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This is a fondant birthday cake with a Winnie the Pooh theme. We made it for a chinese family who's child is turning 1 year old. All characters are edible!
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By Cynch
Apr 13, 2005
This is my finale cake from Wilton Course III.  It is the regular 10" and 6" tiered cake with fondant roses, but I decorated the sides with white chocolate idea I got from Cake_Princess.  Thanks CP!
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By rbbarker
Oct 24, 2005
These cakes were for a 13th birthday party. All of the cakes are carved and then filled with chocolate ganache mousse. Each cake is covered in fondant and then has some fondant decorations. The N stands for the birthday girls name (Nicole). I made the base by hot glueing cardboard together so that the cakes can stand up and used black satin to cover the cardboard.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Apr 13, 2005
This is my first tiered cake.  I used the Wilton's fondant (yuck), but very easy to work with.  The cake was yellow with buttercream.  I enjoyed making the fondant roses.
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By cindy6250
Feb 10, 2006
Heart shape yellow cake with BC icing.  Sculpted bear, wagon and hearts from fondant. Royal icing lettering.
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By golfgma
Feb 14, 2006
Played around with home made rolled fondant, rolled buttercream & cream cheese icing (all for the first time) and had lots of fun doing it!  Learned lots too- like cream cheese icing isn't good for decorating (unless I made it wrong!!)   Feel free to critique or offer suggestions for ways to improve!  The largest layer was 4 inches.. I think the mini cakes are tougher than the bigger ones to work with!  Less room to play!
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By swoboda
Feb 26, 2006
carrot cake, creamcheese frosting, fondant carrots
By culinarilyobsessed
Nov 1, 2005
My 15 yr. old wanted a cake with ehr favorite design...STARS! The icing is buttercream, with watered down buttercream splattered on it. The stars are fondant. The base is designed with fabric ribbon.
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By shortNsweet
Apr 16, 2006
'Gift Box' cake covered and decorated in fondant.
By TealiciouslyYours
May 3, 2006
White fondant covered butter cake with royal icing dots and fondant ball border.  The gift tag is white fondant with food marker writing.  My second cake.
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By jcg42002
May 9, 2006
This week is Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week.  Tomorrow the PTA is sponsoring the Luncheon and I volunteered to make some Cupcakes.  These ARe Lemon Supreme with Lemon Buttercream Icing.  Some of the cupcakes have Fondant Roses on them and the others are Butterflies done in ColorFlow.
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By angegreene
May 10, 2006
My cake for the wilson class -
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By coffeecake
May 21, 2006
Bottom 14" dummy cake, 10" offset , 6"....6 and 10" strawberry banana cake with banana cream filling covered in fondant. bottom tier diamond pattern, middle tier 3 dot swiss, top random dots....I was not pleased with my pipng and fondant was not as smooth as it should have been . I think my buttercream coating was too thick......
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Jun 1, 2006
By Puddiwop
Jun 17, 2006
For my niece's first baby shower, white cake with buttercream icing decorated with pink/blush rolled fondant.  All features are fondant too.  My 2nd try with rolled fondant, with help from new daughter-in-law.
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By plainsshopper
Mar 13, 2006
This is from the mini cake pan that bakes both layers together. It worked really well for me.  It was for a last minute couples bridal dinner so I didn't have much time, so I just used the #3 tip and made dots and then added cut out fondant flowers dusted with silver luster dust..  I think they're...each couple got one cake.
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By mendhigurl
Jun 21, 2006
Buttercream cake, 7 UP flavored, lemon icing. Fondant bow accent. I tried to use the Wilton "comb" thing and it never comes out right...
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By imartsy
Jul 2, 2006
four tiered wedding cake; covered with fondant; each tier was decorated with white fondant roses and leaves, all connected with royal icing; between the tieres are cake dummies, acting as support and also to hold the flowers (white, pink & red silk roses). There is a small white butterfly  'fluttering'  & peeking out from between the flowers at each tier. I was also a guestat this wedding & the mother of the bride come over to thank me personally for the beautiful  & elegant cake.
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By Fascination
Jul 9, 2006
Three layer wedding cake, covered with fondant.  Decorated with gum paste flowers.
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By mep2315
Jul 31, 2006
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By glowbewon
Aug 1, 2006
3 Tier Square Mudcake covered in chocolate fondant. The bride and groom were car enthusiasts, one a Holden and the other a Ford so they both had to have their make of car on the cake. Chocolate fondant roses.
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By Briarview
Aug 5, 2006
The 3 tier white/ivory fondant cakes were adorned with handmade fondant pearls, flowers and leaves.  Surrounding the cake were white chocolate lollypops with edible transfers of the couple's wedding photos, which were taken during/after their Las Vegas wedding. It was fun handmaking all the decorations and edible transfers for this special occasion for our friends.
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By CShields
Aug 5, 2006
The cake is a yellow cake with amaretto syrup and buttercream icing topped with fondant
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By mldough
Aug 7, 2006
Purple Hydrangea Cake made with 12,10,6 inch round pans with marshmallow fondant and silk flowers. This was my first wedding cake.
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By muley29
Aug 15, 2006
By Janeycakes
Aug 17, 2006
This was my first fondant cake.I turned the regular bow cake into a bon voyage cake for my friend.It was fun working with fondant.
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By rol17
Aug 22, 2006
This is the first wedding cake I've done. Please let me know what you think. Thank you!
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By jewelykaye
Sep 1, 2006
I made this for my best friends birthday.  She loves pink so I did it in shades of pink with white.  This came out nothing like I planned it would.  Cake is banana and creamcheese buttercream with fondant on top.  

This started out as such a mess I was about ready to toss it out.  But then I covered things up and it came out good enough.  Even though I see TONS of things I did wrong.
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By JoanneK
Sep 7, 2006
Another present cake from Wilton class
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By sarzoemom
Sep 15, 2006
This is the final cake for my Wilton class. It turned out ok but I have a lot of work to do to get really good. The bow and roses are fondant.
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By sarzoemom
Sep 28, 2006
I made this for my sister-in-law to be who's birthday is on the Fourth of July.  The bottom layer is white with a lemon filling, covered in whitefondant with red stars.  The middle layer is chocolate with a vanilla filling covered with buttercream frosting and rw&b M&M's.  Top layer is yellow with chocolate filling, with butter cream frosting, and cut-out white and red fondant stars.  I was up until 3 am making this, but I loved every minute of it!
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By lchristi27
Oct 8, 2006
Wilton Course 3 final cake.  Yellow cake's covered with fondant.  Gumpaste roses dusted with petal dust.  Were supposed to be a bit more ivory.
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By mjs4492
Oct 20, 2006
This is a Choc. and Van. cakes covered in fondant.  We did this cake for a 11 yr. old's Slumber Party. This was our FIRST fondant cake. Lots of details and little pieces of fondant. We used gum balls to go around the cake edges, making it easier than rolling and the girls could eat them afterwards. We left the top or the cakes plain and open so the girls could have fun writing graffiti on it with the Wilton Food Writing pens.  The customer called the next day and said the girls had a blast!
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By wolfyjules
Oct 22, 2006
This is straight from Wilton's 2007 Yearbook.  I made this to share with my neighbor when I found out we both shared the same birthdate--today! This is the biggest cake I have ever made!  It was the first time I ever used Satin Ice fondant, and everyone loved the taste better than my previous MMF cakes.  Hmmm. . . The Satin Ice worked beautifully, but I am still needing much more practice at covering the cakes.  I see lots of issues.  LOL
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By MsSugarBaker
Oct 24, 2006
Old fashioned fruit cake covered first in marzipan then in fondant. Bride supplied the cala lilies, but bouquets made by me. Ridged edges done with Erlene's impression mat. Luster dusted.
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By kakabekabunny
Oct 25, 2006
yellow colored fondant, royal icing lilies and bc dots and border
11 3
By alimean
Oct 26, 2006
well...I smooshed the frill with my spatula but it turned out well other than that.  My roses look a little like 
It was fun and a great learning experience...thrilled it actually looks like a wedding cake!!  I really enjoyed putting the fondant on twice on the big cake
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By JaneK
Oct 30, 2006
Here's my other gift box cake made from MMF.  The lid and box are cake, the rest is MMF.  This one was SO fun!  I used the punch out fondant flower cutter thingy for the flowers.  I LOVE this one!  I still need to make my edges neater and get rid of all of the powdered sugar, but I'll keep practicing!
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By Derby
Nov 5, 2006
I am finally getting around to letting my daughter do her cake we posted the roses she made a while back and I finally had a week without a cake so she could do hers. She is four. She chose the cake shapes and colors. She did the decorating and placement herself. I of course had to help her with the bag. She couldn't hold it and squeeze it at the same time. The rest is done by her. She would love to hear what you think. She was so excited to finally get to do it. Thanks for looking
By susanscakebabies
Nov 9, 2006
4 layers (chocolate and french vanilla).  Strawberry filling.  Fondant covered over a think layer of Buttercream.  Drumsticks make of candy cane "bones" surrounded by rice crispie treats covered in fondant.  Entire thing airbrushed with orange base and brown cover coat.  Stuffing of yellow cake with brown food coloring cubed to be small like croutons.  Yum!
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By rfengr
Nov 23, 2006


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