakerella) for a little girl's birthday. Cake pops are actually REALLY good! Chocolate cake with white chocolate. Sprinkles for bow & face done in edible markers.
2 13
By lkoenig07
Apr 13, 2009
Original idea for cake pops from the Bakerella blog...added necco wafers to make the ears.
7 40
By shortcakery
Jun 1, 2009
I married 2 styles from Bakerella...the smiley cake pops with the grad caps.  I made these for my nephew's hs graduation and they were a hit!  I used Chocolate Fudge cake (for the inside) mixed with cream cheese frosting.  The outside is melted yellow candy melts.
5 24
By Juny1980
Jun 2, 2009
Mix of chocolate cake and white cake pops.  Placed on styro base (makes for an easy ride in the car). Made for a baby shower. TFL!
2 1
By tonicake
Jun 9, 2009
I made these as a thank you for the staff at my son's school at the end of the year.
I used a pretzel stick for the stem and chocolate covered sunflower seeds that I happened  to have at home.
6 5
By mrssjlee
Jun 19, 2009
thanks to Bakerella and her awesome ideas! my friends flip over for these...and i love making them!! cake  on the inside, chocolate on the outside...and ON A STICK! what more can anyone really want?
3 8
By lindayvette
Jun 23, 2009
and some more cake pops! these were...strawberry i believe and sprinkled over white chocolate. my first 'official' order! yum!
By lindayvette
Jun 23, 2009
LOVE THESE. My customer requested 4 dozen "fish" cake pops for her sons wedding. They had a fishing theme, blue and green. I was SO worried they would be incredibly tacky. I think they turned out great! 1/2 chocolate, 1/2 vanilla.
9 25
By supermama322
Jun 30, 2009
1 10
By tonicake
Jul 6, 2009
I made these for a good friend who LOVES dogs.
3 18
By mrssjlee
Jul 9, 2009


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