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This was the cake for my son's 5h birthday.  He specifically asked for a cowboy cake with cactus on it so this is what I came up with.  He really liked it!
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By montanakate
Nov 1, 2005
This was my first attempt with the MMF, would definitely try it again, I love the flexibility of it and although I don't particularly care for marshmallows, it tasted a whole lot better than Wilton's fondant, that stuff is nasty.  I was pleased with this, the birthday boy loved it.
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By mistygaildunn
Feb 22, 2006
Made for a friend of mine for her grandmother's 85th birthday party!  My inspiration was the Fiesta cakes done by TripletMom - as you can tell since this is almost an exact close as I could get it!  Sombrero, Chiles and Serape are made from fondant
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By mrwarnke
Feb 25, 2006
My first BIG fondant cake - and last! Each layer was 4 layers, everything made from scratch, it took me over 13 hours to make.  I made the critical error of not staking it (a lesson only needed to learn ONCE).  The customer picked it up, had only to go a few blocks, put it on his backseat.... the whole cake crashed.  I was absolutely heart sick when I attended the party and discovered my cake in the kitchen.  Live and learn!
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By mollye
Mar 12, 2006
A cactus cake that I threw together for a get-together that I'm going to tonight.  It's on top of a clay pot with "dirt cake" inside.  I should have bought a bigger pot.  I don't know how we're going to get it there in one piece! :-O
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By IsaacsMom
Mar 18, 2006
Fosted in BC-all other in MMF except Bluebonnet.  I couldn't get that to work-any ideas?  Lots of fun to do!
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By jewels625
Mar 30, 2006
this is a 3D cactus I made for a retirement ceremony...we live in the dessert
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By reddhedgrl
Apr 19, 2006
This is a cupcake cake done for my 1st grader's class play with the same theme.
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By KimAZ
Apr 21, 2006
My brother-in-law is taking Spanish so he goes around saying things all the time so it was appropriate for his birthday....see the other photo for the words on the cake....
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By ASupergirl
Apr 24, 2006
The words Feliz Cumpleanos Wesley say Happy Birthday Wesley...and because my brother-in-law always goes around saying encanta means I'm Loving It! (In Spanish) from the Mcdonalds slogan....He laughed so hard and we finally got him back by singing Happy Birthday in Spanish....the thing is none of us know Spanish except Happy Birthday because he does it do us on our birthdays!!!! ha ha
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By ASupergirl
Apr 24, 2006
This is for a girl with a Cinco de Mayo birthday... what better way to celebrate than with a Fiesta!  OLE!
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By creativecakesbychristine
May 4, 2006
Cake for fun to put in the teacher's lounge for Cinco de Mayo.  8" top layer, choc. w/raspberry; 12" bottom, vanilla w/strawberry.  BC icing, MMF peppers and small accents.  Clock on stove says 1:56 -- that's AM.  Can we say "obsessive"? :)  Much inspiration from several cakes on CC, especially tripletmom!!!
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By texa
May 5, 2006
My mom likes gardening, but didn't want a huge cake, so I came up with this.  A 6" round Cookies N' Creme cake, frosted with a chocolate buttercream crumb coat, and then decorated with vanilla buttercream using the grass tip.  Cactus is a cupcake.  White chocolate lollipop flowers with fondant leaves.
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By doofusmongerbeep
Jun 5, 2006
I made this cake for the last day of Vacation Bible School for the Mexican Supper.. the theme was Fiesta!
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By ashley87
Jun 16, 2006
This is a chocolate cake decorated in buttercream icing.  It was done for my husband's parents who both work in the horse industry.  They live out of town so we didn't see them on Mother's Day or Father's Day, so I thought I'd do a combined cake.
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By texagg00
Jun 24, 2006
I made this for a local ladies golf tournement.  The cookies are butter with royal icing.
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By acookieobsession
Jul 10, 2006
No fail cookies with royal icing.
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By di55
Jul 17, 2006
This cake was made for a little boy's 7th birthday he wanted red cactus flowers on his cake.  The entire top of the cake is covered in graham cracker crumbs.  The hills are made from cupcakes, as is the larger cactus on the right.  The cactus thorns are made from raw spaghetti, the bugs are rubber toys.  I love this cake!
By gmcakes
Jul 13, 2007
This cake is iced smooth in buttercream.  Buttercream image was free-handed onto cake.
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By gourmetcakes
Aug 4, 2006
This si a cactus cake I made for work one day.
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By lparnaby
Aug 9, 2006
Buttercream cake from Colette Peters book
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By LolaT
Aug 21, 2006
By sweeterbug1977
Aug 27, 2006
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Aug 30, 2006
White cake, FBCT of the Three Cabaleros. It was so hot that day, by the time we got it to the lake (about a 2 hours later) it wasn't looking so great anymore. Im glad that I got a pic of it before then.
By sedinga
Sep 4, 2006
By suzeep
Sep 5, 2006
My take on the Colette Peters cactus cake.  I made all the thorns with royal icing, but the cake is carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  I hate how the flower turned out, but I didn't have time to make a second one.
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By modthyrth
Sep 13, 2006
Based on Colette Peter's famous cactus cake!  had a little trouble with the flower and the royal icing "pricklers". but my mom really got a kick out of it for her birthday!
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By Lolafalano
Sep 19, 2006
I made this cake for an engagement party my brother threw for some friends.  Thanks to doofusmongerbeep and for the inspiration. The round cake is Key Lime (man did that turn out good!) and the square cake is vanilla butter cake.  BC for all icing except sombrero that was done with MMF...  (I need to work on the drying technique for the brim)  Peppers are done with red plastic chocolate.  Enjoy!!
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By namaman
Oct 3, 2006
This was for a 6 year old who wanted a "Fiesta" themed birthday party.  It is a 10" round 2-layer strawberry cake with buttercream icing and decorations, and fondant red peppers.  This was inspired by an old Wilton year book and changed to better suit the birthday girl's tastes.
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By rsaun
Oct 8, 2006
I made this for my Uncle's birthday.  He has always loved the desert and so I thought he would like this cake.

The needles took forever to put on!  Made out of royal icing.  The book said to make 300 but I went through over 1000 between all of them in the cake the ones that broke.  

Cake is French Vanilla with Apricot filling and buttercream icing.
22 22
By JoanneK
Oct 13, 2006
A big thank you to lolaT for her help.
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By katharry
Oct 14, 2006
Bride and Groom wanted a highway themed Harley cake for their wedding.  Frosted in buttercream, fondant road, cacti made from royal icing on spaghetti, trees made from royal on pretzel sticks, roses made from gumpaste on spaghetti, birds also made from gumpaste on spaghetti, with edible image plaques of Harley logos.  Sand is brown sugar. The idea of the cake is for the bottom tier to be the desert, middle tier to be mountains, and top tier to be the sky, with the road winding around each tier.
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By sweeterbug1977
Oct 14, 2006
Got this idea from ShirleyW, original design by Wilton. My housemate was turning 21 and requested a Mexican themed cake, this was perfect. We filled the glasses with lemonade prior to celebrating so the four of us could toast, very fun. Its a four layered marble cake with crusting buttercream.
By christy_ob
Oct 22, 2006
Got this idea from ShirleyW, original design by Wilton. My housemate was turning 21 and requested a Mexican themed cake, this was perfect. We filled the glasses with lemonade prior to celebrating so the four of us could toast, very fun. Its a four layered marble cake with crusting buttercream. --> Chilli peppers, and sombrero made of MMF.
By christy_ob
Oct 22, 2006
From Collette Peters book.  The customer's mother thought it was real!!!
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By Audraj
Oct 22, 2006
WASC cake with BC, Chocolate BC and Cherry Koolaide BC. The Cactus is fondant on a skewer with spaghetti noodles for the prickles.  Did this for my cousin's little boy. A lot of work but just as much fun.  Thanks to all who posted a version of this cake, you were a great inspiration.
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By Rambo
Oct 27, 2006
My boss and I worked on this one together today.  Got the inspiration from Cake Corner.
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By Kitagrl
Nov 2, 2006
11x15 white cake covered in fondant with cactus cut from a 1/4 sheet covered in b/c
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By Vicki614
Nov 29, 2006
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By midialjoje
Dec 11, 2006
Pot made from wondermold pan. Cactus made from sports ball pan. Lemon cake filled with lemon custard. Buttercream frosting.
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By KimAZ
Oct 14, 2005


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